On a wing and a prayer

It’s fly away home day and we’re hoping for clear skies and calm employees at Northwest Airlines. Morale has gotten low and everyone is testy. The best NWA story I heard in the last couple weeks was on a return non-stop flight from Jamaica to Detroit where they announced right after take-off that the toilet flushers weren’t working (brace yourselves, real quote here), "but if you really feel you want to flush feces, bottled water is available for 2.00 per bottle."  Anyway, baring any unforeseen events or brassiere failures (recalling the attack of the underwire last month) we’ll be back with Sophie and McCloud and the finches and the whistle pig tonight. Tomorrow or Monday I have- what?- a piece of writing. I think. It’s a few sentences past idea.

(I wrote the above Thursday afternoon to post Saturday. Thursday evening I spoke with stepdad/Bud up at the Bud and Jan Show. It had only been two days since I last spoke with them and both were chipper, celebrating Bud’s birthday with a visit from one of my sisters and her family. Thursday evening Bud reported that he thought mama was sick, maybe just the flu…I called back Friday morning and no answer set off all the bells and alarms.

I guess at 79 it’s hard to have "just the flu"- Bud called for an ambulance at 5 AM Friday morning and both of them are now in the hospital- my mom in ICU with a hemoglobin of 3 and Bud with pneumonia.The "first responders" out of Eagle River, MI were fast and good but once again I am struck with the the vulnerability of their situation where they choose to live isolated at the ends of the earth, near the edge of Lake Superior, in a small winterized cottage. Family calls; please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.)


12 responses to “On a wing and a prayer

  1. That does not sound good at all. I suppose it was too much to hope that they would make it all the way through this winter with no crisis. I’ll be thinking about them today, and even offering up a few prayers from my heathen heart. I understand that God even listens to heathens. Vicki, update us when you can.

  2. I understand that feeling when no one answers the phone and you know they should be answering. And my mom lives right next door. I hope all goes well and your folks are quickly back on track. Both of them in hospital at once! My mom had a bout with anemia not too long ago but the treatment was quick and very successful and since she’s a diabetic, I guess, not unexpected. Still, it was anxiety causing. I’ll be thinking of you all. Take care.

  3. A hemoglobin of 3???? Lord girl. Hope all is well and they get what they need in the hospital. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Prayers and God’s Peace for the Bud and Jan Show at the ends of the earth and for one who always keeps her keen sense of humor intact!

  5. Sending good wishes for a speedy recovery.

  6. Oh, dear. All prayers and best wishes for a speedy recovery at the Bud and Jan Show. And for you too.

  7. Thinking of you and Bud and Jan, and hoping for a quick recovery. *hugs*

  8. I see the mechnic has all the uptodate equipment.

    Give mom and dad smooches from Hoss. Asking Big Ernie to intervene.

  9. Ooo my stomach got all jumpy reading that. Huge virtual hugs and of course you’re all in my thoughts and I’m beaming lots of good, healing vibes.

  10. I’, going to talk to Big Ernie too, Vicki, and I sure hope he listens and responds. At least the Bud and Jan show is/are where they need to be right now and can get good care. Hope everything will be all right soon.

  11. This is so hard. You want them to keep their independence and be happy where they want to be but they need more help now. Will be praying for them both. Hope they find the cause of that hemoglobin. If there is nothing specific found then ask about Procrit. It can really help with some anemias when all else fails. Take care of yourself too. They need you healthy now.

  12. Vicki, My thoughts and hopes are with you all tonight. Call me and let me know if there is anything that you want me to do from here.

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