One Small Point

I think I failed to mention WHY I am in Las Vegas with Old Horsetail Snake. This is not just a random meet up with someone I met online. Oh, no. I did that already once in my life and now I am so happily married I pinch myself several times a day to make sure I’m not dreaming.  No- Gene and I are here for a blogger’s convention. There are many other bloggers here staying at various places along the Strip. Today we will meet these people for both lunch and dinner, which means venturing out of this hotel. That means this will be be our big adventure day. I don’t know most of these other bloggers; they are mostly Fans of Hoss. Lately I’ve been hanging pretty close in my own blog neighborhood just because I’m in that sort of mood. So this little push will be good for me.

Last night Gene and I went to see "O" by Cirque de Soleil. We had most excellent loggia seats for the rich and famous and wheelchaired. Gene kept saying, "I can walk" and I kept saying, "Hush. Sit down and be quiet." "O" was beyond my wildest expectations. Gene asked just before it started what kind of show it was and I said, "ah, like a French acrobat circus, kinda." He said, "huh."

Sho14So you take the very best Olympic-style high divers and the absolute finest dancers and delicious contortionists and fine mimes. You enlist the services of the world’s greatest acrobats.You dress them up in the most outrageous head pieces of feathers and paper mache sculptured shapes and not a lot else, save some brilliant body paint. Fold in a full orchestra. Then you add what has to be the single most expensive stage set in history- it includes a full size pool that can be adjusted to over 20 different depths and diameters without you even noticing that they are doing it and finally you add:
BIG WEATHER. Rain. Wind, Fire. Lightening and Thunder. Lots of smoke and fog. You make everyone in the theater think the entire place is going up in 30 foot flames and then you douse it with a real rainstorm. That’s what it was. Of course you are not allowed to take pictures so here are two from the flyer that look like nothing in comparison.Photo_s8_large

When we got back to the room the famous Bellagio fountains were doing their thing 29 stories right below us. They go on for about an hour and even through soundproof picture windows this high up I could here the thunderous whooshing sounds they make. Gene was snoring. He may still be asleep. We are both so polite we each stay in our rooms trying not to wake up the other but when I do go out in the other room, he will be sitting there quietly reading the paper and he will say, "Morning, Sunshine."

And that has this effect on me: I am SO happy to see Gene’s smiling face. I miss Rich. And I miss my mother. Being really attached to people has a few downsides.

Tomorrow we will go back to Michigan and Rich and I will show Gene Wit’s End and a little bit of the wrong University in Michigan. Right now I am going to quick, gather up the latest batch of soap and sneak down to the gift shop (one of 28) where they sell very very hot t-shirts from Cirque de Soleil. They are expensive and look like ripped body paint. Don’t you think Abby needs one of those? I have to walk through the conservatory to get there and I gave Gene my conservatory photos- they are at his place today. Amazing glass.

The only other thing I would like to mention is that I can see the mountains from our window. And for some reason, that makes me a little weepy.

12 responses to “One Small Point

  1. This was a great show. If you are out and about…. remember M&M’s, chocolate, colors, sigh. Sounds like your meeting will be much better than the one I had to attend. When you get back and set up your bed and breakfast, let me know. I am compiling my short list of “places I want to visit on vacation when I get a new job and have money to go on vacation.” (Notice my psyche is now saying “when.”)
    I think a very overpriced ripped body paint shirt is a great gift for a college girl…. so are M&M’s. (Smile)

    Are you and Gene going to go on that roller coaster over at New York, New York?

  2. The snarl definitely needs a T-shirt! And some soap! Sounds like it was worth all the hassle to get where you are. Y’all have fun 🙂

  3. Enjoy the mountains, even if they make you feel a little weepy, and I hope you have a fantastic meet-up with the other bloggers. dpr and I are very shy, so we always avoid bloggy meet-ups. I’ll just live vicariously through you!

  4. I am pretty much buried alive in envy. I love Vegas and I love Gene and I love you and I love hotel soap and Cirque and the thought of meeting other bloggers is cool beyond words.

    Buried alive in envy, yup, that’s me. I hope you two have a BLAST and I want to hear all about it from both of you.

    (I like the casino at Treasure Island best.) (And don’t forget to go to the old part, the original part.)

  5. SRP: Roller Coaster? At my age (75 221/365) the Tilt-a-Whirl sounds outlandish.

  6. What a great idea–wish I could be there too. I’ve traveled so much this year for gymnastics though that I’m ready for some home(and inexpensive) time. The Cirque du Soleil is absolutely beyond incredible. I can’t imagine how much they train for those acrobatics. I also love the music and mood of their shows–mystical and exotic. Enjoy!

  7. What Mamacita said! Ditto times 80. I would so love to be there with you guys!

  8. Vicki and Hoss shacking up together in Sin City! Suh-weeet!

    You know how much I hate Vegas, but then again I didn’t stay at the Bellagio.

    I’m really glad you guys are having fun. xoxoxox

  9. Okay, from the dad of daughters side of things… body paint fitting shirts can only be worn inside the house.

    Sounds like Vegas was a good thing after all.

    What actually happens at a Blogger’s convention…do they all type back and forth or do the actually converse?

  10. *sigh* Living in sin with Hoss in Vegas. Wish I were there! It all sounds wonderful.

  11. You didn’t mention the Cirque music?! You should probably give Benoit Jutras, the composer of “O” (Oh, eau!), partial blame for the weepies.

    Are the bloggers as great in person as in cyberspace? I already know the answer to that: They’re even better!

    Methinks ’tis is a good thing that you are pinch-happily married to Rich or one of those Las Vegas chapel elopements might have graced a post.

    I’ve tried to warn Gene about U. of M. Does he listen??!!

  12. It was lovely to hear about what you and Gene are doing in Vegas. Now I understand about the soap – i thought maybe he had an allergy.
    I would have shared your trepidation about visiting Vegas although I have never heard anyone who has been, complain.
    Hope the rest of your trip is pleasurable and that the big get-togethers are not too noisy. Safe return to you both.

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