No News Is Good News?

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

Seneca, the philosopher, said that in the first century AD but it still sounds like one of those pop psychology catch phrases. Except that it wasn’t that long ago that I began my life with Rich. And it was only moments ago that I began to let go of that sense of being bound to the last years of my mother’s life. Here is a picture of Bud, letting go. Img_0990_2

In the past I haven’t put up lists of "things about me" because the very notion is contrary to my upbringing but honestly, once you start blogging? Well, it’s mostly about "me" in some fashion or another, isn’t it? I stopped blogging for a while because life has recently taken turns that aren’t so much about me but just, ah, life. Now I find that there is this big backlog of "things about me" that I could post about. Here’s the list; tell me if there’s anything of interest here and I’ll try to bring you up to date. In the meantime, I’m going to go catch up with old friends in the neighborhood.

1. I was born in Michigan and I’ve always lived here, the last 36 years in Ann Arbor.

2. On August 10th that’s going to change.

3. I grow and can over 60 quarts of tomatoes, in one form or another, each year. Abby put a little sign in my cupboard that reads: The Tomato Queen.

4. I may never harvest or can one of my own homegrown tomatoes again.

5. I have a stunning collection of antique terrestrial and celestial globes that take up a lot of space. Suddenly way too much space.

6. I’ve never used a moving company before and now I find out they charge by the pound.

7. Perhaps McCloud weighs too much…

8. The Zebra finches were fighting so much over who could be in the nest that they forgot to incubate their eggs. I gave them to the Society finches, who hatched and fostered them. Now I have baby Zebra finches who sing like Society finches. What are the implications for the "nature versus nurture" argument?

9. I’m not sure how to move an aviary.

10. I have been in private practice as a psychotherapist for 30 years. Rich asked me if I thought people would be upset when I told them. I told them and now I’m so upset I went to see a therapist (friend).

11. I wonder if my boss will throw me a retirement party?

12. I wonder if my boss will let me retire? I’ve already filed for my new license to practice.

13. I might like to become a zoo lady instead. But I hear it is harder to become a docent at the Lincoln Park Zoo than it is to start a new practice all over again.

14. I am a country mouse at heart. I think. But I’ve been to the city…

15. Sophie likes country mice. Oh, dear.

16. NOMO, with you-know-who on sax, is the hottest gig in town. Believe it.127469547013_290_1


17 responses to “No News Is Good News?

  1. But tell Sophie city mice are tasty, too.

    Time for an adventure, ready or not.

    You can always retire again in the country down the road.

    As for tomatoes, you can scope all the farmer’s markets in the city looking for the best tomatoes and other goodies. Very fun indeed. Chicago is a wonderful town. There are great little neighborhoods to explore. You will feel young again, Vicki. My mother moved to Manhattan in her 50s and I remember she had a new spring to her step. Just walk out your door and walk…and walk….and walk. That’s the way to enjoy a city, in my humble opinion.

    Wonderful photo of Bud.

    Hug, Bonnie.

  2. I mean hug, Vicki. Sorry. I am tired.

  3. It is soooooooooooooooo good to see this post and to know you are still out there in blogland.

    What!? Tomatoes don’t grow in northern Illinois? You don’t have to live IN the city do you? I drove to southern Illinois two weeks ago… 15 hours on Friday, party in Illinois on Saturday, 15 hours back to the beach on Sunday. Tomatoes grow well in southern Illinois.

    The distance from Bud won’t be that much longer, if driving maybe shorter?

    At least it isn’t Dallas. (Lived there 8 years, have an ex there and would never consider living there again.)

    McCloud, cover your ears when she says you weigh too much. Ewes not fat, ewes fluffy. Rhett is begging for me to let him tell Sophie hello, so “Hello, Sophie”.

    The Museum of Science and Industry is my favorite museum of all time. The Chicago Art Museum is fabulous and the Aquarium is great. The Chicago Symphony is top notch and there are always Broadway class shows at the Auditorium Theatre.

    My brother did some of his training with the Lyric Opera in Chicago.

