White on white

SignOut at Wit’s End everything was relatively quiet. I was saddened to see that all of my lush and contented succulents were struggling mightily because of recent furnace failures. Clearly, despite the sunlight that often keeps the cottage interior downright balmy, the night time temps had fallen into the freezing range and the plants showed it. It took a good three hours to debride and clean up plant mess. Rich and I worked to get them pruned back, lightly fed and revived once the furnace clicked in. I’ll go out again next weekend to see how they are fairing. Here are some of them, much happier last October.Plants






The time it took to do maintenance and cleanup ate into our time to scout out the lake and woods on this late midwinter day. The sun came out briefly and way across the lake I saw two lumps on the ice. I found these two, barely visible at the outer limits of my telephoto: patiently waiting for the ice to break.



8 responses to “White on white

  1. So, how bad was the furnace. Sounds like it was fixable so that’s a good sign.

    The swans are beautiful. I oftne wonder why the ducks and geese around here love to swim in the water when it is really cold and yet on warmer days they just hug the bank.

    A squirrel found my birdfeeder outside the window. Very brazen little creature. I have some pictures to post later, not the best but OK.

    Rhett sends his love to Sophie.

  2. BRRRR–it looks cold. It is rainy, cool, and blustery here, but not frozen. Alison and I have decided that we could use a snow day. (too bad we won’t get one) It’s been a busy and stressful past couple of weeks and I sure would like to stay home with a coffee and good book.

  3. Sounds as if the water pipes made it through OK; might want to add some heat to your crawl space (light bulb) for a little insurance against freeze if the furnace still is unpredictable.

  4. Suffering succulents! Sublime swans! Saint-Saens, sweetie?

  5. filled with seashells,
    found stones, marbles and water
    decorative bottles
    scattered among the succulents
    give off heat at night:
    start drinking lots of wine, girlfriend!

  6. Suffering succotash. What a pleasant (idyllic) setting!

    My wife and I had a jade plant about twice as big as that one. Crazy stepdaughter has it now. She has nice green thumb, so it’s in good hands.

  7. What a cozy spot. Those swancicles look cold.

  8. The picture of the swans is fantastic!

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