Air typing

In the category of highly annoying: You’re busily typing a post and it’s flowing well and quickly. Absolutely riveting material that is going to capture the reader’s attention. Your descriptive powers are primed and words come to you like magic as your subject comes to life, flushed out with colorful hues from an overflowing writer’s palette…

And then you look down and realize that somewhere along the line you left the post window and you’ve been typing- where? Huh? Where is that elusive post discussing the 13 different beak shapes of Darwin’s finches and how each fits in it’s own little niche of the food chain, complete and total confirmation of evolutionary theory?

Air typing. What a rip.

Anyway, it’s Sunday. Take a day off from evolution and enjoy some football. But what happened to the good old days where they had to play out in the snow? Because it’s 30 degrees and the place is blanketed in fresh wet snow. And I really enjoy wet, sloppy, slip and slide football. Go Seahawks.


17 responses to “Air typing

  1. It just isn’t football if they don’t get so messy with grass stains and caked mud in their face guards. The little grounds men should be out there between plays sweeping off the yard lines with their little brooms and there should be fog with the snow, dense fog, so that the TV cameras cant even see the field or the players on it.

    Did you put thistle in that little sac? The squirrel has finished up all the sunflower seeds and I thought about replenishing the sac with thistle, if the hoses weren’t too large. I don’t think the squirrels like that as well.

    48 degrees here. We have reached the high for the day. Winds up to 23 mph from the WSW. Broken clouds, actually bright blue sky with sun and those fluffy white cotton candy clouds. Nyssa has the official scientific name for them.

  2. Now… air guitar I know.. but air typing? LOL Love it.

  3. air typing bites, you’re absolutely right! i’ve lost so many good thoughts that way … the only thing worse is when film gets ruined, that really shreds my heart. happy super sunday!

  4. I do air typing all the time….AWAY from the keyboard. I started doing it when I was in typing class in high school. So, if you ever see my fingers moving while I’m talking, uh. Sounds pretty OC doesn’t it 🙂

  5. Beautiful pic!!!!!

  6. Are you really a Seahawks fan or is it just because you know so many of us Pac NW bloggers? (or that you like birds?) Whatever it is, glad that you’re on our side!!

  7. Thank you for your SEATTLE SEAHAWK support! Now, if you could only get behind the best university football team in Michigan!

    What’s this I hear about no Motown music in the Paris of the Midwest for the big game? Is nothing sacred?!

  8. Every time I post a comment to Jenorama I lose the post if I forget to correct my default email.

    Our UV Index is 1, which means when I pop over to the store to take a picture of how empty it is I won’t need to wear sunscreen. The wind has finally died down, it’s from the West at 4 mph. Humidity is only 69%, I’m not sure what’s up with that. Pressure is 30.43 in. which means absolutely nothing to me. Dew Point is 35°F but I have no windshields to squeejee in the morning so I am indifferent. Visibility is 10.0 miles so it’s a good picture-taking day, I suppose, but Mt. Rainier is probably out of the question. Sorry.

  9. What pretty little birdies. What kind? The one on the bottom looks like a different breed of “cat” from the top two. Did you outfit your hubby with a “Go Hoss” sign?

  10. Vicki, I could probably win a contest with the amount of time I have spent air-typing!

    Love the birdies…..hate football!

  11. It’s okay to take down the Christmas lights now.

  12. I have to admit, I’ve never done any air typing. I’m not sure why. It may be because I always watch the screen and edit as I compose. Having lost some posts while composing online, we compose offline first, and then post to the blog. Those goldfinches are beautiful.

  13. Air typing, huh? That sounds a little like the dog ate my homework.

    Great photo.

  14. I’ve been wondering about your typing lately? At least about a couple of your comments on my blog. “Bell’s Diner.” Were you trying to recommend that place or warn me off? After having breakfast there, my wife and I aren’t sure.

    And what’s with the comment that I’m trying to hustle women for chocolates? I have lurking family who read my blog and occasionally dissect the comments. They’ll have fun with that one.

    C’mon, we Ann Arborites and Wolverine boosters have to band together against the common enemy. I don’t really know who that is, but it sounds good anyway.

  15. Air typing! Brilliant! Love your birdie shots. I need to start posting more photos.

  16. I don’t think that I’ve ever done air typing before, but I’ve accidentally deleted or select “don’t save” after an exceptionally brilliant turn at prose. Quite disheartening.

    Too bad about the Superbowl, eh? Quite a few of my friends are still arguing about it (bless ’em).

  17. Goldfinches! We love goldfinches around here. They stay all year, transforming from the dull shades to the brilliant. AND, mirabile dictu, they don’t demand special seed or goldfinch feeders – they’re perfectly happy to use what we give them.

    My mother tells me that ours are vulgar rural goldfinches, and that’s why they’re so easy to please 🙂

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