Message Madness

Rich is away on business this week. It’s actually Anheuser Busch’s week long pub crawl through the Ozarks on Augie’s big boat but we agree to call it work. Right now, everyone who is anyone around here is away. It’s temporary and actually quite peaceful but I just finished doing this weird thing that I do. Before 911 and the reign of terrorism it seemed really weird; now it may not be so odd. I don’t know. Do you do this?

On my cell phone I save at least one good message from each of my loved ones. Over time, one of them will leave an all new and fresh (or maybe sexy, in the case of Rich) message that I find particularly endearing and then that one will replace the earlier one. (There IS a limit to how many messages you can have on your phone.) About once a month I sort them out and that involves listening to all the messages from start to finish. Lately I do this while I’m driving to or from Wit’s End, a time I formerly used to call The Bud and Jan Show. Recently I’ve been writing Bud long-ish letters and calling him more often so my habits have changed.

Anyway, there are messages from Rich, Abby, Dan, Bud and several close friends. My favorite one from Abby used to be: "MAA-om! Dun-duh dundun! The cable guy is coming to turn on my internet and it’s going to cost 86.00! Dun-duh dundun!" Click. Recently that got replaced by a Mother’s Day call she made when she was barely yet awake and it’s all muffly and loving. I had just been with her the day before and she says she misses me already.

Dan leaves calls from the road. Sometimes, I can tell he is lonely and tired. Did I mention (and don’t, please, mention to him that I mentioned it to you…) that he is on a thirty city tour? The CD/LP is selling like hotcakes and they are burning up the pavement.They just got a great review from Playboy magazine. I guess that’s every mother’s dream…

With Rich, the call du jour that makes the cut is often some short goofy blip offering to pick up dinner or telling me that he’s arrived safely or that McCloud just fell off the chair while bathing. Sometimes, the mundane stuff can really strike a chord with me.

For some reason it feels very important to me that I have these voices of the ones I love saved and at hand. I’m sad that I don’t have one from my mother.
FRI 04/28: Bowling Green, OH @ Howard’s Club H
TUE 05/09: Lansing, MI @ Mac’s Bar
WED 05/10: Grand Rapids, MI @ Calvin College Fine Arts Center
THU 05/11: Kalamazoo, MI @ Rocket Star Cafe
FRI 05/12: Chicago, IL @ Sonotheque (Africa Hi-Fi)
SAT 05/13: Ann Arbor, MI @ Blind Pig (opening set by Jeremy Ellis)

MON 05/15: Cambridge, MA @ T.T. The Bear’s
TUE 05/16: New York, NY @ The Mercury Lounge
WED 05/17: Hoboken, NJ @ Maxwell’s
THU 05/18: Pittsburgh, PA @ Garfield Artworks
FRI 05/19: Philadelphia, PA @ Tower Records (In-Store Performance – FREE)
FRI 05/19: Philadelphia, PA @ World Cafe Live
SAT 05/20: Baltimore, MD @ Gspot
SUN 05/21: Washington, DC @ Black Cat Backstage
MON 05/22: Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506
TUE 05/23: Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn
THU 05/25: New Orleans, LA @ The Republic
FRI 05/26: Houston, TX @ The Proletariat (early show)
SAT 05/27: Dallas, TX @ The Cavern
MON 05/29: Tucson, AZ @ Solar Culture
TUE 05/30: San Diego, CA @ The Casbah
WED 05/31: Los Angeles, CA @ Spaceland
THU 06/01: San Francisco, CA @ Bottom Of The Hill
SAT 06/03: Seattle, WA @ Tractor Tavern
SUN 06/04: Portland, OR @ Doug Fir Lounge
TUE 06/06: Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court
WED 06/07: Denver, CO @ Hi-Dive
THU 06/08: Omaha, NE @ O’Leavers
FRI 06/09: Minneapolis, MN @ 400 Bar
SAT 06/10: Madison, WI @ The Annex
SUN 06/11: Chicago, IL @ The Empty Bottle
SAT 06/17: Detroit, MI @ The Magic Stick (late show)


"A fusion of strutting funk, slinky afro-beat rhythms and the leftfield tones of homemade instruments, the sound of Michigan ensemble NOMO is an ecstatic and organic groove, striking a balance between the rapture of Konono No.1’s buzzing mbiras and Tortoise’s brainy instrumental compositions.”

