When Husbands Go Shopping

I don’t want to indulge in husband bashing because that’s just not nice. However…
We have two problems here. One is, right up front I’ll admit it, I’m shopping challenged. I just don’t like to shop. I’ve furnished a whole house on eBay just because I didn’t want to go to the store. It’s this one- our Florida Bungalow- and it’s quite tasteful if I do say so myselfJuicer. Nice touches that go with the age of the house. However, in general, you can’t buy groceries- or you shouldn’t anyway- on eBay. Most of it would spoil en route and you would end up with enough Styrofoam peanuts to fill the Mariana Trench. Scary thought.

If I get in the grocery store I’m sort of like that Adrian Monk obsessive-compulsive character. Other than Whole Paycheck, I’m convinced they are just giant petri dishes of germs. We had a house down here for 4 months before I realized it was Publix, not Pubix.

As a favor to me my husband will often go to the grocery store, which means I shouldn’t complain. Ah well. I have previously posted on his penchant for bad soap. He’s been known to go to Sam’s Club and come home with 24 bars of Irish Spring, one eighteen ft. diameter trampoline, one Foosball table and a 15# bag of peanuts in the shell. He actually did that. And that’s just not right. So I told the people at Sam’s Club that he kites checks.

Shop_1Here in Florida we have to shop for 10 day stretches and then leave the place essentially empty. The Snarl happily carts home unused milk and eggs to her little apartment but shopping in moderation and with forethought is smart.

Yesterday’s trip resulted in these items. They were all presents for me. I may be a lot of things but I am not a vibrant blond and I would have hoped he would have noticed my hair color by now.  And yet. As Mz. Mary notes, it’s wonderful to have the very best husband.

It’s Friday and that means it’s time to hop on board Friday’s Ark. By request, for Rhett, a picture of Sophie.Soph_1 She is back home and probably has her nose seriously out of joint by now. And then there’s this bit that never made it to the Ark at all. The leftovers from Hannibal’s lunch.Lunch

11 responses to “When Husbands Go Shopping

  1. Gack! What kind of bird was Hannibal dining upon?

    And any husband who brings you gifts on a non-gift day is, indeed, the very best kind. Way to be, Rich.

  2. *swoon* SUZY- Q’s???? Any man that buys you Suzy-Q’s is worth his weight in gold!!

  3. Friday Ark #75

    We’ll post links to sites that have Friday (plus or minus a few days) photos of their chosen animals (photoshops at our discretion and humans only in supporting roles). Watch the Exception category for rocks, beer, coffee cups, and….? We will add you…

  4. That’s a very cute kitty cat! Very sad about that bird though. Cats really do savage bird communities. I always feel bad about that. It would be one thing if cats ate their kills, but most don’t. Does your cat eat what it kills?

    I’m seriously shopping-challenged as well. Absolutely can’t stand going to stores, so when the pirate agrees to go, he takes a list. That’s the only way it works for us. Any extras, gifts, and spur of the moment purchases are always well-received, no matter how goofy.

  5. RD-Sophie is a lovely British Blue with an extremely feline nature- that being said she’s not a birder, which is good because I am. She brings mice and voles, dead but not maimed as gifts but otherwise doesn’t do much damage. The pigeon remains are from Hannibal, the nickname we’ve given the Coopers hawk that lives in the tree above our Florida house. He does SERIOUS damage to the local bird population, esp when he and the missus are nesting as they are now.
    I’d curtail Sophie if she was honing these instincts but fortunately, knock wood, she seems to thrive on Purina One.

    And Momma K and RD- yes, the gifts-esp. the thought- are much appreciated. But the Suzy Qs aren’t on that 6-day quick start program…

  6. Does he want you to be a blond? My husband never reads the labels so he comes home with fat free mayo (tastes like paste), tuna in oil(too greasy) and other incorrect items that he SWEARS were in the wrong section. LIke you said, at least they go to the store.

  7. I bought the kids Suzy-Q’s. He brought me home a CD today -“It’s The 70’s Again!” I have no idea why he thought I would be delighted. LOL

  8. My dad does the grocery shopping most of the time. I try to go with him. If I don’t he will be there for an hour, even if only going for three items. I think he reads all the boxes. At least he brought gifts, and not excess flowers from a funeral parlor either. What is that flower exactly?

    Sophie: My Sophie, my darling. So lovely, so strong. This is a different side of you my dear. I send all my love. Mom is going to print this picture for me to look at. Stay warm my Sophie. Love, Rhett.

  9. Hey! I’m the sensible shopper who has the will power (cheapness) to resist the call of the impulse buy…unlike the women I live with. I am husband, hear me roar!

  10. Sophie and Rhett must meet someday to bring this cyber-courtship to a climax!

  11. LOL at Rich’s shopping. I remember that bag of peanuts just lasted forever. Is the Snarl going to go home with the shampoo and the Suzy Q’s, too?

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