It’s raining Hell balls! POTLATCH, Day 2

Are we having fun yet? Amy and I were up to our respective eyeballs in the flotsam and jetsam of my past lives when we heard BIG WEATHER racket upstairs. Hail
By the time we dug ourselves out and got upstairs there were Hell Balls all over the place. That’s what Dan called them the first time he witnessed a hail storm when he was two. It happened while his daddy was at work and when he got home Dan greeted him with, "Daddy, the sky throwed Hell Balls!" I haven’t seen so much hail since then, until today. That’s hail piling up on the deck chair.

Back in the cellar (actually it’s a perfectly nicely finished basement but I’m starting to feel like a cellar dweller as the hours and days pass) Amy and I plowed on. The basement, chock full to the rafters with STUFF, is the main thing we won’t have in Chicago. 1200 sq. ft. of storage-gone.

Amy is my salvation right now. She teaches Special Ed during the school year but she’s devoting these two months to helping me move. FG is completely focused on a transitioning business and I’m handling my business plus the move. When I start going through things I get sidetracked as I unearth happy memories of these past three decades. Amy joins me briefly in my reverie, listens to a story and then gets us moving again. It occurs to me that a Special Ed teacher is just the thing for me right now.

So on that note, I’m introducing a new feature: The Re-Discovered Item of the Day. Today’s item is this self portrait, wrought 20 years ago by one happy kindergarten boy. I guess you would be happy too, if you had 5 whatchamacallits.Selfportrait

POTLATCH NEWS: Santa Squirrel is going to retire in the home for the wheezing and witty in Salem, Oregon. Yesterday’s post also found a home for Lester Lanin and His Trio, "Cocktail Dancing" with tunes like I Only Have Eyes For You, Bye,Bye Blackbird and Embraceable You. Shells and fossils have been boxed up and the pheasant is patiently waiting to fly.

Here are some items going into the Potlatch Pile today:Potlatch1
(click all photos to enlarge.) Keep sending snail mail addresses if you want to join in. And I AM coming by to visit; I just don’t have much time to comment.

11 responses to “It’s raining Hell balls! POTLATCH, Day 2

  1. Oh, lordy. Bonnie will go nuts when she sees “The French Impressionists.”

    (Wait a minute. She’s probably already got it — and got it memorized. Never mind…)

    (P.S. What does my squirrel eat? I want to get it some good stuff.)

  2. Tintin, Botticelli, The French Impressionists, and Babar?! Be still faint potlatch heart!

    Hell balls is a sexual double entendre by the looks of that self-portrait, oui?

  3. It’s raining like hell here in PA too. I am ready to get the gymnastics over with and get home to our 80s and sun in the Pacific NW. Very strange that we have the best weather in the country right now, and we are NOT there!

  4. Bonnie and I can arm wrestle for “The French Impressionists”, can’t we? Winner take all, and no hard feelings?

  5. I hope your weather gets better soon. LMAO at hell balls. That is actually a really good name for it. Rummaging in the cellar sounds like fun too! I like the portrait. Hugs and have a wonderful evening.

  6. We didn’t have any of the “hell balls” but it has rained off and on (mostly on) now for over 48 hours. Our little robin nest in the bush (second attempt this year) was so rain soaked it fell apart and I found three little babies in the yard right on the ground. First tried to put under a bush with much squawking by mom and dad robin. Then they were stupid and scattered. My dad took a round shallow cheap bowl the size of their nest; drilled holes in the bottom and sides; secured it to the bush and we put remnants of the nest and new pine straw and soft lint in the bottom. I found two of the three babies and put them back in the nest. We watched from around the corner and mom and dad were going back in the bush with worms. I worry about that third baby and wonder if they will be there tomorrow. Blue jays were gathering while the little ones were on the ground so I just don’t know. They just need two or three more dry days and they will be ready to go.

    Is that a Boticeli puzzle?

  7. How can you leave Babar?? He can come to my house. You can never have too much Babar. Or yarn. Or beads.

  8. Hee hee!! I’m glad the squirrel is going to the home for the old and the wheezy… I think that’s quite suiting.

    That is a very good pictures, but I agree – he has got a rather big grin on his face, hasn’t he? Perhaps a little tooooo big… hrm. What is WITH little boys and whatchamacallits?

  9. That storm yesterday was a trailer shaker, wasn’t it? No hail in my neighborhood, thank goodness. “Home for the wheezing and witty.” That was cute; I’m assuming that gibe came from you and not Hoss himself.

    I’m waiting for the giant yard sale.

  10. It seems rude to make potlatch demands BUT…don’t forget that I teach 1st grade. And I’ve always wanted to have a little science corner with cool nature items…

  11. Miz S,

    Not sure where you live, but this “yard sale” is going to be a WONDERFUL place for any teacher, collector, artist, average joe, mother, grandmother, 2 year old, 80 year old, reader, yada yada….. There are MANY treasures perfect for a classroom. And TONS of art supplies to document the discoveries. 🙂 The formal title is “yard sale,” but it should be GOLD mine and then some. Full of treasures! **Can you tell I’m excited?

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