Getting’ down with the pelicans

Abby’s best friend from high school is down here enjoying her Spring Break from U of M even though Abby is still in class this week. These two have been tight for as long as I can remember; they’re matched point for point on smarts, independence, creative mischief and feistiness. The two of them went to the National Academic Games Convention together and their team took overall first place in the country and they also snagged first for Linguistics. Caitlin is a coach for Academic Games now.

BballThese girls also played basketball and lacrosse together. Their favorite thing was 3 on 3 street ball, a tough and gritty version of basketball. One time they registered for a competition and I wasn’t fully clued in to the nature of what was going on; I thought it was the Gus Mackey tournament they played in each year, girls against girls, etc. They won a free trip to the national championship for that too, as the only girls team against all big, tall inner city guys. Then they got all huffy when the other parents and I wouldn’t let them go. Title IX and all that. (see? no other girls in that gym…)

Anyway, they’re having a fine time this week. Abby seems to be going to class and writing papers and still getting to the beach and hanging with the pelicans. Yesterday, we took them to lunch on the pier. They each had some kind of frozen strawberry drink and started laughing about all the times they ever got brain freeze from ice cream. Caitlin wondered how that worked and they figured it had something to do with constricted arteries to the brain and then they postulated that maybe, if you were dying of hypothermia, you wouldn’t feel as much pain in your extremities. They had a contest to see who could get brain freeze first and then they stabbed each other with a fork to see if it hurt the same or less. How smart is that? Then they giggled loudly for a good three minutes and that led to a discussion of all the times they had milk run out their noses.

They make life look like so much fun.

6 responses to “Getting’ down with the pelicans

  1. Why look! Just as I comment that you’re having too much fun to post much, you post this. Obviously, though, you’re still having fun.

    What I noticed first in the photos, on this drizzly Seattle day, is that Abby and Caitlin are wearing T-shirts, and that they and the pelican all have shadows. I’d love to cast a shadow right about now…

  2. What cuties. I’m too old to get the hand signals? Do they mean this is a cool bird, perhaps?

  3. Looking back on long ago, down that very long and dark tunnel to the past, I wonder. Did we have this much fun in college and still get papers written? I do remember some night excursions to the playground with my roommate and a few “guys” and this seems to have been passed on to the next generation here. Yep, I guess we still had good times and study. We were balanced. Our girls are balanced. Yeah for moms who teach the girls to be balanced!!!!!!!!!!

    Now that the “self congratulations” are done, (Well someone has to do it!), just a couple of things. Yes, Nyssa is on facebook with William and Mary. I thought alumni could get on too but I’m not sure I want to go there.

    I just wanted you to know (I am going to borrow a Nyssa-ism here.) that the little picture of Sterling up in the left corner “really, really makes me happy.”

  4. I think their theory is very clever. I would probably try it too–especially if there had been liquor in those drinks. (hee hee) It sounds like you are having a wonderful time visiting!

  5. Joy abounds! Your girls look radiant as if sleep were unnecessary and all the time in the world is theirs. T-shirts! Yes, I’m ready too.

  6. Two talented girls. They look like they have fun at whatever they do. The pelican looks uncomfortable in social situations…

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