A quick little nod to the perfect post.

I am busy today. Home from Sin City, I’m back in Ann Arbor and we have a lovely house guest,  I have numerous clients, the birds in the aviary are all in a fuss because they are egg sitting, the garden fell into lush Spring disarray in 4 short days and so forth and so on. But I wanted to take a moment to give a nod to Tisha Sharp who wrote a very funny post this past month. And it is, after all, Perfect Post Day as designated by Momma K and Lucinda.

I wasn’t reading OR posting much this month but Gene (that would be the perfect house guest) sent me by Tish’s place to read her very funny little bit on Foot and Mouth Syndrome, a common malady among us. Which makes it that much more fun to laugh at when it happens to someone else, especially when they are laughing, too. Read it HERE. Nice going, Tish. Oh! I heard a rumor you are expecting company as well..

8 responses to “A quick little nod to the perfect post.

  1. Tish certainly made me feel better about my own case of footinthemouthitis. Good choice, Vicki. Thanks for playing.

  2. I hope Hoss likes your garden. He didn’t like mine!

  3. This is such a neat idea, I’m going to pop over and read Tish’s post…

  4. I shall go over and have a chuckle. I sure need one these days.

  5. How does your perfect house guest like W.Ypsilanti?

  6. Thanks for joining in Vic 🙂

  7. Other than birthing two children, I feel this to be a most special accomplishment.
    Thanks for the nod, your opinion means more than you will know.
    Take care of our friend.

  8. i thinks you made i great web resource

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