A note from our friend

With all the things that people should be doing with their time- teaching children, reading good books,  writing down thoughts, watching birds, walking rivers, falling in and out and in love, examining rocks, practicing yoga and listening to music- well, you would think people have way too much to do to cause trouble for others. But, as we know, this is not the case. Some folks just seem programmed for mean-spirited behavior that’s hurtful and scary to others.

Our good friend, Jane "Mamacita" has had her blog hijacked. Somehow, someone hacked into it and closed out her access to it completely. She can’t get to it or post anything. Jane, of all the people in the neighborhood, cares for us and our children, she makes us laugh and nudges our conscience and her fine writing (which also sets the bar as far as grammar goes) lights the joint up. She is angry and sad that she can’t be posting. She misses us as much as we miss her. I’m not going to put her name as a link because I just don’t know what’s going on with her place right now but Jim "Genuine" Turner is helping her try to straighten it out. She has other friends working on it and/or helping her get a new blog up and running. Until then, think good thoughts for Jane, curse the low-life who is messing with her site and stay tuned. She’ll be back in a flash- my guess is, first with a rant and then with gratitude and then with some good laughs. That is, afterall, her M.O.

10 responses to “A note from our friend

  1. This is cruel and inhuman treatment. It is hard for me to believe that people would be so mean, for no purpose. With you, I hope she gets it straightened out soon.

  2. Horrible. Why, dammit? Sheesh.

  3. Holy crap! I read her comment at Michele’s saying that she was locked out of her blog but I thought it was a blogger issue – not a troll. That is awful news. Just awful. She is a wonderful woman with too much to say to be shushed.

  4. That’s terrible–I went over to her site right away to see what’s up and fortunately the page seems to have been left alone. I do hope she gets the situation solved as soon as possible! I’d suggest her complaining to Blogger about it but they have the worst customer service ever, sadly.


  5. Why in Heaven’s name would anyone want to do that? I didn’t see this before, and I just thought she hadn’t had time to post anything new. Damn the people responsible for that. I hope she gets it all straightened out soon.

  6. Wonder if Genuine Jim would tell us all how it happened and what we can do to prevent it. That is not fun! The blog is sometimes like that 4-hour nose spray; its hard to get off of it if you’ve used it longer than four days. That was a really stupid analogy, I know.

  7. What??! Oh, it is soooo on. The guilty party should know better than to mess with our girl, Mamacita. Man, some people really need to get a life. No doubt she’ll make a stunning comeback.

  8. Methinks someone might be a wee bit jealous. Jane is terrific! Like having a good friend over for a lively chat! Come back Jane! You show good taste in blogs, Vicki!

  9. So sorry, Mamacita. That’s awful.

  10. what a misery when one of the nicest bloggers in the sphere gets hit like that! thank you, vicki, for clearing up the mystery, and best wishes for a happy ending to mamacita!

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