What’s lurking there?

Thursday Challenge is Black and White this week. The first is easy. And yes, Hoss, the Snarl won. What’s that in the second photo? It’s true, I’ve been watching Surface this season…(see extended post)Alligator_3Goldfish

oh. right. a matronly Trichechus Manatus. This one was bigger than your average bear. She comes up to the sea wall right at the end of our street to get a snort of fresh water from a drain that empties there.Cow_2

2 responses to “What’s lurking there?

  1. Love the big “sea cow” but the up close and personal of the croc is a little too close for comfort.
    With the botanical garden visit did you get a lot of pictures of lusciously blooming flowers?

  2. Translate please. What the heck is that, Vicki?

    Cool photos.

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