Are you bored with ME yet?

I like this list format; it’s so much easier than a topic sentence.

19. My brother, Bruce, is nicknamed Fluffy SpudNuts. He used to be called by the children Uncle Buck, but while we were up at the Lithium Manor Inn for my mother’s memorial weekend (why have just a service when you can do a weekend?) the siblings started playing a game where you found your porn star name by combining the name of your first pet with you first street. Bruce was a perfectly respectable Fluffy Longfellow before he started fondly reminiscing about a corner doughnut shop called Spud Nuts. You have no idea how fitting this nickname is…

20. One of my BILs came up as Cuddles Fruit. This caused us to snort Jack Daniels milk through our noses. I am Cleo Olivia (borrring, but I’ve retained my dignity.) What’s yours?

21. The dining room wall in the Lithium Manor Inn is papered with the original 1800’s (hold your breath, Jim) elephant skin which has been artfully hand stenciled in arts and crafts motif. I can’t stop starring at it and I can’t eat in that room. (Actually, it’s the Laurium Manor Inn, where the rooms are spectacular, the service and breakfast likewise and the surrounding dead copper mines the tourist trap of all tourist traps. I do not recommend this remote B&B tongue in cheek, but rather with a hardy endorsement: You just haven’t fully lived until you’ve spent a night or two- at very affordable rates- in the Keweenaw Peninsula’s Laurium Manor Inn. We only refer to it as the Lithiium Manor Inn because that is where we convene for hysterical family events).

22. The new house in Chicago is ivy-covered. That drew me in but should probably be removed because of potential brick damage, Ah,sweet life.

23 Michelle made me laugh SO hard yesterday with this happy link: Llama, Llama, Duck. I love Llamas, almost as much as I love Meercats and Dung Beetles , brought to me by Hoss, which meant that these videos capped off the longest day of the year as the best one yet,

24. It helped that we have the very best news of all: Rich’s brother, BILL, IS HOME SAFE AND SOUND FROM IRAQ! A thousand times "thank you, dear Lord" and "hip,hip, HOORAY!" Welcome home, big brother. You are our hero and we thank you.

25. Last, but certainly not least, I have decided to host the biggest, baddest, best online POTLATCH. It begins Monday so have your e-mails ready to go, with your snail mail addys complete and clear. This is gonna be fun. Between now and then, a little history of the Potlatch in North America (A Minor in Anthropology here, lo those may years ago).

21 responses to “Are you bored with ME yet?

  1. So, I’m trying to catch up and I’m reading and reading and all I can see is you are *moving to Chicago*!!! Oh my gosh! We are practically gonna be neighbors.

    Is *that* the house? The ivy is gorgeous.. do you really have to 86 it?

    My porn star name? Tweety Maplewood. Classy, I know.

    It’s wonderful to come back and read your writing. You are like one of those old friends who I feel I can just pick up with right where we left off. I’ve missed you.

  2. Hey Sis!
    That was “Ike Longfellow” (my perfectly respectable porn name), before the droll “Fluffy Spudnuts” emerged. As if any dignified person-even a three year old-would name their pet “Fluffy!” (Sorry Andy).
    You’re forgiven though, for including a googled recipe for the divine spudnuts. I’m tempted to buy a deep fryer.

  3. Fluffy- Oh dear, that’s true. You WERE Ike Longfellow- we must have been in some rare form to reduce you to Fluffy Spud Nuts. Ah, well- you’ll always be Booce to me.

    Lu! Happy to see you, too!Last time I looked, granted not recently, you were to busy living life to post. I know how that goes. I’ll check in.

  4. I think you can knit some fake ivy out of copper wire.

    ELEPHANT SKIN!?! *&^%$#@!

    Potlatch? Potluck?

