Does anybody love you?

One time, when the Snarl was very young and very cranky and defiantly yelled, "NOBODY loves me!" I gathered her up in my arms, only to get kicked and bit for my concern. I persisted and she collapsed in a heap, sobbing, "nobody DOES love me!"  And I could relate. I had felt that way once or twice.

So I persisted in trying to gather her in and asked, "Does anybody love you?" She thought for a bit and then allowed as how maybe Velcro the cat, also prone to snarliness, loved her.

That became one of our things in times of trouble. I would get as close as I could and ask, sometimes teasingly, sometimes quietly, "Does anybody love you?"

Since Valentine’s Day is upon us and I’ve finally figured out the scanner and the Snarl is far away I ask you: What’s not to love? (click to enlarge)Snarl3_1


17 responses to “Does anybody love you?

  1. What is not to love indeed. The spunk is there, obvious from the beginning. She even has big brother under her spell.
    Alas, I do not have the Valentine sent to Nyssa. I thought she might be here this weekend but things (snow her direction) did not come together so I now must figure out when I can run up there for a few hours. (Later this week when it is supposed to be in the 60’s again.)

    PS: We are both blessed way beyond what we deserve with our daughters, aren’t we?

  2. My gooness! What’s not to love?! I think all kids at some point think that. Silly kids. 🙂

  3. Such a sweet little Snarl. I should get busy on a VD post of my own for tomorrow.

  4. awwww look its the Snarl, in all her snarliness. Does she read your site? If so I think she might say something about the bath picture. What is it with all you moms and taking half naked pics of your children? My mother did the same to me.

  5. And now EVERYBODY loves the Snarl. I much enjoy the picture of her (with Dan?). As if he is allowing her to feed him. Cuteness personified.

  6. Gorgeous…absolutely gorgeous ;0)

  7. I sometimes think that time is an illusion until I see the pictures of our kids growing up. She is, always has been, beautiful. See you soon.

  8. Adorable kids! 🙂

  9. I can’t believe that cutie could ever snarl. You must be mistaken 🙂

  10. Could anybody NOT love this post? I simply cannot choose a favorite photo! Lovely Snarl!!

    Your sister, Betsy, visited my site yesterday – she is a delight! Is there a blog in her future? If yes, let me know so that I can send her a sympathy card.

  11. A nose like that demands to be loved.

  12. Absolutely nothing not to love!

  13. Nope, I don’t see anything not to love. Happy Valentine’s Day, vicki, to you and all of yours!
    And like you and Roxanne, I am incredible blessed by my kids too, especially my daughters.

  14. I hope you know I meant “incredibly”. After working 30 hours on my feet in 3 1/2 days, I am brain dead.

  15. How lovely–I used to get that remark from Alison sometimes. I would respond loudly, “Well, I LOVE YOU!” Today the only Valentine’s gift she got was flowers(and a card) from her dad. She seemed delighted with it.

  16. Thats a trick question, isnt it.

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