Just Call Me Tommy…

…minus the pinball machine. WHERE is my PowerBook?? I’m on hold right now with Melanie; she’s looking for it around the Apple Care Hospital. I’m in need of a new logic board. I knew that. It’s been a stressful period and logic flew out the window about a month ago but now I discover that it’s not just me. And lest you think there is logic left anywhere in these United States, stand corrected. Melanie informs me that they have had to launch an international search for new logic for me; it’s in short supply everywhere, I guess.

I’ve been using a little PC laptop without my links, bookmarks, address book, pop e-mail server, photos or photo program. Also, this computer has no audio card so it is utterly still, nary so much as a beep or boink. Posting is awkward at best and that’s why you have been looking at that ugly hunk of bread for the past three days.

Here’s something else: it’s that time of year when allergic bronchitis rules in this house. It’s genetic, it’s short-lived, but it’s miserable. Dan, back briefly this winter while at the Music School, is trying to finish up his semester and get ready for a 20 city tour and he’s barking like a seal. Last night it was so bad I flashed back to 24 years ago when he had croup and we were waltzing together in the backyard at 3am and 18 degrees. When he’s not barking he’s trying to blow; he has an important concert with jazz great, Bill Holman (Unforgettable, Take The A Train) coming up later this week and he’s not slowing down. And so, time I could spend posting I spend worrying. And I thought this would end…

The only allergic symptoms I’m having are stuffed-up ears but that is SO annoying. I spend all of my time trying to filter out background noise and asking, "What? Huh?" They pop every other day or so, giving me a few minutes of clarity except…my glasses are all scratched up. Why can’t they make eyeglasses that don’t scuff and scrape? And I’m not convinced that expensive lens coating helps, either. Here’s something odd: I only see out of my left eye but that’s always the lens that gets messed up first. It’s dismal trying to focus around this tic tac toe board and as soon as I get the time I’ll get new glasses. For now, between my ears, eye and sick PowerBook sensory deprivation reigns. It’s a muffled, muted world.

This coming weekend I’ll be in good company. I’m heading up to Lost Loon Lodge to visit Bud. We can sit around and say, "Do you remember when mama…WHAT?" I’m looking forward to seeing him. Every time I talk to Bud on the phone he sounds busy as a beaver rearranging the house. He was so occupied taking care of my mother that some things sat on the back burner and now he’s getting to them. He was tearing out old carpet and moving furniture up and down the narrow staircase and warding off the neighbor, Virginia, a couple days ago. I think she’s just being a helpful neighbor, checking in with meals and cookies, but Bud is convinced she’s after him. I said no, I don’t think so and he said, "Oh yes! Your mother always said that if she died, Virginia would be on me like a tick on a dog and she is!" He seems to be very sad but moving ahead. I get the impression that he experiences his grief as he goes through his days and nights reminded of my mother every where he turns but also that he is holding his own. I’ll have a better sense of that when I see him.

In lieu of a photo today here’s a link to a great live cam of eagles nesting. I love watching this site. The Gratiot Lake eagles are busy doing their thing right now, too, and I’ll take my camera when I go.

14 responses to “Just Call Me Tommy…

  1. Our stuffed up heads must be sending out brainwaves in tune or something. I was checking out the Norfolk Botanical Gardens and came across their set of nesting Bald Eagles. Not a live picture but sets taken from their cam. (Can’t do HTML so you just have to copy and paste)
    (Oh, look there. I did a preview and it linked it for me. I am hopelessly technologically challenged.)

    Rhett is chirruping at a chick-a-dee. Those black cap chick-a-dees are REALLY loud for such a small little bird. The others are sleeping in the sun. The storm scared them last night. Their sleep room has a metal roof and with the light show, thunder and the downpour on their roof, they were a little hysterical. Max loved it though.

    Let Bud think his neighbor is after him. Maybe she is. What a boost to his ego if it is true and if not, hey, he’s getting cookies and other goodies! This is a win – win situation.

    I do hope you find your logic. It reminds me of how I feel at times….
    “Of the many things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most.”

  2. Sorry about the muffled and mutedness.

    Maybe your good eye releases more goo than the bad one, and it messes up your glasses.

    Have fun with Bud. Tell him we’re thinking of him.

    Not long after my parents divorced, my Dad had to have back surgery. As the eldest, I had to go take care of him. Mostly, I spent two days answering the door to middle-aged divorcees bearing casseroles!

  3. I am trying to imagine your ear challenged conversations with Bud.
    V: I like what you done to the place.
    B: What? I’m too old to race.
    V: What? There is nothing wrong with your face.

  4. I’m glad Bud has Virgina to look after and distract him until you get there. You have stuffy ears and I have a stuffy nose. We’d make a funny pair 😉

  5. Oh, Roberta, that is so GOOD!

    (Vicki: You and I know it isn’t true, but what the hey? Oh….it is?….damn…)

  6. Tell Bud I’ll let him borrow my sander when he gets ready to remodel.

  7. When my mom died, all the women in my dad’s circle started bringing him food and asking him to their churches, etc. He was disgusted with their “brashness”, as he called it. Dad was of the old school, and women didn’t chase men! The one he had to chase was the one he married (six years later) and I wished that she had run faster so he couldn’t catch her. I hope Bud is doing well. It sounds as if he is keeping busy!

  8. You paint marvelous pictures with words, Vicki! Nothing beats great, jazzy sax! Best to Bud!

  9. It’s eleven thirty at night and that eagle is soaking up sunshine. I wonder if she has one of those special lamps?

    I miss Sam the Eagle on the Muppets. He was so great.

    Oh, wow, she just yawned, and then she did that “smack smack smack” some people and cartoon characters do after yawning.

    Have you thought about getting Bud a pet to keep him company? Something mischievous, yet heroic. Something we could knit accessories for.

  10. Look at that Bonnie, sassy as usual. I’m not sure she should be wandering around the internet all by herself.

  11. You’ll have to let me know when Dan plays so I can come hear him. You know if that ever happens 🙂

  12. I love that eagle cam. We posted about it today. What an amazing sight and site.

    Sorry to hear about the maladies at your place, and the lost and hard to find logic board. Maybe Apple will just have to send you a new computer. If they can’t find the logic board and it’s still under warranty… wouldn’t that be a nice thing for them to do?

  13. I hope you are breathing and hearing easier by now. I have the same problem with my glasses. They are constantly smudged.. no matter how often I clean them. I swear, I don’t touch them.
    Hope your visit with Bud goes well.

  14. I had a brilliant idea while you’re without your graphics program and all. I was thinking we could email you unlikely photographs and your challenge would be to pick some and work them into your blog!

    But then I think you said you don’t have email right now?

    You’re off the hook. THIS time.

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