  5. Potlatch ~ Is that one of those Lutheran High Feast days?

  6. Momma Kitty: POTLATCH. It will run for days…

  7. Listen, Blue Livernois-Finkel- you’ll never make it in Hollywood with a name like that. It sounds more like a stain remover. Livernois and Finkle, huh? Oh my, we’re practically joined at the hip…

  8. A potlatch online? In email? Do tell more.

    I’m so surprised that you are making such a big move to Chicago. I’ve seen lists that enumerate life’s high stressors and moving ranks right up there, as does the loss of a parent. Those two together might really pack quite a punch. I’m sure you are completely aware of that, but thought I’d send my best wishes to you to keep it all together over the next few months.

    My porn name is Corky Nye (if you count the pet we had when I was really too young to remember) or Taffy Wittenberg.

  9. Vicki's sister, Betsy

    Well, Bruce is quite right. What self-respecting person would name a pet Fluffy? Or Cuddles? Yep, BIL Andy is actually “Snuggles Fruit.” So even worse. I don’t even know what street I was born on — Olivia? Longfellow? And Bruce and Vicki have used both Ike and Cleo. So it’s Teddy White Woodhall for me. Boring, plus gender-confusing.

    I’m glad Vicki owned up that Lithium / Laurium Manor Inn is a fine place, for hysterical family events or otherwise (we might have been silly at my wedding and PhD graduation, but hysterical?). The folks there have been very supportive of the family at these events, especially the most recent one. And the elephant skin dining room is only one of its many charms. Really.

    Sure wish I was old enough to remember Spud Nuts!

  10. So, I am Jigger Newport. I REALLY like that, so I guess I will just put in for a name change.

    Wait, don’t take down the ivy. All the bricks will come with it. I think.

    I have heard of potlatches — some kind of Indian soiree, right? So, what’s your percentage?

  11. Willow Derland (pronounced Deerland) here. Very boring – good thing I never got into the porn industry, I suppose.

    Thank you for linking the Llama Llama Duck song… Yay ducks and llamas!

    And I know you’ll probably get to it, but what’s a potlatch? (I know, I know… my education has been severely lacking. I’m sorry)

  12. Oh, my “Tippy Clifton”, how boring.

    I have never been to a Potlatch….
    The townhouse is quite lovely, I can see how you were pulled in and all tangled up in the ivy. We don’t have the ivy but Virginia creeper goes everywhere. And those seedlings… they do grow if left alone for years like my dad did. I cut down a tree… brings to mind the old Monty Python song… I’m a Lumberjack…. hmm… rambling, sorry.

    So, are you keeping Wits End?

  13. I’m glad he’s back safely! The new house looks lovely–and I am Betsy Ninth Avenue Southwest. It doesn’t sound very exciting.

  14. Hitty Juanita? Nah, I’ll move it up a few years to Charlotte Woodlawn. Sounds more like a snooty upperclass broad, though…

  15. It didn’t appear that the elephants at Barnum & Bailey’s were mistreated and it even looked like they were smiling. I’m no zoologist, though, the pachyderms could’ve been growling for all I know. I just know there was no big cats or trained seals or monkeys, not like in the circus days of old.

    I’m so glad to hear Bill is back and safe and all is well with him. Please give him my best – and my thanks.

  16. Oops… from what I recall about the Potlatch, the point was to outdo a giver with a bigger gift in an almost infinite increase of magnanimity.

    I’d lose at the gitgo.

  17. Wow, big changes, Vicki! Moon Estudillo here, hm. Probably better keep my day job.

    So glad to hear that Bill is back safe. Good luck with the move!

  18. Hurrah! Glad Bill is back safely.

    My porn star name? Flower Lake.

  19. Well, now how about this? I am Tippy Dunbar……that’s fairly “porn-sounding”, I guess…LOL

  20. Gorgeous house and Yay for Bill!

  21. Hey, I know where your house is! I’ve always liked that block. I live in the next neighborhood SW (you’ll soon get to know about neighborhoods in Chicago if you don’t already), but my long walks often take me up to that relatively shady part of town.
    It is a great, great neighborhood. Do try the Red Rooster soon, it’s country French. Assuming you like food, of course.

    City living is fun — different, but fascinating. I hope you like Chicago as much as I do!

    Kate (a soon-to-be alumn of UM, working on a Ph.D.)

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