Life, abbreviated

An IM conversation with the Snarl. The only other thing you need to know is that she has a nearly nekked photographer’s proof (original uncirculated 8×10 black and white photo) of the young Brad Pitt, before he got famous, on her wall.S

AIM IM with (the Snarl)
12:52 PM

1:05 PM
S-r u there?

me:ya- I’m lonely.

1:10 PM
S:i saw wu tang clan last night

me:what venue?

S:janus landing right downtown
S:yeah it ws good and then we met them and hung out with them
S:and we got to go on their tour bus and everything

me:how cool is that?
me:compliment’s of what’s his name?

S:yeah we got in to the concert free but then we got back stage ourselves, the guy was like, you, you you and you and me and gina were the last ones they let and we went up stairs and talked to them and stuff
the guy from def jams record label gave me his card with his number on it and stuff

me:very neat.
me:did you know that lonely mothers sit around and eat fudge mix out of the box?

S:why are you lonely

me:Gina didn’t smoke did she? Or you…
me:Rich is in tex-ass

S:no she didn’t
1:15 PM

me:you didn’t either, right?


me:wu-tang is pretty big name stuff- that must have been very exciting

S:yeah it was awsome i felt special

me:I guess! I just turned to their web page

S:i talked to rza and method man

me:any autographs?

S:it wasn’ like i could ask for one really
Si have a picture from their tour bus tho

me:yes! that and brad pit and you’re all that

S:and the number of the president of def jams haha

me:well- don’t call him. I forbid you

1:20 PM
me:how was the chinese guest prof?

S:he was good
S:i have to go do dishes

me:so- you really don’t care that I’m lonely…

S:you really don’t care that i have roaches?/ haha i ‘ll be here just doing dishes

me:lol. see you in two days. can’t wait. love you
me:nice shades

9 responses to “Life, abbreviated

  1. you are one cool mommy. My mother would say who is this Wu Tang people. You’re down 🙂

  2. Who Tang? Who’s Brad? Perhaps Meeta’s mother and I should meet.

    Goodness, she’s beautiful, Vicki!

  3. Me and Vicki – two of a kind! I know the Wu Tang clan too, I think….LOL. Snarl is gorgeous – but now I want the said photo of Brad – produce!

  4. You’re hipper than me, Vicki. I don’t know who Wu is.

    Great photo.

  5. Please tell me you have at least a little trouble deciphering the “english” (and I use this term as loosely as possible) in their IM messages. I wonder if they have not learned a foreign language unknown to all but other teenagers.

    Most of the time the Nys and I use HELLO for IM since we can send pics back and forth. And if you type in “xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxox” a whole cascade of pink hearts floats down across the computer screen. I know sappy!
    But lonely moms have to do what lonely moms have to do.

    Have a good trip!

  6. So you will be posting from the park bench again?

  7. Method Man! Colour me impressed.

  8. Snarl is beautiful. I remember wanting to hang out with bands when I was young. I don’t remember if it was a good idea or not. It was exciting, I do remember that!

  9. Oh wait I think I’ve heard of that… it’s an orange drink, right? 😉

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