"This Detroit-area Afrobeat band makes huge strides on its second album… The funky music of Fela Kuti remains NOMO’s bedrock, but the octet now carefully integrates soul riffs, jazz-flavored solos, and more instruments"

"If you’re a fan of Antibalas, Daktaris, Tortoise, YNQ and post-Fela funkiness, then this should fit very nicely in your get-up-and-dance collection."

"A fresh, War-inspired take on Afrobeat or New Orleans second-line jazz"

"Eight-headed future-jazz geniuses… not only does New Tones get your brain and body moving; it also captures the frenetic energy of NOMO’s live sets."

"Even in May, Detroit can’t possibly be this hot, sweaty and loud… forever funky"

"Exquisite… imagine the blasting horns and orchestral gusto of Antibalas dirtied up, deftly dented and jerry-rigged with some gnarly homemade electronics and percussion."

"New York’s Antibalas has gotten a lot of attention for its Fela Kuti–inspired Afro-jams, but NOMO takes it out into the stratosphere while keeping it solidly rooted in the funk"

"It’s party music of the first order, locking into a groove so deep you can practically feel the sweat."

"NOMO swings a sense of spirituality, soul and grace back into pop music."

"Next 100" 2005

"Subtly shifting time signatures and grooves, and outfitted with more than capable soloists, NOMO sounds fresh in an otherwise saturated market."

19 responses to “Message Madness

  1. Wow–that’s a huge list. Seattle? I haven’t heard of the Tractor Tavern; that’s this weekend! If I were more adventurous, and didn’t have a retirement party to attend, it would be tempting to go!

  2. Darn! He was in Chapel Hill last Monday? You should have let me know and I would have tried to go!

  3. On saving phone messages — I save my son’s messages. They’re just so sweet. I totally get it. 🙂

  4. You have every right to be a proud mama. Sounds like he just might be able to turn his music major into a real career and that will make a mama proud. Of course we won’t tell him a word about you telling us but you’ll have to keep him from reading the blog.

    Today was whirlwind. Max to get his CBC this morning and he did fine with two dogs in the waiting room but when he came back out and there were five, he just went nuts.. wanted to play so badly.

    Then Willow. Well, Willow is built a lot like McCloud. She didn’t fall off a chair, it was the loveseat and she wasn’t bathing, just turning over in the middle of a nap. Good thing Rhett wasn’t sitting on the floor under her. He’d be as flat as that squirrel…. well, he’d be flat.

    Then to the airport to pick up the wandering gnome. I have pictures, not of Hawaii but of her getting off the plane. Her old jeans with a few holes, now have many and much larger. She is tan, but it’s what she calls “farmer’s tan”, sleeve lines. All the way home she was geology this and geology that and lava and hot lava and waterfalls and green sand and black sand and cliffs. Oh, and by the way some of her group jumped off the cliffs into the ocean. Wasn’t that dangerous? Well, one girl got a big bruise on her leg, but dangerous? There WAS a lifeguard. (As if that would help as the student accelerated past them….) Yes, dear a lifeguard is great, if he is Superman and can fly. She chose not to do the jump. Good choice. No bath in five days. For once I was glad to have chronic sinusitis.

    Repack after much angst and gnashing of teeth and not a little arguing and then off to William & Mary and yet another dorm move in. But there was air conditioning inside and the room was almost twice as large as this past year’s so ok. Did the trip and lugging up the stairs in three hours. Not too bad.

    I love the way your Abby leaves a message. Sometimes I can’t tell if Nyssa is really trying to tell me something or if she is in the middle of three conversations and can’t quite get them untangled. Does Abby do this in a message or when talking to you?

    Tomorrow, getting ready to drive fifteen hours to Illinois on Friday. Driving 15 hours back on Sunday. Also, picking up another wandering geology student from the airport… name, Stavros…. plays mandolin, harmonica and flute…. Nyssa says he reminded her of the little fawn-like centaur in Narnia when he played the flute. Where does she come up with this stuff?

    I re-read this. Looks like a ramble. Must be tired. Going to hit the hay.

