Wit’s End, continued

I took possession of Wit’s End in October of 2001 and so my first full season there was in winter. The children were busy in their move towards independence, the world was on edge, and Sophie was a tiny kitten who rode willingly along each weekend to Wit’s End. In February I bought Priscilla, Queen of the Lake, on eBay- at 2am, 3 minutes after she was listed, for the ridiculously low price of 4500.00. (The next morning I read the fine print and realized I had a week to show up in Estes Park, CO., money in hand with a truck to tow her away. Thank goodness for fireman friends who are up for any adventure involving trucks and trailers.) Never had a thought about vintage travel trailers crossed my mind, so who knows what was at work there? That I was awake, on that page, finger poised and poking on impulse… And who knew that three short months later I would meet, after 12 years of studiously NOT looking, a man to share my life with?

Here are some pictures to illustrate the previous posts about Wit’s End. Because I can’t figure out- still, after nearly a year- how to get type correctly juxtaposed with images, they are, in no particular order: The cottage with Prisiclla, the dock in late winter, the dam that marks the beginning of the Red Cedar River, our cozy bedroom with a small bed that insists on cuddling, my winter view out the window to the "feeder tree" and beyond. All of these were takenin the past few days; the ice is breaking and the river is flowing. And yes, that’s Minkie, our taxidermied pet in the fishing creel in the bedroom. Don’t ask. (click to enlarge)PriscillaDockDam1Cottage_bedView_3

15 responses to “Wit’s End, continued

  1. It all looks so cozy and so “you”. Based on your blog, I want to move to Michigan. Not sure how I would handle the winter, though. Hey, have you ever done a post about how you met Rich?

  2. I want to live up there, too! How lovely! Thanks so much for sharing this… gee, I miss snow, and living up north SO much!

  3. Beauteous bountiful. So where’s your boat?

  4. I love the porch/sunroom and it is all glassed in with the stove. Did you have to put the glass in or was it already done?

    My folks used to have an airstream trailer about that size. When I was little they pulled it across country for a year or so and we lived in it. Dad was an evangelist at that time and we “moved” every week to ten days.

    How are the swans doing?

  5. LOL at Miz S. How DID you meet Rich!?!?!?!?! HuH?!?!? It’s a good story…if you haven’t blogged it you should. 😀

    BTW…LOVE the pics of Wits End.

  6. Okay, now I’m intrigued. How DID you meet Rich? I’m a little worried that you have already blogged about this, and I read it, and I’ve just forgotten.

  7. I’ve been thinking of you at Wit’s End and your swan this weekend. Your place seems so peaceful and the pictures are so beautiful that we all want to visit. I’m so glad you found your perfect nook and your perfect Rich 🙂

  8. You can’t beat that view. What a nice place.

  9. Ahhhh…I’ll just kick off my shoes and settle in at your peaceful cottage! May I just cover that fishing creel with a doily first? Poor Minkie!

  10. Now you’ve really got me wondering about Minkie…

  11. Please tell us how you met Rich. The scenery there at Wit’s End is gorgeous. I would love to see it – but only in the summer! No snow for me!

  12. i love the glassed-in room overlooking the lake. It must be beautiful in the spring and the fall 🙂

    Yes, tell us how you met Rich and how you acquired Minkie 🙂

  13. Wit’s End looks like a beautiful place. That’s a fantastic view. I bet you could sit and look out those windows for hours. Perfectly meditative spot.

  14. Priscilla, Queen of the Lake. Tickles me no end. And that firefolks got involved too – no surprise there.

    Really a lovely place.

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