Weekend Update

I’ve been gone so long, Typepad has changed their sign-in page and forgotten my password. Me, too. It’s around here somewhere…

We are right in the thick of it- moving to Chicago, that is. Do other people turn moving into a 2 month long project? Or is that just me? Here is what I’ve been doing:

Radon inspections, copying income tax returns, assembling boxes, looking at paint chips ("What the hell color is that? It looks like something out of the 70s when people decorated with the colors of bodily fluids.").

Holding the epic 102-in-the-shade yard sale (attended anonymously by Big Dave, who claims he didn’t buy The Joy of Sex out of the book box. Somebody did.).

Waxing obscene to my virtual customer service representatives at Sprint, SBC, People’s Gas, DTE, Comcast. Mailing things.

Watching my eBay auctions. I currently have listed CYMBALS! Beautiful vintage Zildjian Thin Crash and Ride, NO DENTS, NO KEYHOLING! I love eBay because you can capitalize and punctuate everything!

Surreptitiously throwing out FG’s shoes, one at a time (we don’t call him Imelda for nothing).

Going through the neighborhood at 3 am Wednesdays looking for someone who has space in their garbage dumpster for shoes and stuff.

Collaring and tagging the cats, in anticipation of city life. Trying to decide whether to spread out the trauma over several weeks or whether to let it all be one huge three day terrifying nightmare has been a tough call, but it’s sort of evolving into one prolonged trauma anyway. They hate the packing, the disorder, the strangers in their yard and the sure sense of dread that something VERY BAD is about to happen. Selling the upholstered furniture out from under them was supremely annoying- I could tell by the laid back ears. Collars have driven them to scratch at them endlessly, spit and hiss at us and each other and be generally ill tempered.

The children have been around, one back from teaching jazz camp in Aspen and the other home for 3 weeks from Florida- a good time to leave, especially since the Hilton, where she is a concierge, is pretty dead this time of year. He heads off to tour in France, Spain and Italy soon and she goes back, today, to register for classes and resume work for the rest of the summer.

Trying to figure out whether FG is out at the storage locker, packing or whether he is on a business trip. I swear to you, one day last week I actually didn’t know until I tracked him down at a hotel in San Francisco. He sends me e-mails from the basement with his itinerary and schedule but I don’t have time for email. FG has flown fifteen times since June 1 (I just checked his frequent flyer account to see if there were enough miles to get me, last minute, on a National Geographic photo safari trip, departs this evening). He is transitioning from being a sole proprietor to being the CSO for one of the largest sports marketing firms in the world. I asked him what’s a CSO? He fluffed his feathers a bit and said "Chief Strategy Officer. I have to go to Zurich next week…" I said, "Oh. Well. I have to throw out the rest of your shoes next week."

Finally, finishing my professional career here in Ann Arbor. This has been tough- tough enough to leave me generally lacking for words by the end of the day. Have I mentioned that I like the people I see here in my office? I’ve discovered that I actually love some of them. (Bad therapist. Bad.)  I’ve been with them as their lives have unfolded with difficult pregnancies or vulnerable babies or trying toddlers. Through Cupid’s slings and arrows, marriages and divorces. Illness and death. Twice, murder. Depression and mania. Flashes of light at the end of the tunnel. Pissing and moaning and whining. Except for the murder, I can more than relate. I’ve been there. You, too. And when you share this life with people, you fall a bit in love.

This last week, I’ll be using all I’ve got, in terms of communication skills, to finish up. You wouldn’t have seen me this morning except Michelle, stopped by with THIS (YES! Click it!) And I laughed and laughed and laughed. You will, too. She must know that this migration west leaves me with about 2 minutes to watch an epic film. Thank you, dear friend.

Oh! Would you like to see my new "garden"? Does anybody have a book on "Tiny Zen Gardens With Peace and Tomatoes"? I guess at this point I’m not going to jinx any jobs or house sales by beginning to share. I am REALLY looking forward to coming back in style, with a new face and photos, and writing,writing,writing…And I am so anxious to rejoin the neighborhood around here.New

16 responses to “Weekend Update

  1. What a lovely spot! I can just see you out there with a laptop, telling us all about your new adventures in the BIG city! It is so nice to click here and see a new post, Vicki. We know you have been busy – but don’t you need us to vent to? (I know that’s poor English!) I wish you well in the rest of it – and look forward to the day when you can resume posting!

  2. It’s great to hear your news; I’m sure the move has been overwhelming. I can’t imagine all the details. Your garden is lovely and peaceful. You need to sit in it for the next few years to recover from this move!

  3. That is exactly the type of garden I’d have if I could have one. None of this “hard work” and “replanting” and such – just give me some potted plants for scenery and some tiles… perfect.

