Thursday Photo Challenge

This week’s Thursday photo challenge is Nature. With over 2300 photos in my iPhoto library that fit that category, these two blurry pictures that are not “nature” are the ones that stand out for me right now.


19 responses to “Thursday Photo Challenge

  1. …and I can certainly understand why. Big hugs to you and yours.

  2. Just perfect. Know that you and your family are constantly in our thoughts and prayers.

  3. How fitting. Thinking of you and them often, Vicki.

  4. How fantastic that they are champions of nature and the First Amendment. What a powerful combination. Wishing them the best.

  5. Right on target, that’s really nature. Hope you are well.
    Lois Lane

  6. Keep on keeping on, dear Vicki. We’re all still thinking about and praying for you. And, of course, loving you.

  7. Vicki, I hope you are doing well and that Bud and Jan are comfortable. Like Mamacita, I am loving adn praying for you all.

  8. They certainly stand out for me as well. Hope you are getting along OK. Hugs.

  9. Oh but those pictures are “Nature” aren’t they? They are the nature of Bud and Jan, the nature of man at his best, the nature they hand down to you that you share here constantly with your compassionate visions. Only a Bud and Jan who are so committed to Nature can live in the isolation of the ‘wild yonder’ and yet be so connected to everything in their own way. Wishing you much love.

  10. Catinka said it beautifully and perfectly! Prayers and God’s Peace!

  11. That is the type of legacy we should all be shooting for.

  12. Just checking on you sweetie. xo

  13. Well I can see where you get your appreciation for nature. Must agree with Crackers comment as well.

  14. Got here several days ago by way of FC. Been lurking, as I don’t know what to say. Figured I’d at least wave. I bet you have lots of other lurkers sending up support and good wishes.

  15. sending my prayers from detroit for a few days. (no less fervent)

  16. still keeping you all in my prayers.

  17. Oh my dear, I am so sorry. I have been such a self-absorbed little tragic bitch this week, trapped in my own bubble of stupidity, and you have been dealing with all of this.

    Sending prayers and love through the ether, for you, for Bud, for Jan…

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