WTF Friday

I’m too tired to write anything of substance. Remember The Money Pit and War of the Roses and that’s about right. Except you have to add in The Blue Angels who are in town rehearsing for this weekend’s big airshow. They fly directly overhead breaking the sound barrier, causing McCloud to urinate in place. Sophie, on the other hand, has found the only clear spot in the house. She is calmly sunbathing on the cutting board under the kitchen counter lights. Updates, new blog skin forthcoming. And my, how I miss you all. You have no idea. Truly. (submitted for Friday’s Ark)Sunbathe

25 responses to “WTF Friday

  1. Poor McCloud! If it’s any consolation, it doesn’t take nearly as much to frighten my cat, but then… he’s always been a bit neurotic.

    I think McCloud needs to take some lessons from Sophie – she’s on the right track.

    Glad to see you’re (somewhat) moved in and hopefully somewhat relaxed now that the worst part is over. Hope you catch up on your sleep and feel more settled soon!

    And hope the weekend passes with very few puddles.

  2. Hug. Culture shock and exhaustion are normal right after a move, unfortunately.

    Get some good sleep and then come back for more moral support.

    It will get better.

  3. At least he does it because he is scared and not just for meaness.
    Your house looks like my storage unit, just no house to put it in. I have been crafting all of yesterday, all night and today. Nyssa had to make door tags for her residents and came up with an elaborate concept. She did the computer stuff and I had to do the hot glue and decorating part. I will have pictures but right now I am behind with no Friday’s Ark post and no pictures for a couple of days. Tomorrow morning I take her to W&M and the new dorm. I think the freshmen come sometime next week and then her upperclassmen show up.

    Sophie, Mr. Rhett sends his love. He is feeling a bit left out of things today and was very glad to see your picture on the screen.

    Take care, it WILL get better.

  4. Your post title says it all. Gah–I hate moving, but it certainly would make me go through our junk. (like you did) My husband has already said that the next time he moves will be into the graveyard.

  5. I miss you too, Vicki. Augh, the room full of boxes photo gives me a glimpse into my future: we’re moving next month, going on holiday next week, and I’m currently too sick to do anything useful (some stupid flu). But the house, what I can see of it around the boxes, is bee-yoo-tee-ful! Your house, I mean. I imagine I’ll be able to say the same of my house, next month.

  6. Vicki! I miss you! I am looking forward to your return. Poor McCloud. I really feel for him.

  7. I miss you too! Poor Mcloud. I don’t spose they make ear plugs for cats.
    Huge Hugs and Take Care!

  8. Hm, the middle of your house looks remarkably like the middle of my house — we have not moved out; but should have. Hope that you are able to clear up faster than we have been.
    I miss you more than I can say, and hope to see you soon.

  9. Oh, poor McCloud. The Blue Angels startle me, too, when they fly over our neighborhood each summer. Sophie seems to be adapting to the new house; I hope that you and Rich are, too.

    We are in the middle of a kitchen remodel, so 1) our living room is filled with cabinets waiting to be installed, and boxes of stuff from the old kitchen, and looks more like yours than I would have thought possible; 2) Sergei has taken to spending most days at the far back of a closet, in a box of my quilting fabric, trying to get away from the sounds of screw gun and saw and unfamiliar voices. This too will pass.

  10. Oh poor YOU! Your house looks a lot like mine. I’m starting to settle. Keli will move out in the next week. Then things will REALLY settle. *sigh* Big hugs. Wish I could have been there to welcome and help. Love and hugs. Miss you.

  11. Friday Ark #100 Centennial Edition

    We’ll post links to sites that have Friday (plus or minus a few days) photos of their chosen animals (photoshops at our discretion and humans only in supporting roles). Watch the Exception category for rocks, beer, coffee cups, and….? As this is the …

  12. Poor McCloud. I hope he feels better soon. When I moved house Boots stayed under the bed for three whole days absolutely freaking me out! Sophie seems to be handling it like a pro.

  13. Dude, you have room for five people to sit comfortably and eat takeout food, a beautiful person on your stairway and no television in sight. You are an expert mover.

  14. Just checking in to see where you are on this journey. Looks like Chicago. So far, so good. I hope McCloud can find some calm place to hang out and get acclimated. Pretty soon that house is going to feel like home.

  15. Those Blue Angels were there just to remind you that even though you’re in Chicago now . . . go blue.

    My parents took a bus tour to Chicago this week. They loved the city. It was their first time there too.

