Bodily harm

178 people came by yesterday. 167 of them crept out the back door with nary a peep. I love going over to Momma K’s but as often as not, I don’t comment. I mean everybody can’t comment everywhere, right? Especially if you want to keep it pithy. But I couldn’t help but notice that Momma K simply posted a picture of her gross toe injury and this elicited many, many comments. Actually, she posted a a lovely picture of her well turned ankle in glamorous high heel, a gross toe picture and asked for foot injury stories.

Yesterday I was on the treadmill early in the morning and watching Good Morning, America. They were doing the news segment and I got so involved that I threw my arms up in the air and exclaimed, "Yeesh! Dope!" (about you know who and I can’t type it because several a couple one of my good blog neighbors takes exception to my politics and I want to AVOID CONFLICT at all costs). Anyway, I got mine.

I went flying off the back of the treadmill, ala George Jetson, at 5.2 MPH which sounds slow but is deceptively fast when you’re flailing about like a duck in quicksand. And I caught my bare foot- yes, I do my 5.2 miles barefoot- in between the belt and the base and that tore all the skin off the top of my instep. Right off. So now it’s one of those bloody, seepy, weepy wounds coming right through the giant bandaid and I want to scream every time the air hits it.

No, I’m not posting a picture but feel free to comment.

Update: Momma K just kindly posted a first comment and suggested that if I put up a picture of my foot injury I would get even more comments. I can’t do this. For then all the world could discover that I have feet that are shaped like minature ancient indian burial mounds. After today, I am never discussing the size and shape of any of my body parts again. I already have regrets. Gene suggests that this is why we have delete keys…

Oh, okay! For the sturdy among you, here is a picture of my mangled foot…

in my lovely new hand knit socks. (update: Momma K is  running a disgusting foot injury contest over at her place. If you vote for me, I’ll post a follow-up picture, minus the sock. Because today, it continues to seep and weep that clear yellow stuff plus it’s all black and blue. Plus Rich found a piece of my skin stuck in the treadmill. Plus, I have a tiny piece of rubber imbedded in my instep that I can’t bring myself to pull out. See, the good thing about my injury and also Momma’s, I guess, is that they are CURRENT ongoing gross foot injuries.


27 responses to “Bodily harm

  1. What’s funny is that I was just on the treadmill the other day and had an alarming thought. I wondered what would happen – or better- how badly I would be hurt if while running 5 mph the electricity flickered as it often does in my house. The thought nearly put me in a full panic with various exit strategies filling my head. Then this morning, I read your comment and felt my fears validated (and also very sorry for your ouchie). Bottom line = treadmills are extremely dangerous!

    Vicki-I loved your foot story. Thank your for sharing it. I, too, was surprised by the number of comments my silly toenail tale collected. I think people liked the disgusting picture. Why don’t you post one of your foot boo-boo and see what happens 😉

  2. I was here yesterday. I’m hear everyday, actually. So, I’m one of the guilty ones who sneaks away without leaving a comment.

    But, I will say, I’m sorry you hurt your foot. And I do hope it feels better soon.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have any injured appendages stories of my own…. Well, none that I’ll share 😉

  3. LOL! You’re rotten! 🙂

  4. The problem with commenting is that it takes so long! I have to sit here and think of funny, smart, witty, and not just AWWWWW. Or Ouch. And I like to see the gore. And then I delete the whole thing and think – nope, not today. Well, now you have it.

  5. vicki, i share your pain! the nastiest souvenier i brought back from our cruise was a mammoth blister across the top of my left foot. (the flipper wasn’t right when i was snorkeling.) it doesn’t want a sock, it tries to run away at the thought of a shoe, etc. as you know, this makes going anywhere in michigan in january a real drag. i think we both have license to stay close to home and listen to our feet!

  6. 1. Your read a post about a mangled, bloody toe that calls for injured feet stories and the next day fall off the treadmill injuring said foot? Have you ever seen those books like “Juggling for Clutzs” or “Harmonica for Clutzs”? Maybe we need one about “Blogging for Clutzs” or “How To Read Gory Injury Posts Without Becoming One.” By the way that foot in sock picture makes you a really big tease. That can’t be the injured foot, you wouldn’t risk messing up that beautiful sock.

    2. About your previous expedition into body parts.(on de plane, de plane!) I have only one thing to say – New Bali No Poke Bra – $13.99, yes. I received the announcement via e-mail from one of those catalog places that you are never sure how they got your e-mail. I thought of you.

    3. I never lurk, and as you can see, tend to bloviate (yes, i checked the spelling).

    4. Fortunately for most, I haven’t posted any of my gory pictures of body parts. I have some really good ones. Most aren’t my body parts but they are gross. I guess sometimes it is good that my pictures are in storage. (Wink, wink)

  7. Roxanne- It was coincidence but it happened the same day. I had already come to blows with the treadmill when I discovered Momma K’s post. You are a wonderful commenter and I love it when you bloviate.

  8. And I was so ready for the gore…

    I am glad to hear that your injury happened prior to reading my post. I was beginning to think I was a jinx. Although one could say that if your excitable by nature, watching something political AND running on a treadmill in bare feet – something bloody is bound to happen. Is this your first treadmill injury?

