Thirteen Things I Didn’t Need to Move

I’m not starting that Thursday Thirteen thing this late in the game but I have so many lists in my head I’m going to leave one here and be done with it. Well, actually, after I leave it here I’m going to leave the stuff in the alley where I have become a regular on the route of Chicago’s finest garbage pickers. I’m fairly sure they put out a picker’s newsletter and we’ve been a featured item since moving in. They come by at very regular intervals (one every 15-20 minutes) and you know what? They drive better cars than I do. Huh.

Anyway, I did not need to pay 63 cents a pound to move the following items:

1. An extensive collection of baby teeth.

2. A taxidermied fox. He looked good at Wit’s End but somehow he just doesn’t work here. Rich asked me to either stop carrying him around under my arm, putting him down, picking him up and muttering or else close the blinds. (note: While I have had a certain interest in dead animals, they were collected over the years from dusty antique stores. I mean, I didn’t go out and get them from hunters or anything.)

3. The Nature of The Universe by Lucretius as translated by R.E. Latham in 1952.
"The fact that voices and other sounds can impinge on the senses is itself a proof of their corporeal nature. What happens is that, when atoms of voice in greater numbers than usual have begun to squeeze out through the narrow outlet, the doorway of the overcrowded mouth gets scraped. Undoubtedly, if voices and words have this power of causing pain they must consist of corporeal particles."

This 3rd c. treatise with a 50’s spin will undoubtedly be a big hit in the alley.

4. Eighteen-year old bay leaves.

5. 4 packs of razor blades for a Venus razor I no longer own. Conversely,

6. 3 Gillette Mach III razors with no blades.

7. 3 dozen very large clay flower pots.

8. Winnie the Pooh print curtains.

9. 29 years of appointment books. (The last 3 years I switched to a PDA.)

10. 4 snow shovels.

11. Love letters from a man I didn’t really love. I mean, yes, to keeping memorabilia from Rich, the ex and the friend who died, but just because somebody wrote flattering pulp about me doesn’t mean I need to cart it around from one life to the next.

12. A bag of ice. Really. We moved that. Put it in our new freezer.

13. Twenty years of Social Work magazine. At 63 cents a pound we spent 51.66 to move these. (For those of you on the metric system, that’s 37.20 kilos of outdated professional journals.)


Life moves on, yes?  Babies grow up, interests and tastes change, sometimes love transforms itself. Right now, it’s time for that ice to melt.


The Bad News: Gas is 3.64 a gallon here in Chicago.
The Good News: Since I left Michigan on a full tank I haven’t had to buy gas. I walk or bicycle everywhere.

Tomorrow, I will have Big Cats for Friday’s Ark. And for those of you who are interested, here’s a map of Oz:   Map1

13 responses to “Thirteen Things I Didn’t Need to Move

  1. Moving is always the perfect time to throw out old crap. I still have stuff in boxes from a move two years ago. I think it’s time to throw those away as well. I have a TT up as well.

  2. How to leave the Shifting Sands of Munchkin County and find Cook County’s Emerald City:

    Biodiesel ~ Thank the Lard!

  3. We don’t even own a vehicle, as we walk, bike, or ‘blade everywhere. And, if we really need to – there’s always the bus. I am the ‘blader, but I haven’t had a chance since last year I had asthma and this year I can hardly stay upright on my own two feet. The hubs’ is the biker – though I do own a bike – and he enjoys himself and saves his hip.

    And I’m really sorry, but I’m totally with Rich on the fox thing… at least close the drapes! 😉

  4. I actually saw gas for $2.89 a gallon in Niles this weekend. Amazing.

    Welcome to Chicago!

  5. Holy crap…I thought that was a real fox! I think you should put it at the door to scare the neighbors. Dress it up in something…maybe some pearls or a hat.

    Ice? How did you manage that one?

    My husband has a closet full of car magazines that we have moved from house to house over the years. This last time I secretly recycled them. Don’t tell.

    PS- I think I left a comment about the teeth on Angie’s blog this morning.

  6. I feel really bad now. Gas here in Virginia Beach is $2.45 at Costco.

    I will have to agree with Rich about the Fox, of course at our house the fox would only last a few minutes. The little cats love to play with fur.

    I just finished reading the sequel to Wicked, called “Son of a Witch”. The Emerald City was there, the book not quite as dark as the original, but still not really satisfying.

    You have been to the zoo????? Brookfield Zoo??? One of my favorite places….

    BTW. Nyssa got her hair cut off, and sent twelve inches to Locks of Love. She is back in school and her dorm is fabulous. I am going to try and post about it later today, but for now the figs call.

  7. So lemme see if I understand Lucretius: if you talk too much you’re gonna make your mouth sore? So that’s why that happens……LOL

  8. Well, you’re giving me lots of pointers in what not to keep if I move. When Igraduated from college I sent my “treasures” to Cincinnati, shipped them to Haiti, and then when I came home, I brought them back. I still have one of my college notebooks in the garage, and I graduated in 1963.

    I’d definitely keep the fox to scare off the bad people.

  9. We moved to Seattle in a late-90’s, tech-boom hiring frenzy; the company (large river in South America dot com) paid for our move, including folks to pack all of our stuff. They showed up one morning, and packed up our two-bedroom apartment in 4 hours. I expected there’d be some scattered detritus in the apartment when they left, but there was almost none. Then for months afterwards, as we slowly unpacked, we’d find strange things – a newspaper, an empty paper towel roll, a baggie containing a few paper clips and rubber bands – that they’d tossed into boxes. We still have 2 or 3 boxes in the basement that haven’t been opened. I’d throw them out, but they have “Paul’s office” written on the top, so they aren’t mine to toss.

    When our kitchen remodel is finished, I’m approving every item that goes back into it; anything that doesn’t make the cut (useful, beautiful or sentimentally valuable) goes to the curb under a “Free” sign.

  10. I am always embarrassed about the stuff I won’t get rid of until forced to. What is my attachment? (it must be emotional because most of it is hideous) I need to move so I’ll have to organize things! Or maybe not.

  11. Yup, you were right, that was an entertaining read. If I started to list the things we were getting rid of I would feel bound to explain why I had them in the first place – and there never has been a good explanation for my stuffed armadillo. Thanks for all your warm wishes regarding our impending marriage. I do feel a little “saved” by both my new work and by Jes – I may have gone another twenty thousand in the hole to get that teaching credential, but that’s not much when balanced against a new wife and a new life.

  12. A HA! You’re in Chicago…ok you’re not that far. I’m not totally hyperventilating yet. This just means that when everyone leaves me for Chicago, I come find you and we do sushi in Chicago.


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