Apples and Lemons

It’s not as though life doesn’t go on. You may wish it might stop for a bit so that you’re in a better frame of mind, come a total eclipse of the sun, but the stars keep turning. Just when you think, okay, this death, this loss is sufficient to set you on your ass for a while, the car headlight falls out and the crocus come up. Children move, hopefully forward, and computers break. Exotic and obscene plants bloom on the fence and a flock of wild turkeys take up residence in your front yard. Friends stay in touch and wish you well and remind you that they are there when you’re ready to reach out.

Since last we spoke, all of this and more has happened. I wasn’t in the mood to write anyway but still, the Powerbook didn’t need to quit. Like a funky television screen in the 50s, the display started to fizzle and spit and at that moment I thought, "Geez, Vicki, it would of been nice if you had (EVER) backed anything up, like your business, finances, photos, bookmarks…but,no, that screen was going to die independent of wishes and prayers. I quick called Apple Support and after a long wait on neglect this is what the customer service representative said to me: "Um, your 3 year extended warranty expired last night at midnight." I kid you not. I moaned, he put me on hold and came back to say he had gotten a 48 hour extension and DHL would send a pick up box in the morning. He’s going to Heaven, flat out. So the computer geek came over in the middle of the night and moved some things to this strange, temporary and unfamiliar PC and I packed my bags for Florida.I have no idea how to compose or link or delete or navigate here; this post is a sign of my love for you.

Snarl  I went to Florida with a very dear friend (more on that tomorrow) and we visited with the Snarl. At what point do your children become capable of considering that a parent’s pain might supersede their own? This dawning of true empathy is one of those milestones that makes your heart turn a somersault. Abby knew. And while I was in Florida, with an alien computer and without my Canon eye-on-the-world, I found this oddity growing on the back fence. I thought- "yowser! This needs to be shared with my neighbors!" And I laughed. So here is a crummy picture of this anatomically correct plant: I hope it makes you laugh, too.Img_0025 Img_0049

And after a busy and sunny, albeit cool, time in Florida, Rich picked me up yesterday at the airport and when we pulled into the driveway, there was a flock of turkeys in the yard. Right in the middle of urban Ann Arbor. Pecking around, looking as dumb as paste and as handsome as can be. Ben Franklin was right to at least suggest that this could be our national bird. Again- a crummy picture, but you get the idea.

What does it mean that scrotum blossom in one yard and turkeys roam in another? On the eve of a total eclipse? Auspicious, wouldn’t you say? It’s time to blog again. Besides, I have to gear up for the first annual meeting of the Widower’s Ball and Polar Bear Club. Do you have any idea- even a glimmer- of what blogging will unfold April 6-9? Me neither, but I’m charging the Canon.

I do know for certain that life also unfolds and evolves in your neck of the woods, too. I’ve been my own moon lately, orbiting around myself and family and I’ve missed what’s happening with you. Truly missed you. I arrived home yesterday to realize that I can’t play Best Post this month with Lucinda and Momma K because, in all fairness, I haven’t been about. So I’ll start there and work my way through until I’m all caught up.

Isn’t it all a wonder?

P.S. Typing that last sentence reminded me of this: I haven’t been sleeping well, lots of dreams and long gray periods between sleep and wake in the early hours. This morning I was right in one of those weird hynogogic states when I thought, "I’m in the presence of God!" And my very next thought was, "No, that’s just my right sinus popping open." Sort of the same thing, I guess. He’s always around and it feels that good when your airplane ear clears.

26 responses to “Apples and Lemons

  1. Its good to see you again.

  2. It’s so nice to see you back!!! And TURKEYS in ANN ARBOR!!! Wow. Totally awesome. I’m glad Abby was there for you. That’s really wonderful. I’m jumping up and down because YOU’re BACk!! OK, I’ll stop overwhelming you now.

  3. Much better pic of turkeys than I’ve ever taken! They’re so shy.

    And the plant, umm, interesting!

    I’ve missed reading your blog. You write so well!

  4. I love the photo of the Snarl giving you a big hug.

    Maybe God helped your sinus pop as some kind of sign, or perhaps just to comfort you. There is a theory that Martin Luther experienced relief from terrible constipation the second he worked out the “salvation by Faith alone” doctrine, so we shouldn’t take bodily functions lightly.

    My apologies to Bonnie. I’m a little punchy tonight. My folks are from Minnesota, so I have a fondness and respect for Lutheranism. In fact, my grandmother is Lutheran.

  5. Welcome home. It is really good to have you back. I hope that everyone is well.

  6. I’ve pulled out Kermit again, just for you. (Green arms waving frantically!!) YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! You’re back! There, Kermit got that out of his system.

