Time Out! (?)

I’m going to Bernadette’s for dinner. She’s serving all the best foods, including dungeness crab and chocolate. Plus, I noticed in a comment left at Gene’s that she holds the secret to life. This doesn’t surprise me one bit. I stopped by B’s for one second between the basement and garage and noticed that my dear friend, Roxanne, had already been there. Yesterday, Roxanne sent me a marble because I’ve been losing so many of mine. I have such great friends. Meanwhile, Gene has a great fun link today that offers you a review of your blog. My review ended with "Wow! This blog proves content is still king." What content???

You have all been wonderful to stick with me while I DON’T have a blog. Things have been pretty sketchy around here lately and I know it. The worst part is I haven’t had enough time to visit as I please. But, while they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, I’m hoping Chicago is not that (hell) and my intentions are good. Because someone is going to help me with a bright, bold, new blog design, I have a great name picked out and I am really looking forward to discovering what the Windy City has to offer. I figure a combination of neighborhood market reviews and museum tours will provide fodder for months to come. My particular spin will be tied to nature in a big city: is there any? We’ll see. I’ll start with Oz Park, which is virtually at my doorstep and work my way over to the Lakeshore. I’ll lay hands on a birdhouse for my tiny courtyard and I’ve already packed my favorite feeders. The cats will be collared and tagged and I’ll do a cat’s eye view as they discover the lay of the land.

OK. I just HAVE to get back in the garage. This past week has been the worst of it but we are finally seeing light. Fully a third of our possessions are ready to disappear. The world’s biggest tag sale is slated for next Friday and Saturday, Purple Heart has been called for Monday following. I mailed out packages late yesterday for POTLATCH. I still need some addresses and it’s not too late to join. I’m going to e-mail a few people this weekend for theirs.

After the tag sale, estate sale, garage sale, whatever- then the moving company will come pick up a load for Florida, including FG’s Honda Shadow. (He and Mizter S. would look ever so hot together; Mary’s husband has better gear, FG has a bike with a bit more oomph.) And then I will have two whole weeks to sit here in my lovely home of these past years, with just my streamlined favorite possessions and work on my goodbyes. Less frantic, but oh, so bittersweet.

Speaking of FG, today is his birthday. I love it because for 4 months I’m not 3 years older, just two.
Happy Birthday, darling. When you come out of the storage locker I’ll be waiting, with a birthday kiss.
(FG has had the miserable task of emptying the storage locker of a dozen years of business records, including almost a half ton of paperwork from an NFL study he conducted. And he’s caught between a rock and a hard place because he can’t dump it and I stand at the end of the driveway, arms crossed and legs akimbo, hissing "It’s not going on the moving van…")

Over the weekend, I’ll do a weekend update and write a bit about my escapades on eBay. I have 15 items on there right now, including some nice world globes, and the bids are up to 466.54. I think they will go much higher before bidding ends Sunday evening. Oh! And I’ll bring you up-to-date on Wit’s End, Too. Yes, the pontoon boat arrived safe and sound at Lost Loon Lodge. Never has a shabby old boat been so much appreciated…

Finally, it’s supposed to be Friday’s Ark. Sophie and McCloud are too darn cranky to play. Clearly they are used to a well- ordered household because this business of all the household wares laid out on the floors is not making them happy campers. They know something’s up. Sophie’s ear are laid back in that way she does when I get out a suitcase. But they are hanging in and there continues to be beauty in the garden as well. Last night I took just a moment to smell the sweet peas.

12 responses to “Time Out! (?)

  1. If you can’t take the aviary, it’s only fair that he can’t load on a ton of paperwork. Surely someone in the NFL has a “paperwork dumping site.”

    I really do feel your pain after having done this so recently. It would have been nice to at least had another house to move things to instead of long term storage. I have pictures there and scrapbooking items and all those memory things I probably should have thrown out.

    Ahhhh, the beautiful sweet pea. That has been my nickname for Nyssa since day one, she’s my little “Sweet Pea”. How is Abby doing with all this comotion? I expect she is even more resilient than Nyssa was, since she has already established herself down in Florida.

    Mr. Rhett sends his love to Sophie. All the cats send regards to both Sophie and McCloud. They are enjoying the cooler weather this morning and seem to be lounging in the sunroom. Keep the marble close at hand…. it does come in handy when yours seem to be scattering to the wind.

  2. That picture is beautiful.

    Always nice to get things “cleared out” once and for all . . .

  3. You sound very busy. I like the picture. I hope the move goes smoothly for you. Good luck with your tag sale and e-bay.
    Have a great weekend!
    (=’:’=) meow hugs
    (“)_ (“)Š from da Raggedy one

  4. I feel so guilty now for calling you a little rat earlier this morning. Please forgive me (like a good Lutheran, not a pagan goat)! I shall be in the presence of the hierarch of all blogdom tomorrow; any messages?

    How much do I love the image our beautiful Vicki hissing with legs akimbo? Too much!

  5. Oooh! A new blog design? I can’t wait. And I love commenting on Bonnie’s heels. It makes me feel as though I jussssst missed her.

  6. Happy Birthday, Rich, you getting-older-old-fogey. Listen, just summarize the NFL study — shouldn’t take more than 1/4 ton of paper.

    Legs akimbo? I never heard of legs akimbo. How do you akimbo legs? Is that better than Dungeness Crab? I took a sweet pee once. That was an interesting wedding over at Mary’s place. I need a beer.

  7. Personally, I think that sweet peas smell much better than roses.

    Can’t wait for the Wit’s End post, and can’t wait to hear all about your crazy-successful e-bay fun!

  8. I call my baby “sweet Pea” too, and I love to smell them! Glad you are getting a handle on the accumulations . It would take me a year to sort through mine…LOL

    Good to know eBay is doing well for you. My kid does fairly well on there also, even sells cars. Come back when you can.

  9. You are in the midst of some grand adventures! I hope that the move goes smoothly, and that Chicago brings you much natural fulfillment. I envy you the excitement of moving and change–just NOT all the work!

  10. Yikes, could you possibly handle any more life changes? Just don’t go on vacation. We are sorting and stuffing here too, in prep for redoing the oak floors. Chaos everywhere you look.
    Miss you. Hope that you are holding up.

  11. I’m so eaten up with envy over the thought of you and Bonnie hanging out WITHOUT ME, I can barely type. Two of my favorite internet friends, and I love you both.

    Next time, though, I want to come.

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