  16. Wow! Welcome home?

    Good luck!

  17. In three days I touch down into THAT? Spare me….

  18. Put Gene to work!

    Quit singing the blues, Dave!

    “I give you Chicago. It is not London and Harvard. It is not Paris and buttermilk. It is American in every chitling and sparerib. It is alive from snout to tail.”
    H. L. Mencken

    Continued prayers for you, Vicki!

  19. It’s a little after midnight making it Sunday morning. The Chicago heat and humidity have broken. The windows are open. A breeze is coming in. And your bird loving blogger is deep asleep beside me.

    In the last two months I have seen a part of her she nearly certainly does not see and, if she does, she would not likely share.

    Ms Outside IN has tireless passion and dedication for making life good and making a good life better. This holds true for pretty much everything she does, anyone she knows or meets and pretty much anytime or anywhere.

    I thought I already knew that. But this… this move to Chicago… this goes beyond human. We are talking 18-20 hour days to convert a very nice house into a heart-thumping home. I like to think I have energy. I have none compared to her. I’d love to take a picture of that, to share that with you – to show it and share it with her, but there are no words, no pictures to do it justice.

    In no limit hold’em poker the biggest risk is “all in.” For those who don’t play, this is a bet where you place everything you have on the outcome of a single hand – often at a time when you don’t really have to.

    I am seeing Vicki going “all in” in her life in this move to Chicago. I have tremendous confidence this is a hand she will win. But right now, we have yet to see the flop (the cards available to her)and I don’t think she has actually looked at the cards in her hand. EVERYTHING has changed for her. And she has put herself beyond completely into it.

    I know she has found true friendship in those who have been reading Outside In. I am sure you get glimpses of the richness and depth of her life in what she shares in Outside In. Right now, she isn’t writing as much. In a way that’s a shame. Because right now she is living some of the deepest richest moments of her life.

    I have not done a very good job of supporting her in this move. That is not a fun insight for me. I want to, I just can’t keep up.

    There are fewer things at risk in my life in this move than there are for her. I am going to a job and to associations with people and clear lists of things to do. She has ended a very rewarding practice spanning three decades. I have lived in big cities before and have moved many times in my life. Because of that, I have weeded the stuff in my life down to a much easier task than it is for her. She has lived in Ann Arbor her entire adult life. (At this point I have to shout THANK YOU!!!! to Amy. Without her help over the last several weeks, this would have never gotten done.)

    Vicki has provided financially for her family for many years. She has been the source of strength and, for the most part, the ONE individual who holds it all together. With her retirement, now, she has less control over her immediate financial fate. That situation is a position of trust I love, admire, cherish and respect. But that doesn’t make it any easier for her.

    Ok. Now it’s 1 in the morning and much more to say, but nothing that will capture what I am thinking and feeling. Nothing that will make my point or even explain why I am writing this. I guess I just think several of you also see this in her, get it, appreciate it and even love it.

    Sometimes I know I just don’t cut it at supporting her or showing her “I see.” This is clearly one of those times.

    But I do.

    I see.

  20. Cat on the chopping block, oh dear.

  21. Je ne suis ni croyant ni pratiquant mais j’ai quand meme trouvĂ© cette citation assez jolie—
    “They that sow in tears shall reap in joy”
    REM –
    Everybody Hurts

    I’m having trouble posting please pardon any duplicates…

  22. I do not blame McCloud one bit! My husband and daughter were in Chicago 2 yrs. ago for a family wedding, and walking near Navy pier when they flew over. They nearly urinated in place too! The noise is beyond deafening. Sophie looks comfortable on the cutting board….LOL. Will Gene be bringing his new wife along?

    Fg may not be much help in the move – but he is definitely a keeper, Vicki. I truly wish I could be there to cry with you that mind and gut-wrenching cry you really need to have – and do it soon. It really helps, as I am sure you know.

  23. Oh, my, I’m so moved by your husband’s post. When I think about leaving my home of 30 years and my hometown for most of my life, I usually lie down til the thought passes over. One of these days it might happen, and I can’t imagine all that it would entail. Reading your posts has given some insight to it all.

    I hope that Chicago will be for you a new beginning…Enjoy your retirement. I’m sure you deserve it.

  24. Vicki! Call me when you come up for air. You know where to find me (most days, anyway). To say I miss you is a gross understatement…

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