A Good Find

When the opportunity arises I like to poke around in little out of the way antique and second hand shops. Usually the magpie in me goes right for shiny objects,especially those made of glass, but this item caught my eye from a torn box on the floor under an old kitchen table. It looked animal in origin and I go for that stuff too- feathers and nests and, on occasion, an old piece of taxidermy (remember Minkie?) When I first pulled this out I couldn’t even figure which end was up or what the small flat piece had to do with the rest of it.

In the bottom of the box was a small slip of paper that read: Moose. Stonehorse Lone Goeman. High iron worker, Detroit. Seneca. Petoskey.

I asked the woman at the counter what she knew about the piece and she said it had come from an estate sale of a man who had lived (and died) in the Petoskey area in Northern Michigan. I asked how much and she said 82.00. That seemed like a lot and I passed it by. That night the sound of the waves of Lake Michigan woke me up; we were staying in a friend’s cottage on the west side of the State. I kept thinking about the carved moose antler and the next morning I called information and asked for the names of of any Native American art galleries in Petoskey. There was one and from there I learned a bit more about Stonehorse Lone Goeman. Goeman_1At the time he carved this piece he was about 40 and had been doing "high iron work" on tall buildings in the Detroit area. Born in Minnesota, an army vet and a coach for the U.S. amateur boxing team, he is now a successful fulltime artist.The gallery owner also told me that he had left the area and is working in New York and that his carvings generally fetched upwards of fifteen hundred dollars. And where, he asked, had I seen this carving for sale?

I was waiting at the second hand store when they opened the next morning and I spent some more time fondling this antler. In the end I talked her down to 75.00 (I’m shameless, I know it.) and now this beautiful piece lives with me. Since acquiring this carving I’ve learned some more about it. Goeman says he uses his carvings to "record our beliefs and interpret our stories". The eagle is a spirit that man hopes to become, if only for a time, and in this case the eagle spirit is looking back down upon his human form. It measures 25 inches long and stands about a foot high; the whole thing balances on two small points and the facepiece. The more time passes, the more attached I am to the eagle-man.

Stonehorse Lone Goeman continues to carve in the Finger Lakes area of Upstate New York. He’s also been involved in political activism around tribal land issues for the Tonawonda Band of Seneca (Hawk Clan).FeathersBeakWhole Face

15 responses to “A Good Find

  1. My, yes, that feller can really carve. Tell you what, I’ll give you $76 for it — you can get a profit.

    I see my post below that Snarl is at Univ. of South Florida. I thought it was Univ. of Central Fla. I suppose the ocean is warmer at South Florida.

  2. What a find, indeed! And, now you have me reminiscing about staring at balancing toys and searching for petoskey stones as a girl.

  3. You definitely scored! What a fine carving you have there. Beautiful. I’m glad you went back for it.

  4. Nice post. Like you, I am always first attracted to shiny things and glass.

  5. That is beautiful and fits so nicely with the rest of your “artifacts”, although I’m still not so sure about that taxidermy piece, particularly in the middle of the night.
    So are you back in sunny Florida? It has warmed up here as well. I missed my chance to take pictures of it snowing at the beach yesterday. Oh, well, maybe some other time. I do have some to post of cats and the bird watching sessions going on just outside the bedroom window. Too funny!

  6. Man..that’s gorgeous! And so interesting too.

  7. Wow. That’s stunning, Vicki. I wonder what the man is thinking while he is the eagle spirit; he doesn’t seem to be very pleased with what he sees beneath him.

  8. You are an incredible shopper–what a find indeed! YOu are also an incredible IMer; I cannot figure out how to type that fast and use all those acronyms. We already have to know so many of them in education.

  9. Great find. It has super detail.

    You have to be feeling pretty satisfied at making the big deal!

  10. You were so lucky to have found it, Vicki. I love a bargain too, but this is a piece of art that can only escalate in value. Good for you!

    Re your comment: you went to school with Robin? Really? Was he the class clown back then?

  11. Wow, what a find! I love rummaging around second hand stores. I have even been known to snoop around the Salvation Army store.

  12. Considering that a piece like this of his starts at $500 at an art show, that is an incredible deal!You should see some of his other work, especially the Iroquois basket and carved antler combinations. Glad to see this artist is getting a bit of well deserved recognition.

  13. Beautiful! I’d like to see more of his work, do you have contact info?

  14. yep and he’s a absolutely wonderful person, upright and honorable in the old school way. I met Stonehorse when he was rooming with a old freind of mine in Syracuse. The man has a zest for life that is catching. Hes a very caring father, a marvelous inspiration to the kids he coaches in boxing and really lit the fire in me to finish building my forge. They broke the mold after him.

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