  4. Though I didn’t mention it in the blog I wrote about your garage sale, my wife and I have our own copy of The Joy of Sex. As much as we’ve referred to it over the years, it probably belongs in a garage sale too.

  5. Are you in a box, like C. Johnson?

    That new place may need a man about the house. I suppose you can select one someplace in Chicago.

    (Thanks, by the by, for posting again. I knew you wouldn’t fail us.)

  6. The last time we moved, we moved EVERYTHING, except a little foam bed for me, and the catboxes. oh yeah, and water. The cats wandered from empty room to empty room, looking at me wonderingly. After a day of cleaning we moved them to the new place. They had five seconds of HELP OH HELP I’M IN A NEW PLACE, and then they saw their cat furniture and the couch and they said YAY! HOORAY! It was better than moving them first, like last time…
    I can help out with the moving but I charge $100 a day.

  7. This last time I moved our cats nine months before our move. I had to get the house ready to sell and it was easier. Besides, in Virginia they had two grandparents who were retired and had time to spoil them with laps and treats and who fixed up a sunny room for them to sit and look outside. Needless to say, I don’t think they missed me. Their stuff filled up my Odyssey van and the fifteen hour drive was no picnic… (six cats, five carriers, and a search for Walmart and another carrier at 3AM)… but I am glad we did it that way. When I moved from Oklahoma to Mississippi the cats were in a rented little van with the two dogs, but there were only three cats and they had all be used to moving around or going on trips so it wasn’t bad. That’s what I left behind in Mississippi. All three were buried in our back yard.

    It sounds like you are getting the final things under control, I would expect no less. It will be exciting, something new. One tip…. for downtown city living, get one of those big fold up metal grocery carts. There aren’t any Kroger or Winn Dixie stores here in Brooklyn but smaller family stores to walk to. The cart is really necessary not just a whim.

    Here for one more week and part of me wished it were at least two more, although today my legs and ankles feel like I’ve been on a hundred mile hike, uphill both ways. I am finally getting comfortable with the subway and bus system here. We’ve walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, visited the Trade Center Site, the Met Art Museum twice, seen The Producers, hiked in Prospect Park, been to Grand Central Station and the gorgeous Brooklyn Public Library, ate at Katz Deli (Where Harry Met Sally famous scene, although I thought the food at Carneigie Deli was better) and taken the 2,3,4,6,Q,C,D,F,& N subways, so far.

    Take care, if you need to vent we are only a post away!

  8. No dear Vicki. SOME people turn moving into a SIX month project. By the time I am settled? My first lease will be up. heh.

    Love to you. I’m thinking of you constantly. I would love to see you. I hope you find much happiness there.

  9. And oh dear that is such a peaceful little spot. 🙂

  10. No it’s not just you. Two months seems reasonable when you take into account how many years you put into the old place.
    Have you seen or heard for Hoss? He is MIA.
    What part of Chicago are you moving to?

  11. You left a comment on my blog a while back that, for some reason, I only just saw now, re: moving to Chicago, and having a moving sale with stuff that we could use. Sorry I missed both.

    The moral of the story is: I am jealous that you get to move to Chicago, good luck with the move.

  12. We have been moving for years and still are…hahaha
    I ust love the garden/patio area!
    Thanks for the update…
    It was good to hear from you again…
    Have a wonderful day!
    (=’:’=) huge huggles
    (“)_ (“)Š from da Raggedy one

  13. Oh, how I have missed you. And I know that you don’t have time for email, but you DO know how much I loved my potlatch package, right? Thank you again.

    I’m thinking about you and FG and crossing my fingers that it all goes smoothly. xoxo

  14. We turned moving from the Bay Area to Seattle into a one month project… because that’s all the time we had before Paul had to start his new job. Because of that, and because his new company paid for the move, our movers packed EVERYTHING, including the trash in the trash cans. Seven years later, we still have a couple of boxes in the basement that we haven’t opened. Perhaps we don’t really need those things, eh?

    Wishing you an easy transition from where you are now – both physically and emotionally – to the serenely lovely garden and exciting big city that await you.

  15. Was wondering where the hell you were and soooooo glad you’re back!

    As far as the “Zen Garden” – what about a simple pit of sand and a stone? 😀

  16. From what I’ve seen of Chicago, I think that if I had to move to a big city, that would be the one for me.

    It would take me forever to go through 30 years of stuff to get ready to move if I had to. I guess the day will come, and I hope I’ll be up to it when the time comes.

    I’ve been reading your posts for just about as long as I’ve been blogging. I found you through Melange.

    Looking forward to hearing about adventures in the big city.

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