I remember when I had a lot to post about around the time the Snarl was getting ready to head off to school. We even had a little neighborhood "empty nest" therapy group going around here. This week I’m enjoying her company so much, and the sun and the great outdoors- well, my incentive to post has dropped off. Speaking of, here’s an empty nest. This is the one the Cooper hawk used for the past 3 years but a hurricane took out enough of the covering branches that he’s moved across the street. I’m still waiting to get a good shot of him in his new location. Could you sit around and blog if that blue sky was calling to you?

At the moment I’m heading off to meet the Snarl and her friends for lunch on the Pier. She just finished class. The good news is, if I ever do think of something to post, the USF library gave me reciprocity as a UM affiliate so I can do it without the distraction of those darn miner bees. This is quite a lovely library, overlooking the bay…Nest

11 responses to “Empty

  1. It is blue spectacular today isn’t it. If you were trapped giving the state FCAT test to larval humans like me, you might be tempted to blogsurf a little.

    Please….no empty nest shots, my baby graduates in less than 3 months!

  2. Okay, I reread that and it sounds like I’m a larval human…I was talking about the little darlings in my class. I think I’ve pupated already.

  3. yeah I loved USF’s library too. The campus itself is beautiful.

  4. Well, all of my nestlings have flown the coop, and I can say from experience that you get over that empty feeling pretty darn quick. It’s as though you’ve been given permission to have a life again.

  5. I don’t recall ever seeing a sky that color. Tremendabeautiful.

  6. Too happy & busy to post?? That’s awesome news. I’m so glad your enjoying your trip and your Snarl 🙂

  7. Beautiful photo–I hope to get used to my half-empty nest, if I can ever get my “chick” settled and happy somewhere. (sigh)

  8. Hmm, don’t the fledglings of a human kind tend to come back to the nest. Eventually that is. Some of us took almost thirty four years to do it but here we are.

    The sky is that blue in Oklahoma, on occasion. Lovely, large nest there. Thanks for the advice on the nut mixture. The finches have a ritual feeding frenzy on a daily basis and the cats line up to watch. Bird and cat with glass in between has obviously become comfortable for the birds, they no longer scatter at first site of the Siamese.

    Take care to use the sun block. Melanoma is no fun.

  9. We forgive you Vicki 😉 Never fear, they always come back around. I think mine’s gonna be here til she’s 40.

  10. What a glorious color! I remember Southern skies as being a deeper blue than these Northwestern ones, but I have to wonder whether that’s my memory or the sky… or my aging eyes. Glad you’re having too much fun to post much.

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