POTLATCH- Day One, plus

…YES! We have too much music! Vinyl

This is the first moment I’ve sat in two days. I’m continuing to work at my practice and that’s stressful. It’s not clear but I may be suffering more than those sitting across from me. I love my work. I love the people I talk to in my office. When I’m not working at my practice I’m pulling everything out of everywhere, trying to decide what stays and what goes. It seems hopelessly chaotic but at least I have a hint of a system:
Every item falls into one of five categories:
1. Move to Chicago
2. Ship to Florida
3. Giant Yard Sale
4. Goodwill or Thrift Shop

As a result every room has a pile in each corner and one in the middle- that’s five. The cat’s are alarmed. Frankly, I’m alarmed. When did all this stuff crawl in here? Last night I started down in the basement going through the old vinyl collection. It’s academic that the turntable has been in storage for the last 5 years; this stuff is valuable. This first box goes to Chicago, where the first thing I do is tie the turntable into the rest of the music system. The Beatles albums all go, too.Classic_vinylVinyl1

But then there are some albums we could maybe do without. The ones that belonged to my grandmother. However, one woman’s discard could be someone else’s dream tune- see anything you like? I mean, background music for those Hawaiian movies and slides? Grace?

Here’s Amy packing up the featured Potlatch Item of the Day: taxidermied Santa Squirrel, complete with his own hat, sack and two little hand blown glass ornaments. He’s slightly shopworn, ready to retire and wants to live in a state with lots and lots of tall trees.

There are several fine items going out tomorrow. I’ve gotten some e-mails with addresses but I need more. The Great Blog Potlatch has begun.Santa_squirrel_1

10 responses to “POTLATCH- Day One, plus

  1. Vicki, I can sympathize. I have no idea where all this stuff came from around here either (well, I know, but it dismays me). Would you believe I found about 30 more postcards today?? and a bunch of other stuff too. I have been scanning all afternoon…LOL

    Hope you can get a good bite into all your stuff as you need to.

  2. The squirrel is adorable. It sounds like your organizing is coming along well. Have a great day!

  3. I can’t decide whether that squirrel is really just too darn cute, or really just too darn creepy. I think I’m leaning towards creepy, but again… I’m on the fence with this one.

    I can’t believe you don’t want all your grandmother’s albums… that is so my type of music. I swear I am a 100 year old lady trapped in a pregnant 24 year old’s body. It’s so very strange.

  4. Anything with Andrew Sisters or Glen Miller band or songs of the 30’s and 40’s would really go over big here. Any Henry Mancini is always welcome. Men at Work?????? What is that all about?

    I have one question about the squirrel. How did you keep Sophie and McCloud, ok, not McCloud but Sophie from tearing him to shreds? Furry toys don’t last long in this house.

    I hope your son gets to go through and pick out albums that he wants too.

    PS: Something yellow at my site was posted with you in mind.

  5. I can’t e-mail you with my laptop because I don’t have my address book on it. So, if everything is claimed by the time I get home(IF we can get out of here on Saturday among the floods), I won’t worry about it. Great idea, Vicki!

  6. Emailing you right now!

  7. When we sold our home in Santa Cruz to move to Washington, I realized that we were about to lay our hands on, touch, and consider absolutely EVERY THING we had in our house. It was a daunting task, but really quite liberating when we started to throw away stuff that should have been thrown away years and years before! Good luck with it all.

  8. You have excellent taste in music. I like to do housework to Don Giovanni. I could live on Mozart and Mahler.

    I can’t stop gazing at your penultimate post’s phototograph of the baskets.

    And, may I say that the idea of you hitching your wagon to a certain professor’s star, at this point in your life, is marvelously romantic? Because it is!

    Rumor has it that there are lots and lots of tall trees in Oregon, especially around Salem.

  9. Of course we have tall trees, just fit for squirrels. Send please. Did you lose my address? (Thinking safety before sorrowty, he sends one by email.)

  10. I don’t know if I could survive a move. Good luck.

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