Happy Meercat Day!

MeercatIt’s February 1st and as everyone (who is anyone, i.e, me) knows, it’s Meercat Day. There is never a day when the meercat fails to see his shadow.  This is one reason why it would make sense to retire Punxsutawney Phil and replace him with Kalahari Kleo. Spring has never started on Feb 3, at least in Pennsylvania or Michigan and shadow or no shadow, we’re in for another six weeks of dreariness, at least in these parts. Also, meercats eat scorpions and other pesky insects rather than my tomatoes (one big bite out of each freshly ripe tomato, not to put too fine a spin on it). They are generally very polite and don’t need to come back repeatedly to relearn life’s lessons; they coexist in a very democratic mob (A mob of meercats. It’s true. Like a raft of otters, it’s a mob of meerkats.) with an equal division of labor and bugs for all. They like their children and take good care of them. Mostly, like Chance the Gardener, in Jerzy Kozinski’s Being There, they stand around and watch. And watch. And watch. They just keep an eye on what’s happening around the neighborhood.

I snapped this handsome guy at Busch Gardens a couple weeks ago. I watched him for quite a while- and he watched me.

Yesterday, this site, with no small thanks to my friend Gene, had about a bazillion visitors. Almost as many as Mobil-Enron has profits. So many people came by to say hello and send good wishes of support and concern along to Bill and the 322nd Civil Affairs Brigade in Iraq! I can’t begin to tell you how much this means to him, to them and to us- the family. We worry about him every day and anxiously wait to celebrate his return, hopefully this summer. I want to thank you, every one of you, for taking a moment to add a comment. I’m going to wait until tomorrow and then print that post out and hard copy it to Bill. He’ll post it in the dining area where it will bring good cheer to many fine men and women in his group. Thank you.

Today, I’m going to make like a meercat and come watch what’s happening around the neighborhood. I have some catch-up to do: hope I didn’t miss the party, see if that baby has been born yet, hunt down my neighbor who moved. And since it’s February 1st, I’ll leave you a weather report when I come by.

19 responses to “Happy Meercat Day!

  1. Happy Meercat Day! Hey, guess what? I love, love, love what you’ve done to the place. I clicked on my linky love, fully expecting the usual minute or so it usually takes to arrive here, and instead was met with the wonderful surprise of getting here in seconds flat. WooHoo!!

    I like the green and the giraffe is fabulous.

  2. I need to tell Kira’s daughter about this. She is very fond of meerkats.

  3. I love the meercats at Busch gardens 🙂 They are adorable especially when they sit and stare at you. Please do come by and leave me a weather report since I have yet to step out of the house 🙂 That way I’ll know what coat to wear when I go to this meeting.

  4. I’m loving the new design!

  5. I ditto Beth, I LOVE the new design.

  6. Neat critter. The weather here in Pure Florida is perfect. Brilliant clear blue skies, cool temps, no bugs, no humidity. Suuuwweeeeeet!

  7. Current conditions in Dyersburg, TN: 57 and cloudy,UV Index: 0 Low
    Wind: CALM
    Humidity: 46%
    Pressure: 29.81 in.
    Dew Point: 36°F
    Visibility: 10.0 miles

    Can’t wait ’til Bill gets home to party with us. Is that baby here??? Damn. Gotta to check.

  8. This loads much faster and the little Sterling in the corner is precious. He lifts my spirits. The doctor (vet) just called and it isn’t good news. He is getting more information for me. It’s hard to get my head around Max having malignant tumors, either histiocytosis or more likely lymphoma. (more stains to decide between the two) Both bad, both aggressive, may or may not respond, rapidly fatal. This dog is running around eating, playing, being his same couch potatoe self. The other two animals I had with cancer were sick, sick before diagnosis. Maybe tomorrow, I can figure this out.

    It is now 42 degrees headed for 38. Broken clouds, fuzzy film over the moon, winds have switched from the north to SSE at 6 mph. So I’ll say good-night.

  9. Page is loading much faster, girlie!

    Oh my gosh, I love Being There. What a great film. I like to watch.

  10. Hey, just stopping by to say I am honored to have been your 40,000th. 40,000? You have quite a following.


  11. Vicki, the meercats are so cute. I love watching them,a nd I loved seeing mongooses (mongeese?) in Barbados. They are similar.

  12. Happy Meercat Day, Vicki! The new layout is great; love Sterling’s photo, and it’s fast! Windy and raining here, and Seattle-type cold. I just read Roxanne’s sad news; I’m heading there next.

  13. Hey, maybe I can use this – I have friends up by Jen who have a groundhog party every year – I am heading up this weekend for the festivities – guests are encouraged to do songs, write poems, etc to celebrate the groundhog and I have yet to find my idea for the year – I could suggest a true two party system – give people a more informed, watchfull, and communitarian alternative. This is no Mere Cat, merecat for prognosticator!

  14. I adore meerkats. I’m two days late, but the weather in Asheville is beautiful: 60 degrees and sunny. But it’s supposed to snow tomorrow!

  15. That meercat picture is absolutely adorable!

    Happy (belated) meercat day!!

  16. Friday Ark #72

    We’ll post links to sites that have Friday (plus or minus a few days) photos of their chosen animals (photoshops at our discretion and humans only in supporting roles). Watch the Exception category for rocks, beer, coffee cups, and….? We will add you…

  17. Monsieur Meercat’s Day is just two days before Madeleine’s b-day. Her party just ended so I just had to check in here. Lovely new digs! That giraffe looks down his nose at everyone, I presume.

  18. Nothing beats meercats… except possibly lemurs! 🙂

  19. My daughter was thrilled to see the meerkat…she adores them. We even call her Meerkat because she holds her hands up like a Meerkat does!

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