  9. oh ouch. Do you need anything? I should at least offer right? 😉 But seriously, do you need anything?

  10. I broke a bone in my foot and turned my ankle really bad in a three-legged race. It still hurts. I’m like that Samuel Jackson guy in the Bruce Willis movie that breaks bones all the time, except it’s only in my effin’ feet.

    I’m sure there’s a website somewhere that tells you how to turn old socks into comfy bras, I’ll try to find one for you.

  11. eeee-ouch. I feel your pain. But I laughed out loud too.

  12. *hangs head* Yes, I laughed guiltily as well. I do feel sorry for your poor foot–treadmills are dangerous. This is why I do not exercise in the gym at all, unless forced to by inclement weather ie blizzard conditions. I find I feel safer running by the street while crazy college kids in sports cars zip past than with heavy exercising equipment.

    I love your knitted sock–I have one quite similar although it was bought, not hand woven so yours is nicer. All of my toes are a gross sports injury having done ballet for so long.

  13. I had a pedicure back in the fall. The technician totally screwed up the nail on my big toe. It is still growing out and looks disgusting. It was sore for a long time. I have not had a pedicure since. I don’t want anyone to see my foot. I hide my feet in socks and have packed new special socks just for delivery and the hospital stay.

  14. You know what happens, don’t you, when you wound yourself? Scientists call this “too bad.”

    (P.S. But what a cheesy way to get comments…)

  15. Fell for it, but did not get injured.
    Hey, if I can post my amputated finger shot…

  16. That is a beautiful sock. Really fantastic.

    Okay, here’s my foot-inury story, posted here because Momma K already has 42 comments to hers. *ahem.* A few years ago I broke my little toe getting into the shower. Just didn’t pick my foot up enough, it happens. I took a lot of dance classes in college, so of course I have broken many toes in my life, so I buddy-taped it and mostly forgot about it. A week or two later I decided it had healed enough to go back to my aerobics class. Heh. Two minutes into the class I realized I was wrong, so I got dressed and headed out of the gym. There’s four stairs between the weight machine area and the stationary bike area of the gym, and as I was going down them, brooding about my misfortune, I twisted my ankle and went FLUMP! The stairs, of course, were in the perfect location to maximize my audience. So then I had a broken (right) toe, and a twisted (left) ankle, and a very silly walk for about four days.

  17. Ow Ow, hope that you feel better soon.

  18. Feel better soon little foot in a pretty, purply, hand-knit (by our Vicki, I presume) sock!

    Perhaps you shouldn’t have called President Bush a dope.

  19. I agree with you on your politics, but dislike treadmills or any exercise machine. I love to run outdoors though-which is unfortunate in our rainy weather. I need to live someplace like San Diego! Hope your foot heals fast. Ouch.

  20. I don’t want to look at a mangled *anything*… I’m the weenie who fainted at a first aid lecture! (I have a very vivid imagination.)

    Maybe you could sell the picture to the treadmill company. They could use it in the instruction book, right under where it says, “Always wear shoes when on the treadmill…”!

    (OK I admit to having walked barefoot on a treadmill too. But I probably won’t any more!)

  21. What a lovely purply sock! Not at all like an Indian burial mound. I hope that whatever’s under it heals up well and quickly.

    My mother’s feet are so short and wide that our family refers to them as her paws. (My sister and I got my father’s relatively long, narrow feet; thanks, Dad!)

  22. I agree with your politics too! I just left a comment at Momma K’s about the toe I cut in the lawn mower. ICK!

  23. Well, I am sure that Pat Robertson would consider this to be evidence that you are Being Punished. I consider it to be evidence that it’s IMPORTANT TO WEAR SHOES WHEN USING A PIECE OF EQUIPMENT THAT INVOLVES MOVING PARTS. Oh, sorry for the yelling.

  24. Disgusting Foot Tales – A Contest

    You all had so many wonderful and absolutely horrid stories of feet mangling to share that I thought we could take this one step further (pardon the pun).
    As I was reading over all of the comments again this morning, I really could not decide who h…

  25. Oh, poor Vicki! LOL at Gene’s comment. 🙂

  26. Did you ever read my “dangerous treadmill” story? I’ll link you to it via email some day. I ended up with road rash so bad I had a dent in my leg for months. Always wear the safety key. That was the lesson I learned, dear friend. Were you wearing it? Would it have mattered?

    Okay. I’m outta here. Smooches. And faint of heart, I did NOT look at the photo.

  27. this reminds me of the time i cut my foot on a rusty metal pipe. i went outside mid-january without shoes on….yes bad choice on my part but oh well. anyway so my feet were quite cold and i trip over a metal pipe and cut my foot. it got quite infected so my mom took me to the hospital. they put an iv in and told me to come back in the morning. so i came back in the morning and they tried to put the medicine in the iv but it had gotten pulled out of the vein during the night so when they put the medicine in my hand got all puffy and i said to the nurse “um that doesnt look right!!” she looks at my hand and says “no dear you just have fat hands” at this point i was getting very angry because they were very slow and very retarded so i put my fists togather and said “no look at this one hand is puffy and the other is normal!!!” so she says “oh i guess you are right” so in the end i got a shot….that was a very eventful weekend….

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