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Benign or no, these miner bees don’t like it when you inadvertently smush closed the door. I didn’t mean to but I was calling after the Snarl, who was walking off to class, to take care of a registration issue so I could get the final figure for her tuition bill and pay it. (choking sounds) I was considering helping the bee out by taking a pencil to her little mound but that seemed as though it might be insult to injury. So now, I’ve been driven inside to write offline.

It’s another beautiful day in the neighborhood: 74, breezy and bright sun. Won’t you be mine, won’t you be mine, won’t you be my neighbor? Bonnie, in her last comment, reminded me of Romper Room:

Romper, Stomper, Bomper, Boo!
Tell me, tell me, tell me, do!
Magic Mirror, tell me today –
Did all my friends have fun at play?

…and other favorite television shows from the past- I bet she remembers Soupy Sales and Milky the Clown, too-we grew up in the same neck of the woods and these were both local hits. My brother (that would be Bruce, in yesterday’s comments) and I both had occasion to be on the Milky the Clown show. The audience was made up of local children, mostly brownies and cub scouts. They always had a relay race of some sort- balancing a hardboiled egg on a spoon and racing back and forth across the stage, etc. From the den at home, it looked as though you had won the MegaBucks lottery after this contest. The winning team members each got a handful of pennies out of the fishbowl and the losing team got a spoonful of pennies. You have no idea how disillusioned I was when I discovered that that was either 16 cents or 7 cents. And my team lost. Soupy, inspired devil that he was, was our favorite, with White Fang and Black Tooth.

Here in St. Petersburg, we haven’t splurged on cable or internet yet. So we have a tiny TV that gets one station. I checked last night and the only thing on was American Idol, which I can’t abide. Ever since Queen For A Day with Jack Bailey went off the air when I was 7, reality TV has been a disappointment. Do you remember that show? They featured, dare I type it? poor white trash women with these incredible tales of woe. The husband was in an iron lung, the house had burned down and all seven children were living in the unheated dog house. Two of them had gone into anaphylactic shock from flea bites and were now riding the short bus forever. I’m sorry but it was that un-PC. The audience voted for the saddest case and it showed up on the screen by way of the “applause-o-meter” and then the winner got a crown, roses and an appliance with laundry soap, even though she didn’t have electricity. I feigned an earache-twice- just so I could stay home from second grade and watch this stuff. Tonight Survivor is on but I’ll have to go over to Petroville tomorrow to find out if they dump Shane.

Anyway, no TV and it doesn’t seem to bother Rich that I have to sit on a bee-infested park bench to blog; he has one of those little widget cards that insure that he gets access from any spot on earth. This expense is justified because he needs it “for work.” Which sometimes looks an awful lot like Texas Hold’Em to me.

HannibalWhat we lack in technology, we make up for in nature. I’ll be back down to the Bay in a bit to see what’s fish and what’s fishing. And the Coopers Hawk is busy overhead. I mentioned before that he’s moved his nest across the street since his nest of the past 3 seasons sustained some hurricane damage (applause-o-meter soars into the red zone) but the upside of this was that my sidewalk wouldn’t look quite so much as though Hannibal Lector was residing in the oak. Wrong. He may be nesting across the street but he’s still dining in our tree. Doesn’t he have beautiful leggings?

So, it IS a beautiful day in the neighborhood and I’m around if not commenting. It was Mz. Mary’s birthday, Judy had big ears as a child, Bonnie has lupines. FC and Wayne and Pablo and Rurality continue to fascinate with a never ending game of animal, vegetable or mineral. I’ll be by again this evening, after the sun goes down.

14 responses to “Out and About

  1. The minor bees sound like a major problem.

  2. Soupy Sales resembles Mel Gibson! Did you ever watch “Morgus Presents”? I’m getting goosebumps just thinking of it! Truth be told, Morgus is probably why I don’t watch the telly anymore.

    We’re off to see many more lupines, 9 children, 1 newborn, 1 sweet mother, 7 goats, 2 falls, 1 mine, 34 guinea pigs, and 4 new poodle puppies as we visit another big homeschooling family today! ;~)

  3. Nobody have cure yet for the bees/wasps? Seems like, with 12 million b**ggers out there, somebody would know. (Maybe all 12 million don’t visit this site. They should, though.)

  4. Having bees so close to the house would sorta freak me out. I think I’ve seen too many Discovery Channel programs about bees wreaking havoc on unsuspecting folks. Twice when my son was a baby, I encountered swarms. The first time, I was with my boy and I just picked him up and ran for cover. The second time, I recognized the sound of an approaching swarm and ducked back in the house just in time to watch the swarm swoop through the back yard. Now we live very near a lake, and once when we were walking on the lake trail a fellow pedestrian coming toward us warned us of a bee swarm ahead. Sure enough, we were followed by many bees as we beat a hasty retreat. Granted, yours are miner bees, but still…*shudder*

  5. Great shot of that Cooper’s hawk eating something. They scout our yard all the time looking for a tasty morsel. I’m actually glad to see that your hawk finds something to eat. The juveniles we see in the yard here never find a meal.

