As usual, I’m confused…

Lucinda at Suburban Turmoil and Momma K at Petroville are having a perfect post contest on the first of each month. ( and no, I just CAN’T put in all the links to everybody’s name tonight). I want to play along but how on earth can I when a) I haven’t been truly diligent about going around and reading everyone’s posts the past week or so and b) all of my favorite people are writing perfect posts as often as not. For starters, Lucinda had me rolling on the floor with a post about watching figure skaters fall at the Olympics. Miz Mary wrote a wonderful piece about the birth of her first child. Roxanne posts the most perfect combination of photos and wise words. Mamacita hooks me, rain AND shine and Hoss writes posts that are perfectly outrageous. Each month, there are so many posts that speak to something I care about, are well-written, informative and evoke laughter and tears at the very pathos of day-to-day life. And so forth and so on. Blah,blah,blah. See? I didn’t mention you and already your feelings are hurt and I don’t blame you. But it’s cold on this park bench. And deep, too. (giggle).

So, moving right along… My award for the perfect post was written by someone who doesn’t know me from Gandhi, probably won’t notice that she’s won or post the award button and never bothers to comment on anyone else’s blog. My guess? She may not even read other blogs. Frankly, she’s just not a good blog neighbor at all. I have no desire to meet her. I would never share my problems with her. And I don’t feel the least bit obligated to care about her feelings in any way, shape or form. Nevertheless- she cracks me up. She is odd, succinct,clever and I think, hilariously funny.

I award this post: Cowboy Movie by Esther Wilberforce-Packard at Topic Drift as the best post of the month.

Oh, hell. I just realized she wrote that one in January, not February. Where have I been?

Speaking of hysterically funny? I pay over 9,500.00 per year in property taxes on a fairly modest 1952 Cape Cod, 3 bedroom, 2 bath (no master suite) house in Ann Arbor. Home of the University of Michigan. Academics. Great Minds, Frequently voted one of the most livable cities in the country. Now CHECK THIS OUT. Quickly before anyone on the school board wises up. Read the little short links that are highlighted. All my teacher friends: brace yourselves for a roaring good time.

Having volunteered this, Bonnie is forbidden to comment.

14 responses to “As usual, I’m confused…

  1. Great job, Vicki! I felt the same way about choosing just one post. I even changed my selection at the very last moment. Thank heavens we get to pick one every month. 🙂

  2. Lucky for us there is so much goodness out there, huh? You’re a big part of mine. Thanks for playing along today. I’m off to read your pickin’s 🙂

    PS- You don’t have to do all the linking silly stuff, I’ll do that.

    PSS- Are you still out on that park bench??

  3. Wow! Was the AA school system’s website hacked? Thanks for the link. You know what they say . . . Ann Arbor is 12 square miles surrounded by reality. Well, I don’t say that, but some people do.

  4. I tried to sit on my hands, but this was too rich! Those clever Community School scholars!! First, duct tape prom attire, and now, this! Is nothing sacred?

    I posted a work of art for you at Muzikdude’s, in partial return for your munificence in calling my attention to the fine piece on AA’s “not so good news” and the link to Esther. You are as big-hearted as a certain trout fishing stream up north. xoxo

  5. The problem is- those upstart starter people over at Abby’s alma mater (Community High School, Ann Arbor’s tiny alternative high) have their finger on the dying pulse of education in Ann Arbor, This new high school has been an absolutely disasterous mess. The windmill idea is a good one…

  6. I needed a good laugh. Nice pick for the perfect post award. LOL

  7. LOL – I was thinking that school web site had to be a satire on the “real” happenings. I personally think the idea of building a “smaller scale school with only 5’2″ students” is the best one. This way, not only would they save money on the building, but it would preclude any of those basketball players from going there so money for the sports program could also go elsewhere. This would probably take care of the football program as well.

    I have bookmarked Topic Drift. A lady with a dry, no, a really “arid” sense of humor mixed with sudden 90 degree turns, makes for a good read.

  8. The AAPS page is so cleverly tongue-in-cheek it ought to get a “Perfect Post” Award. (You pay THREE TIMES the amount in school taxes that I last paid. How can this be?)

    Picking Esther for an Award is a good idea. I thought of her, too, but choosing one out of so many of her goodies was beyond me.

  9. Really enjoyed the AAPS site. Sounds like school boards are the same around the country…thank goodness the property taxes aren’t. $9600???
    Thanks for the nice comment at Hoss’s today.

  10. Yeha Florida she’s not kidding about the taxes. It’s a bitch to live in this town.

    So wait, what did I miss Vicki because apparently our school district got wise and took it off. And I missed it 😦

  11. *clears throat* I nominate MommaK as social director of the blogosphere. Do I hear a second?

  12. That is hilarious; it’s what we all think, but on a web site?? I love all these blog activities, but just don’t have the time during gymnastics season.

  13. Esther is a good choice, Vicki. I read her, I scratch my head, I ponder….but I laugh!

  14. Wonderful choice for Perfect Post. And the AAPS website is a hoot; good to know you’re getting something for that huge tax hit.

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