  5. Ok, I totally blame YOU for the fact that I missed Dan when he was in DC. If you had only posted this list EARLIER. Imagine how pleased he would have been if I had approached him and said, “Hi Dan, I’m one of your mother’s online friends and she talks about you all the time on her blog.”

  6. Margaret, as a former Seattlite (Seattle person?) I had to look up the Tractor Tavern out of curiosity, and it’s in Ballard:

    Surely this is more important than a retirement party?

  7. Wheeze….Puff….Wheeze….Cough….Whooshie

    Now then, put those to music and you will have a dandy of Ol’ Hoss doing the deep breathing. (In your ear…..)

  8. We’re supposed to listen to those messages??

    Congrats on the musical success of your son!

  9. What? No St. Louis dates? I guess they are getting too big for places like Riddle’s. That’s great news on the reviews. I save messages too. I have a few birthday wishes from various brothers and sisters hanging out in digital space just waiting for days when I need to hear them.

  10. Your peeps leave sweet messages, Vicki! They must love you lots!!

    Dan is in Seattle this Saturday night?! Betsy has her Annie Oakley Chautauqua performance that evening, but I’ll do my level best to get to the Tractor Tavern. I’m sure glad that isn’t the name of an E. Lansing establishment.


  11. Darn. You didn’t mention when the Top of the Park concert is supposed to happen. I’m cheap and that’s free. The other venues sound like there’ll be a charge or a one-drink minimum or something.

    And what’s up with your Spartan buddy? She called me a “gentleman” on her blog (nobody’s ever called me that before!), then made a comment on my own blog where she referred to herself as my friend. The cynical side of me thinks she’s hoping for a little mercy when football season rolls around.

  12. Sheesh…I don’t even OWN a cellphone. Maybe I should get one just so I can listen to my messages~

  13. My sister saved a voicemail message from her first love (after her 23 year marriage ended). She fell in love with the love of her life. He was her perfect companion. It was a hot, but tempestuous love affair. After about six months he was suddenly sick, fatigued, wounds wouldn’t heal. Of course, he was diagnosed with a cancer that had no cure, and a lethal swiftness. He moved back in with his wife, so he could be covered by her insurance. On his last days, he called my sister and left her a raspy breathless message telling her how much he loved her. She saved it for years. I haven’t thought about that message in a very long time. He’s been gone for many years now.

    Your son is going to be right across the sound from us on Saturday night. I’ll think of him!

  14. Wowsa look at that list! Any chance they’re heading to Toronto at all? I’ve vaguely committed myself to seeing a lot of live music before I leave for Euro, so I’ve been shuffling in those weekly classical recitals on the weekend along with local bands during the week, and of course, whatever’s good in Toronto.

    But I’m getting the cd anyway.

    As for messages, I don’t even have voicemail on my phone. I’m something of a phone grouch. I figure that if you don’t get me, you weren’t meant to, try back later. Heh. 🙂

  15. Dan and the band need to come to Asheville–it’s a totally hot music town. And I want to see him!

    Love that you save messages. I always save E-spouse’s messages when he’s traveling, but it’s because I’m morbid and afraid his plane is going to go down!

  16. You know, I imagine if I no longer had my mother, I would miss our phone calls the most. Iknow what you mean. Hug.

    Congrats on Dan’s success!

  17. I keep Kel’s funny/sweet text messages until I run out of space. Then I wipe them clear. 😦 I need more room. I totally understand. I keep voicemail once in a while. For a long time. *sigh* sappy girls are we.

    Totally considering the Minneapolis gig for this Friday. Trying to think of a way to get Zoofy to come down for the Brat stand for dinner sans kids that day and hanging out in Hudson for me until I’m finished (I don’t dare desert the family to all the work) and then we could head over there after I shower and prep. That would be awesome!

  18. I do too– I save the phone messages and I save the bad jokes my dad sends me to my hotmail account.

  19. if it feels right, i think you’ve got to go for it right now. none of us hit the ground with owner’s manuals and i believe that God made this way for a good reason, even though i have no clue about what that is. blessings on your journey and a reminder to listen to your heart.
    (i’ve long-wished for a personal voice mail digital hall of fame. it’s no different than a photo album, is it?)

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