You can never have too many pasties

Elm8139Pasty_big                                                                                                                                                           A few of you may remember when I wrote a post about the distinction between a pastie and a pasty.That post included these helpful illustrations plus a recipe.It took note of the fact that one was food taken into the mines by Finnish workers; it also served as a hand warmer until dinner. Not to be confused with the other.

It also had a link to, the home page and server of choice in the Keweenaw Peninsula, home of Lost Loon Lodge. You should check it out because there are many many interesting things there including links to Da Yoopers , musical talent available for your next party (you have to pay their travel expenses), a wonderful yarn store that gladly does mail order and The Lithium Manner Inn (check out the photo of the dining room papered with the original elephant hide and arts and crafts stenciling- yeesh!). Actually, it’s The Laurium Manor Inn but we always call it The Lithium because that is where we congregate when there are large, emotionally charged events in the family. We will probably occupy many rooms there sometime in June when we gather for my mother’s memorial service. used to have a link to Affordable Funerals where you can cut out the middle man and expedite things. I’m not sure why they aren’t advertising there now but they still exist and provide a useful service. I know because we used them recently.

It was this original post that brought Bonnie over to the dark side; she was beside herself thinking- and commenting- about pasties, lukefisk and everything Finnish. I’m still of the mind that she needs a sweatshirt from Finlandia University (formerly the serene women’s college, Suomi) where those naive Scandinavians use the logo "FU" and wonder why they can’t keep the bookstore clothing stocked.

Bonnie is the only person who ever did a guest post at OutsideIn; she did a superb job even though I left her in the midst of controversy. She soothed ruffled feathers and was kind and clever with words, per usual. I was thinking of asking Bonnie again, because I need someone to guest post over the weekend, but I believe she is on hiatus. Then I thought about asking Miz S, a saucy gal after my own heart, but I think she’s getting out of town- and visiting Bonnie (I’m SO jealous). She NEEDS to get out of town after a certain picture turned up over at Lu’sAnne Fitten, writer extraordinaire, would be a good candidate (I believe she has also been seen acting Edgy at Lu’s) or maybe Rhett could come and play. One obvious choice: good friend Gene. Except rumor has it that he is on the road this weekend. Ol’ Hoss is usually hunkered down at the Bide-a-Wee Home for the Aged But Crafty and you do have to wonder what could drag him away from Feelgood and the Administrator…

Keeping in mind that I’m conflict avoidant, a devout lover of big weather, feathered things and a good laugh- would you like to write a guest post here? You know I’d do it for you. Drop me a line.


23 responses to “You can never have too many pasties

  1. Muzikdude has you as the mystery site today – congratulations!

  2. Both kinds of pasties look like winners to me. Plus which, any recipe that omits rutabagas has got to be a winner. (I came over from Muzik’s joint. But I’ll be back on my own.)

  3. I love the pastry kind– mmmmm, thanks for the recipe!

  4. Order online- easier, faster and anonymous.

  5. I see you’ve finally succumbed to using sex to sell your site. I’ll be checking it out a lot more often.

  6. Of course, you’ve totally blown my cover. Now I’m *never* going to get Audrey to stuff pastys in her bra for my 25th class reunion.

  7. Pasties or lutefisk…what to make for dinner tonight?

  8. Helloo, Muzikdude sent me! Delicious sounding recipe, I shall have to try it over the weekend and tell you how it went. Thanks muchly.

  9. Warn me before you do this again!! Boys!! Young ones! Too young for this! I have to admit I nearly freaked as I opened your page on the main computer in the living room — you are now relegated to late night reading! I’m still grinning. They didn’t notice a thing.

  10. Nice picture. Didn’t recognize you with long blond hair 🙂

  11. Here I am at the local library, checking out your blog and WHOA! This can’t be Vicki’s blog. Nice picture, though.

    I remember while on vacation, I scouted for a good pastie place. Ended up finally finding one, only to learn it was imported from Gaylord, Michigan. Yeah, probably Da Yoopers come from Hamtramck or some place close by.

    “Brought Bonnie to the dark side.” Vick, she’s Michigan State! I’m sure it was a very short trip if a trip at all (though I’m sure deep, deep down inside, she has a good heart).

