How women fans line up

Red_shouldered_hawk_4_1A. Which team has the better name?
B. In lieu of your home team playing, which team is associated with more of your friends?

It’s that simple folks. We have a beautiful red shouldered that lives behind us in the woods at Wit’s End. For him, today is just another late winter day to gather the beginnings of a nest. Go Seahawks.


7 responses to “How women fans line up

  1. Let’s see. Since the home team around here is the Washington Redskins most would probably go for the Seahawks. But then you have the East – West thing going on and others would go for the Steelers. I wavered a bit. Seattle hasn’t won a super bowl yet and I usually go for that sort of underdog, but it has been a very long time since Pittsburgh won one and I did live near there and graduate high school in PA so I’ll probably go for them.

    Pittsburgh is a rugged steel town and I think the Steelers is a great name for the team. The old “Steel Curtain” reference to a great defense of the past.

  2. I’m a Redskins girl but my husband is a huge Steelers fan. We each root for the other’s team as our #2 so today is all about Pittsburg in Petroville. Go Steelers!!

  3. Once when I was a kid, the Steelers stole (thanks to a very bad referee call) a playoff game from my hometown team, the Houston Oilers (now the TN Titans). It wasn’t really the Steelers’ fault, but I still hold it against them… and I’m not even a football fan.

    Oh, and I live in Seattle. Go Seahawks!

  4. You forgot: which team’s mascot do you like best? 🙂

    (The bird, of course!)

  5. I swear I saw a hawk like this in my backyard. Do we even have hawks around here??

    Personally I rooted for the Steelers. I have hope that perhaps one day when I’m old and grey the Lions will go to the superbowl.

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