    Enjoy your balmy weather. 40 degrees and a steady rain in the pacific northwest today.

  6. I remember Soupy as well. Romper Room too. Wasn’t it “Lunch with Soupy Sales” for a time? I remember eating lunch in front of the TV. When I was a kindergartener, a group of us were guest stars on the Captain Muddy show on local TV in Saginaw. Don’t remember much about the taping, but I recall that afterwards the studio gave us kids all our choice of treats–either a banana flip or a devil’s delight.

  7. Romper Room and Bozo The Clown down here. I still love Captain Kangaroo the best. Beautiful hawk, he seems pretty aclimated to people or else you have a super tele. Oh yeah, grey clouds and drizzle here…sending it south…enjoy!

  8. I was into JP Patches(a clown) and Romper Room. There was also a program about a friendly witch named Wanda, I think. Those good old days! I barely watch anything on TV anymore.

  9. I just got inspired:

    Sitalong, Number 2, Dotsy Do.
    Do little dogies make big poo?
    Cowboys’ horses step aside,
    It smells like something big has died.

  10. Animal! A hawk’s an animal, right? What’d I win??? 🙂

  11. Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Greenjeans. Bozo the Clown, Romper Room, Rin Tin Tin, My Friend Flicka. Memory Lane here we come. Somehow a big purple dinosaur just doesn’t seem meaningful. Almost forgot the ORIGINAL Mickey Mouse Club.

    The finches are loving the thistle. The squirrel ate all the sunflower seeds out of the other bag and I replaced them with safflower seeds. So far no takers. The cardinal is the state bird but so far I’m not impressed. It seems we had more down in Mississippi.

    Will do an update on Max later today. He went to the oncologist. Now just one lab due back today. Then decision time.

  12. Guess what? Judy has big ears now too! We part company on American Idol – I love it – even the bad, bad singers at first. A lot of them have a sob story just like the poor white trash women on Queen for a Day did!….LOL. One of the girls on AI from NC was abandoned by her mom and her dad is in jail – so you see, those 2 shows are not so far apart!

  13. I love watching our permanent red-tailed hawk residents all year around but they keep a healthy distance even after all this time. On blue-sky days they seem to frolic, calling, just for the joy of it, and later in the season the fledglings are following close behind.

    I’m envious of those who have cooper’s and others that get right up in their faces. I keep thinking if I just add another birdfeeder I’ll attract a raptor hoping for an errant chickadee or titmous.

  14. Without Soupy, there could be no David Letterman, or scores of lesser nose-thumbers, and we need all we can get in times like these. God Bless old Soup…I recall the camera constantly bobbing, like it was a living thing, laughing aloud with the rest of his (always) convulsed crew. Double entendres were his passion, and his first gig (Detroit) was indeed a lunchtime affair (Big Dave T.), so those were especially naughty.

    Who remembers: “My baby loves baseball, and I took her to see the Tigers last night. We play a little game…I kiss her between every strike, and she kisses me between the balls! Okay, let’s go over to the board and see what’s for lunch.” All in one breath, without missing a beat, while the camera bobs up and down and you hear grown men, off camera, weeping with laughter.

    Soupy had to go on “vacation” for that one, but he was never off for long. He also had to take a few days for: “My baby’s a great cook…I love her cherry pie, and she likes to make me banana cream too…hey, what’s for lunch?” More famously, just after New Years, he suggested to kids whose parents might still be “sleeping” after that party last night, and “you can’t wake them, even to make your lunch”, that they go into their parents’ wallets and purses, and “send him any green paper they can find, and the one who sends in the most will win a pony!” He then made the mistake of putting a real address up on the chalkboard, and found out the hard way just how popular he was with kids too young for satire, but old enough to lick a stamp.

    Soupy had to leave Detroit after that fabulous gaffe, but went straight to New York and night time success, just about the time I too was moving east. His set got a little bigger, but his head never did. He was always great, and much beloved by his loyal crew who followed him to New York. He still tried endlessly to lure (drag) the real puppeteer behind “Blacktooth” and “Whitefang” into frame, so he would have to be paid union scale for an appearance, and this tug of war (with an honor-bound guy desperate to avoid possible firing, presumably) was always the source of the biggest off-camera laughs.

    I’m doing this all by recall, and not googling for dates and accuracy, but I swear his night time show went national briefly (’64?), at the same time he had modest novelty dance hits with “The Mouse”, backed w/ “The Nurse.” I know he shows up on Ed Sullivan, on one of the Beatles visits, to perform “The Mouse.”

    His biggest Legacy has to be the endless-pies-in-the-face he took over the years, that evolved on his night time show into an official, end of show “Sock-it-to-me” pie, promptly co-opted by “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-in.” So without Soupy, Nixon would’ve never gotten his pie on Laugh-In, thereby rendering him harmless enough to impeach.

    I’d intended to delve into my other “stage appearance” as child star of local TV, on “Sagebrush Shorty”, but this has been so exhausting lauding Soupy, that I’ll save that for another day, Sis.

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