Give Us This Day…

It is Sunday, right?  I lost an hour of sleep and that’s a valuable commodity these days so I’m not being all that grateful or graceful but that part about Our Daily Bread…

Bread_1I  love bread, especially home baked white bread. And it’s a Sunday kind of thing. It’s the day I might have time to make a loaf and then luxuriate with a big thick warm slice slathered with butter. Last fall I started in to my usual routine but you may remember this particular fiasco. The yeast was funky or something and when I turned it out the best I could do was look for an image of the Lord in it’s surface and then pitch it out for the squirrels. Unfortunately, the bread machine paddle was embedded in the bottom and when it dawned on me a week later the loaf had been dragged off into a mass of autumn leaves and that was the end of that. Over the winter the bread machine has gathered dust and I’ve been too preoccupied with parents and children and pending moves to make any from scratch.

So that warm Sunday loaf has been sadly missing and I think of that whenever I take communion where we use an unleavened granola-laced whole wheat flat bread: spiritual gratification only.

So what would you think if a beautiful gift box arrived Saturday afternoon in your mailbox, wrapped in lovely dragonfly etched brown paper? And when you opened it up there were two perfectly shaped, light and golden handmade loaves of white bread and it still had that fresh from the oven smell? You would think only Jane would send such a thing and how blessed am I that she is my friend?


Frog season

Img_0181_1 We were out at Wit’s End over the weekend and the Spring Peepers were in full chorus. The air was literally vibrating with their song. The yellow spotted Salamanders are in full force as well but they remain strangely silent. We had BIG weather- one of my favorite things- with thunder, lightening, thick sheets of rain and tornado spottings but still those teeny tiny frog starts were singing away. Rich found this larger Northern Leopard frog on the drive and felt, for some reason, compelled to bring him in for a visit. He promptly peed on the carpet, posed for photos and was returned to lake’s edge. The frog, that is.


There’s bird watching and then there’s birding. To birders, the distinction is significant. Over at Melange, Roxanne’s felines have taken up bird watching (you really should go check out this amazing series of photos). While Sophie has a "thing" for Rhett, she has a bit of an attitude towards his approach to "bird watching." Here, she demonstrates proper birding technique. Never fear- I keep close tabs on her. Besides, in the end, she prefers mice. (Submitted for Carnival of the Cats hosted at Pet’s Garden Blog. Click to enlarge. I am sorely missing my PowerBook and Canon EOS partnership. Please forgive these marginal and recirculated photos while I wait for a new logic board. Comes a time when everyone needs a new logic board, right?)Stillwaiting_1 Patience 

22 responses to “Give Us This Day…

  1. Sweet Vicki, I wanted so badly to DO something for you, and my arms just couldn’t reach that far, so I did my best with comfort food!

    I don’t see the Lord’s face on your bread, but I think I see two baboons getting ready to kiss. Quick, list that on Ebay.

  2. Sophie has perfect bird-watching form! I love those photos, particularly her shadow on the wall beneath the birdhouse.

  3. Ma cherie–
    No one else I know would be interested–
    They’re going to make a Bob Ross video game
    If the game makers are smart they will hire you as a consultant and include leopard frogs and klepto squirrels.
    Gros bisous,

  4. Frogs in Michigan now? I thought they would still be under the mud.
    Neat cat photo.
    Logic board? Me too, I am bored sick of it. Give me some wild assumption or empty daydreaming…

  5. So nice to get loaves of homemade bread in the mail. That’s got to be love! Great frog photo, too. Our Pacific Tree Frogs have been making quite a nightly racket for the past two weeks. We love the sound so much.

    During winter, my internal logic board felt like it needed a tune up, but spring is like a firewire connection to clarity! Hope Apple does the same for your Powerbook.

  6. I’m so glad you’re back, and bringing all the wonders of spring with you. I’d given up checking for a while – I wondered if you’d ever come back. Well I figured it was time for another compulsive check and found quite a lot has gone on here. Wonderful.

  7. Vicki, come and see my “bird” post today.

    I have lost your address,a nd I need it. Can you email it to me at Thanks!

  8. P.S. I am glad you cleared up who it was that peed on the carpet because for a minute there, I thought Rich might have….LOL

  9. How sweet that Mamacita is!!

    And I love the non-bird-watching the cats.

  10. Vicki, re your comment: that’s why I removed all the screens from my doors. If we need air, we just open the bottom of the storm door a bit. We had screens before and they lasted about 2 weeks before they were shredded.

  11. I agree with Mamacita about the baboons kissing. And I can relate on the logic board issues. Sigh.

  12. Out of pocket all day. We did a quick trip to Williamsburg to eat with the girl and see her inducted into the National Honor Societies. I must go back and finish my season pictures from the little park.

    My hands were so swollen from all the digging and breaking of dirt clots and planting that I could hardly squeeze them shut. Better today.

    About that bread… my goodness, bless it. The only thing I have seen look that strange is either the “blob” from outer space or my seven pound carrot cake. Perhaps this “sourdough” bread my mom keeps trying to do; it requires so much feeding and care, much more than any baby or toddler. Then it doesn’t really rise very well, if quite course and even the birds don’t want it. Yes, that might come close.

    Glad it was the frog and not Rich…that’s is all I have to say on that subject. My favorite frogs are those tiny pale green tree frogs down in Mississippi with the round sucker feet. They would stick on the glass window in my front doors, their shadows larger than life on the tile entryway and yet they only measured an inch across.

    Sophie – I showed Rhett how a really “talented” and “gracefully acrobatic” cat would watch for birds. He got dizzy and fell off the bed. Bless his heart I think he either has vertigo from heights or he swooned over your loveliness. And a very nice birdhouse too.

  13. Wow, I re-read that and had a couple of “bad spellers of the world – UNTIE!” moments.
    Mom’s bread has texture that is very “coarse”. I should go to bed now.

  14. HAH!! I got the same package which, although I wouldn’t assume makes me as awesome as you (because Vicki doesn’t piss people off like I do), still tells me I’m loved like you…

    Sheesh… I wonder how that happened ;}

    BTW, you really ought to read my latest blog crush, you’ll dig her in a HUGE way. Just sayin’, and no drama this time.

  15. Frogs are cool!

  16. i just want to say thank you for the beautiful freesia plant 🙂 I now have to learn…does it stay inside or outside? It’s beautiful and adds so much color to my place. How did the cleaning bonanza go yesterday?

  17. Love the little froggie! And the birding, birder differentiation.

  18. I tried making bread once; I loved the idea and smell of it, but was no good at it.(and it took forever–but I had no bread machine)

  19. I too love home made bread and a good thunderstorm.

  20. You are the most elegant writer ever.

    Really. I come here, I read your posts and I am left speechless.

  21. Hello everybody, I want to make friend with you. Nice to meet you.

  22. I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. Someone has to invent a way for the bread paddle not to stick in the finished loaf; I’ve read at least ten similar stories to yours where the paddle was accidentally thrown out because of this!

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