Guest Post: Babe Magnet


“Sometimes he sits at your feet looking into your face with an expression so gentle and caressing that the depth of this gaze startles you. Who can believe that there is no soul behind those luminous eyes! ” ~ Theophile Gautier

When Vicki first asked if I would do this post, I flew into a panic. She can take a variety of seemingly unrelated topics and weave them into a beautiful tapestry; every sentence an integral part of the whole. Amazing. She teaches, makes me smile, brings tears and inspires; and she has a beautiful daughter the same age as mine, so we sometimes suffer together. So what would I write? Then she made it easy, a request. Something by or about Mr. Rhett, one of our feline residents; I can do this in my sleep. I do hope this doesn’t make Miss Sophie jealous.

Mr. Rhett has always been a true Southern gentleman and would make his namesake proud. He has these large eyes that make women melt and has learned how to use them. Women who visited our home would later ask about him, “Who is that cat with those big round blue eyes? He is so adorable; I could just eat him up.” At first I thought these were random events but all the comments were the same. Every woman he came in contact with fell in love with those eyes.


How can a simple Siamese keep a string of ladies in awe? His impeccable manners of course. Rhett always greets the ladies personally, at the front door. He has eyes only for them and follows at a discrete distance behind them as they move into the den. He waits until she is seated then takes his place either on the ottoman or the large coffee table by the sofa and loveseat. Here Rhett sits and gazes, quietly but longingly, directly at her, but doesn’t try to touch her or sit in her lap; that would be much too forward. The most common comment I’ve heard is that “Rhett looks at me as if I were the only person in the room or on the planet for that matter.”

He does have a favorite, his human “girlfriend”, Miss M. Rhett loves Miss M. She is a longtime friend and for several years stayed at our house while we were away on vacation. One time she took a nap on the bed and true to form, Rhett was there sitting quietly at the foot, watching her. She closed her eyes and in a minute felt something soft, lightly touching her face. As she opened her eyes she saw him pull back his paw. No noise, no sleeping on her or snuggling beside her, just that soft touch of a paw when she closed her eyes.

Years later she brought her little girl to see us and there is Rhett, oblivious to the rest of the world, sitting on the floor at her feet, gazing up longingly into her face. Yes, like an elephant, Rhett never forgets. The red metal tag hanging from his collar reads “Babe Magnet” and for good reason, don’t you think? Img_0768_2192006_15757_pm_2089x19331

Vicki, enjoy your time away, the good company, great conversation, wonderful memories, tears if needed and lots of laughter. Your readers will be very happy to have you back on Monday. Thanks.
(guest posted by srp)

11 responses to “Guest Post: Babe Magnet

  1. That is one beautiful cat and I am an all dog…no cats allowed guy. Still, even one so biased as myself has to admit…that may be the prettiest cat on the planet.
    …and a fine bit of writing too!

  2. Mr. Rhett is indeed a babe magnet. When I see those eyes in a human I’ll know I’ve found “the one”!

  3. The eyes have it! Beautiful post, Roxanne!

    I wrongly assumed from the title that this post was about Gene!

  4. I loved this post! I love Mr. Rhett, too…(but don’t tell Sweetie…)

  5. Wow – I can see why those eyes woo all of the women. What a beautiful creature!!

  6. Rhett is gorgeous and you are a great guest poster, SRP. However, we WILL be happy to have Vicki back – and the wondrous tales she will tell of Hoss and Bud.

  7. Gorgeous photos! Especially the one of Mr Rhett peeking around the wall and looking right at the camera with those big blue eyes.

  8. What an elegant cat! Ours are both basically street-wise strays. (with no manners whatsoever!)

  9. What a handsome rascal Rhett is. (You only have to look at my husband to know I’m fond of the combination of blue eyes and dark hair.)

  10. That’s a beautiful piece, srp. Thanks a bunch. (And send me the cat.)

  11. What a nice piece. I really miss my cat. I’ve never replaced him, after all these years, because I’m allergic. I’m really thinking about getting a sphynx cat, though.

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