A Perfect Post

On the first of every month M’Kay and Lucinda host that delightful post- A PERFECT POST. My prize for this month goes to Roxanne at Melange for this wonderful piece: A Robin’sTale. This post is so typical of the beautiful and fascinating photojournalism that goes on every day over there. This month, when I’ve been in the midst of moving madness (M’Kay. how DID you manage to move AND blog?) I have still been streaking through the neighborhood, usually without comment and I particularly loved the stories of Roxanne’s birds during July. She follows them through the perils of parenting as they build homes, have them blown apart, move into FEMA-like housing made of cereal bowls,lay eggs, hatch their babies, launch their young (into traffic) and in general, experience the prat falls and triumphs of all parents, feathered or not.

Roxanne’s photography is fascinating to me as she changes lens, magnifies the minutiae of life and catches the most amazing flashes of motion and color. Going to her place calms me down, makes me smile and count my blessings. Thank you, Roxanne!

9 responses to “A Perfect Post

  1. I agree, Vicki, and it is always a treat to see her photos and read her posts.

  2. Roxanne’s pictures are always amazing. I also enjoyed A Robin’s Tale, and it definitely deserves a perfect post award.

  3. Any friend of yours is a friend of mine; Roxanne rules the roost with her prolific photos and quality quotations.

    So, I have Michelle (de Seattle!) to thank for the removal of that pennant? Since I’m not blogging, perhaps I will visit her in person!

    I see Miss Vicki in my Magic Mirror, in that lovely garden below, wearing a wide-brimmed straw hat, sipping iced tea with lemon and spearmint, daydreaming about spotting a Henslow’s Sparrow as she looks forward to her weekly visit to the Art Institute of Chicago.

  4. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy time to come by our neck of the woods. You know that Hoss now thinks I LIVE in Brooklyn and that means I assimilated very quickly this last week. I think I could live here, but only if I could spend days like today in Bloomingdales, with the heavy duty air conditioners. We stayed in today, turned up the units as best we could to conserve and yet keep the cats comfortable. Tonight we are on the subway (hopefully still air conditioned cars) into Manhattan to see Wicked.

    I haven’t posted yet about the new bird in the FEMA housing my dad set up. I think I’ll miss the mourning dove babies and the cardinal babies while on this trip. I only have pictures of moms and eggs for them.

    Found this website that has been great in figuring out how to get around on the subway… http://www.hopstop.com. Chicago information is available. It is sort of like the driving directions, except subway and bus.

  5. Awesome pictures!
    Have a wonderful day!
    (=’:’=) huge huggles
    (“)_ (“)Š from da Raggedy one

  6. My wee ones had the joy of watching robins emerge in a nest located in my parent’s back yard.

    I get them tomorrow and can’t wait to show them this link and have them comment on it in light of their own experience.

    Thanks for turning me on to the link!

  7. Thanks for referring to that post. I love all of SRP’s stuff. Her photos are wonderful and her prose is just as poetic and beautiful as the photos.

  8. Great choice. Roxanne’s post are superb.

  9. (Not on par with your perfect post, but…)


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