Old Friends

You know how you have a friend or two, maybe more, who are constant even in your absence? The sort of friend you don’t see for ages but when you do you take up right where you left off and you’re so full of news to share there’s not nearly enough time? And then you might not see them again for a while as life interferes but you know they are there. I have three in my "real skin life" like that who come to mind.

One- the one I see the least- is Abby’s godmother. Abby, as a tot, referred to her as her "fairy godmother" and that stuck. She is a good friend and also a colleague. When she got her PhD and had a party to celebrate Dan was 4 months old. I had not had a drop of alcohol for over 14 months but that summer evening we (finally) got a sitter and walked around the corner to their house to join the festivities. I had two glasses of champagne punch and then I was flat on my ass drunk. So I staggered home and nursed the baby and went to bed and passed out. When I woke up 8 hours later I was sure I had caused Daniel’s demise with alcohol poisoning; instead it was the first night of his short life he slept through and after that I decided perhaps I’d discovered the cure for colic…

Now, I don’t talk to her very often. I’m about due to call her up and schedule lunch. The opening parry will be, "Hello, fairy godmother. When are you going to start Abby’s religious education?"

Today, I’m sort of feeling as though my blog is that kind of friend, too. One where you can just take up where you left off…

9 responses to “Old Friends

  1. Yep. That’s exactly what a blog is!

  2. OK, I came a couple of times this morning already and…. no news.
    So, I’ve just spent the last half hour trying to resize a picture to use as a background for an e-mail. Just hit the “send” button less than two minutes ago and voila….. here you are.

    Rhett is jumping for joy! Well, he is snoozing at my feet in complete relaxation anyway.

  3. Well, I’ll click Vicki’s link, but I know it’ll still be the same…HEY! SHE’S BACK!

  4. Yes, a blog just waits for you to put words in it; it is patient and longsuffering, just like a true friend. I will be hoping for Bill’s quick, and SAFE return.

  5. You bet, kiddo. I’d wait for you forever.

    Not then, about this religious education…..

  6. I have friends like that too (we are blessed if we do) and the blog is the same. Welcome back, Vicki. I have missed you so much.

  7. Vicki, Vicki, Vicki…

    I’ve been missing you so much. Welcome back.

  8. What? You haven’t been posting?

  9. Yup. Pick it on up. We’re here.

    Oh, and you just made me feel guilty about my godson’s religious education. Thanks a lot, friend!

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