    Did I ever tell you that I almost went to the University of Chicago Pritzger School of Medicine? I was accepted but also accepted at Southwestern in Dallas, and was getting married to a Texan so…. yes, wrong move. (except for the Nyssa)

    Moving is hard. I wanted to leave Mississippi a long time before I did, but moving was just so hard and it was easier not to. If you could wait until after Labor Day, the moving cost is dramatically lower. My move from Oklahoma to Mississippi in September was half of what it would cost in August.

    How DO you move an aviary?

  4. I’m curious how you feel about moving after all these years, and about how you feel about the tomato thing…

    I’m also curious as to how exactly you move an aviary, but I am certain there is some form of pet-moving service you could employ… Google knows everything 😉

    Otherwise, this sounds like a very healthy, happy post. I’m glad you seem to be in a better heart and head space than you did before, even though it’s not my business to say so.

    And thanks for sharing with us… Lists are my favorite kind of posts.

  5. I’d like to hear more about all of these things – or what’s on the bottom of your shoe. I’m easy. I just miss you and am glad you’re back.


  6. I have always wanted to visit Chicago! I know that change is very hard. YOu have been facing too many of them lately; your anchors(even your tomatoes) are part of your security. Take care!

  7. Ah, ol’ Al is back. Nice list — except it raises so many problems that I don’t think you ought to move.

    When you move to Chi, the neighbor ladies will be all over you. They don’t need the therapy; they just want to find out what you are all about. And maybe to see your second floor.

    What I need to know is: Does the park have wireless?

  8. Hi Vicki

    I’m behind again. Chicago? I’ll figure it out.

    Thanks for the list. I knew so little about you.

  9. I think you’re right about walking, Raehan. And I’ll take a group hug with you and Bonnie any day. Rest.

    SRP- the problem is tomatoes need a garden of sorts. Dirt. I won’t have that. But with your enthusiasm, I’ll have a visitor, right? You and Margaret can come post haste.

    Mrs. S- the list idea is growing on me…

    MOMMA K!! I’m following your settling in and get acquainted routine closely. Don’t cave on the turnaround.

    Hoss-we will have wireless for you on the park bench in the courtyard.

    Ann- I have been behind for weeks now; I’m just happy you came to say hello.

  10. Chicago?? I thought it was going to be Oregon. I have a lovely little blogging friend in Chicago.


    I was so happy to see your comment on my vast verandah tonight.

    lots of hugs and kisses from me to you.

  11. Chicago is a great city, Vicki. It will take some getting used to, of course. My Brother-in-law used to live in Barrington and they loved it there. You can even grow tomatoes, I’ll bet!

    How is Bud? How do you move the aviary? McCloud can go in your car, can’t he? (to escape the pundage charges?)

  12. I meant poundage, of course.

  13. Ackk! Moving! The thought sends chills up my spine. Still when we talk about ciies we might actually enjoy, Chicago is the first on our list. We were there for our honeymoon so of course all things there are cloaked in rosy new love. I am completely sure there are fantastic farmers’ markets there but I know what you mean about not having dirt of your own. Therapy in a natural state.

    I’m so glad to hear from you.

    Hey, don’t forget to pack that juice extractor/jelly thing. Its about time for me to order one for myself.

  14. Found your blog via Sigmund Carl & Alfred. You write so well. Please accept my sympathy for the loss of your dear mother. Best wishes as you prepare for this next big adventure.

  15. Wait…you’re moving to Chicago? I’m so far out of the loop I missed that one! I’m a few (20? 30? I don’t know) miles outside of the city. You will like it here and tomatoes grow fine (unless you are in an apartment, then you will have to work out some container thing).

    Also, I’m sorry for your loss. I’ve been reading, but not commenting the past few days (weeks?).

  16. Vicki’s back!

    Group hug!

    Hang on little tomato!

  17. Nooooooooo. I missed Nomo?!!! I knew I should have checked that schedule sooner. I had my bike all fixed up and ready to ride down there too.

    Leaving me to defend virtuous Ann Arbor all by myself? I’ll stand tall here in your absence. Just remember, you can take the Wolverine out of the Wolverine state, but you can’t take the Wolverine state out of the Wolverine.

    Mmmmm, something like that.

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