    Isn’t it marvelous when the kids suddenly realize that mom is human too and hurts and cries. Nyssa learned at age three, but forgot and relearned it several times over through the years. One of these days it will stick for good. When these times arise it seems as if a mother gets a glimpse of the future, what kind of person her child is going to be and Abby will be all you could hope for and more.

    About that plant. I know what I thought, but then thought, no she can’t be thinking that, but YOU WERE! All I could possibly add is that it looks like it has one of those athletic cup protectors on.

    Since you have the turkeys, I’ll update on the little bird feeders. The finches still come in droves and now black capped chick-a-dees (boy, they are loud) and a small sparrow, but I haven’t figured out which type yet. The mourning dove pair have been hanging around the yard again but the fig tree hasn’t budded out yet. The cats love to watch the birds, the birds don’t seem the least bit bothered by them and all are happy. Well, Rhett is a bit grumpy and needs a Sophie fix.

    I had to pick myself up off the floor after Rahean’s comment about Luther. Boy, I wish God would do something about my sinuses, they are a mess and the pine hasn’t yet puffed forth its pollen.

    Still keeping you in my prayers and thoughts and dear Bud as well.

  7. I love your photos–they are wonderful, especially of you and your daughter. It is hard when stress and grief pile up; I know! You are looking around you and seeing the beauty and wonder though, a good sign.

  8. Welcome back, Vicki, I have missed you and wondered what you were up to and where you were. You raised a good girl there, mom. Sure she knew (and isn’t that fabulous!?).

    Turkeys and vegetable scrota (is that the plural of scrotum?). Will wonders never cease?

  9. When I worked at Zion National Park there was a male turkey that chased all the tourists around. Needless to say, he was very popular with the employees.

    He also chased the skunks and the porcupines. We were a little worried about him but for some reason the skunks and porcupines got together and decided to spare him.

    Sorry, no scrotum stories.

  10. Yay, Vicki! We all missed you terribly, darling. But you never disappoint, do you? You come back like gangbusters with wild turkeys and gigantic male genitalia plant-life.

  11. Welcome back..its been too long. That plant!!!! Holy Smokes I’ve never ever seen one of them and I’m not sure I wouldn’t freak out if I did………..The turkeys….they’re fine..but that plant, what a hoot. Have a nice day Vicki and again..welcome back

  12. WHEW! An auspicious beginning indeed!

    Raehan – what a Lenten bonus!

    That plant reminds me of something…a jack-in-the-pulpit…that’s it.

    Turkeys running amok in Ann Arbor? That’s old news, Vicki! GO SPARTANS!

    SOOOOOOOO glad you’re back!!!

  13. “Scrotum blossom”, LOL! Welcome back!

  14. Good to see you back.

  15. Oh, I know how it is to leave the familiar mac and type on this strange 20th century contraption called a PC. I love it when you make me stifle my laughter in the library.

    We love you too!

  16. We all jes love it when you show up, kidlet. Neat set of pix, ‘n’ all. And stuff, too, if you happen to read Lois Lane.

    Happy trusses to you.

  17. Welcome back, V. We have a number of wild turkey flocks here in North Asheville. They often snarl up traffic on fairly major roadways. They’re way cool, though not as cute as your snarl.

  18. Glad to see you back, Vicki. Everything seems to be fully intact here after the hiatus: great writing, wickedly wild sense of humor, and fantastic perspective on the world. Excellent.

    Nice of Apple to give you that 48 hour extension.

  19. When I saw the new date at the top of the page, I smiled. It’s good to see you back, Vicki. I love that photo of you and Abby.

    Seems like the turkeys are coming to visit everywhere; a big tom pecked at my father-in-law’s sliding glass door a couple weeks ago.

  20. Welcome back, Vicki. Things just weren’t the same around without your animals and botanical oddities. Love the photo of your daughter giving you some loves. 🙂

  21. heh. I see that Bonnie is still ever jubilant with her Sparty cheers 🙂 Keep the turkeys over on your side. We got swans and geese over on this side. I’d rather like them than having turkeys.

  22. The flowers and the birds are talking to you Vicki. I always consider that a good sign. I’m so glad your back with us.


  23. In all my days.. I have never seen a wild turkey… let alone a scrotum blossom 🙂

  24. It IS all a wonder. And you are a wonder. And I am so happy to see that you are back. Much love to you my dear Vicki.

  25. Hi Vicki, I just found your blog through your comment on Naomi from “Here in the Hills”. When I was “snooping around” I saw this incredible plant!
    What a happy surprise when I saw this photo!
    Let me tell you a story: when I was a child, my parents had in our farm garden a plant exactly like this one. For many, many years I have been searching the name of this plant and unfortunately no one can tell me its name and I don’t have any photo,too. Please, may you tell me which is the plant’s name? Would be great! My best wishes!

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