  12. Vicki's sister, Betsy

    Just two comments, having weighed in on the original pasty conversation. First, they were carried into the mines by Cornish miners (they invented the pasty), not the Finns. The Finns were very busy doing other important things up in the Copper Country, which included having many, many children, which is why they’re so numerous up there today. But they weren’t the original miners — the “Cousin Jacks” — or the originator of the pasty.

    Second, if folks go to and click on the Keweenaw Today link, they’ll see a nice tribute to our mom, which includes the obit I wrote plus a few other very nice words and some photos Mom would absolutely, positively hate.

    Have fun, Vick, with the widowers, and don’t bring Bud any more pasties! (He hates the “ketchup-only” rule.) Have a safe trip and fine visit!

  13. Her left pinkie is saying, “I’m on a roof, I’m cold, I have weird pale streaks on my right thigh, this dress is ugly, and I hate this photographer. If he yells ‘make your lips bigger’ one more time I’m going to kill him with my high heel. Can I go home now?” I bet that model would be an awesome guest blogger.

  14. Is that model a real human? She reminds me of the “woman” that the martians created to seduce the Martin Short character in Mars Invades.

    You wrote that the difference between pasties was “one was food taken into the mines by Finnish workers; it also served as a hand warmer until dinner.” I could be wrong but that model looks like she could be both of those things!

  15. Gee, Betsy has to straighten you out again. You poor child.

    Thanks, Betsy. But all in all, no thanks, because I still need an FU sweatshirt. Whatever the Finns did.

    Don’t sweat the weekend post, Vicki. I can write about the charms of Keweenaw in my sleep.

  16. I prefer the food to the accessory. Maybe I’m just jealous. An FU sweatshirt sounds great; I would love to innocently wear it around.

  17. Vicki's sister, Betsy

    Sorry, Hoss and Vicki — didn’t mean to be corrective. A lot of Finns up there get testy when accused of mining heritage (nothing to be ashamed of, of course). Also, I was mistaken — the link on is Keweenaw Now (not Today; former name) to the nice tribute to Mom.

  18. As soon as I find my inner sisu I shall purchase an FU sweatshirt. I should buy one for my Charlotte for she is a Finnish scholar (Don’t laugh – Remember the Kalevala!). Methinks Big Dave deserves one, too.

    I’ve enjoyed the journey of coming full circle with your wonderful blog. Back to pasties, the Keweenaw Peninsula, and your winning sister, Betsy! I also met Hoss and Arethusa in your comment section that day. You tease us with the hint that the great Snake is coming to visit you! Miz S and Margaret and I will think about you and Hoss as we do lunch in Seattle!

  19. I like Big DaveT!!! He understands that MSU is the evil empire. Shhhh they haven’t heard me say that yet. They can’t kick me out of this school just yet 🙂 Bonnie I will not join you on the dark side, no no no.

    And Vicki what does one have to do to get you to smuggle some pasties back here?

  20. Hoss is at Gratiot. Hoo boy.

  21. I have not drowned, I am still here. Had a lot of “dog to groomer” and cleaning of doghouse and dog beds and such. Max is shorn, now nekkid, but sporting a festive bandana with Easter eggs on it. He looks good, only a couple of small bumps that I can feel (with my sensitive doctor fingers). His white count was a bit low so he was on antibiotic for a week. This has not hindered his appetite or enthusiasm. He has my mom wrapped around his paw, just has to look at her with his big sad eyes and tilt his head and she’s gone. So he has responded to the chemo pills (cytoxan), next dose is Monday.

    Mr. Rhett will be pleased to guest post. He already has his title figured out….. “Babe Magnet”…..have a good time this weekend…rest…have good food… the company of good friends….and the joy of shared memories.

  22. I would guest, but I’m out of town as well, which is why it’s taken all day to check your blog. Though if you let me post a couple more photos like the pastie chick, I could be persuaded.

  23. I’m no good at posting at my own place lately, so I would not be a good choice for guesting. I envy you this weekend, getting to see Hoss again. Give Hoss and Bud a hug for me, please?!

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