FC, in a Floridacentric sort of way, proposed that all of his dirt loving friends do this meme: Go out and dig 12 inches deep into your soil, get a ruler and take a side view photo so we can ooh and ah over the quality of each others soil. Normally this would be a meme I would jump all over since I’m such a fan of dirt but HELLO! The ground is frozen! I pointed out him that there’s the additional problem of wall to wall clay here in Southeastern Michigan and 3 inches could consume an afternoon. Besides, I’m TRYING to write about my watershed.

I took a break from that this morning and went for a snowy walk with Rich. We got in a couple miles of brisk walking and fresh air in our very hilly neighborhood and then as we circled back to the front of the house I found the soil meme already done for me.

Uh-oh. What could this mean? We have a hole of unknown origin that is extremely deep in the middle of the road. It’s far deeper than the length of the broom (broom is resting on a ledge) and it’s opened up in hard packed dirt road. Rich is on the phone with the water department as I type. Also, I found a peculiar rivulet that appears to originate somewhere underground and up in my yard. Please let this be nature and not the sprinkler systemHoleBroom_3. Back to watersheds…

5 responses to “Homework

  1. You been in communication with the Florida Cracker too much. He has transferred one of Florida’s famous sinkholes onto your property. Soon you will be probing the dirt to find the front porch of your house.

  2. Shhhhh Hoss, I’m sending one to every blogger I can find. I thought you could keep a secret!

    Pretty clever to have yours done automatically while you were out walking. What a multitasker.

  3. There’s now a large orange barrel with blinking lights over it. we’ll see what the city decides…

  4. The shifting sands… er clay of life.

  5. No way am I digging a hole in my rock hard clay….and it’s not frozen.

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