Bodily harm

178 people came by yesterday. 167 of them crept out the back door with nary a peep. I love going over to Momma K’s but as often as not, I don’t comment. I mean everybody can’t comment everywhere, right? Especially if you want to keep it pithy. But I couldn’t help but notice that Momma K simply posted a picture of her gross toe injury and this elicited many, many comments. Actually, she posted a a lovely picture of her well turned ankle in glamorous high heel, a gross toe picture and asked for foot injury stories.

Yesterday I was on the treadmill early in the morning and watching Good Morning, America. They were doing the news segment and I got so involved that I threw my arms up in the air and exclaimed, "Yeesh! Dope!" (about you know who and I can’t type it because several a couple one of my good blog neighbors takes exception to my politics and I want to AVOID CONFLICT at all costs). Anyway, I got mine.

I went flying off the back of the treadmill, ala George Jetson, at 5.2 MPH which sounds slow but is deceptively fast when you’re flailing about like a duck in quicksand. And I caught my bare foot- yes, I do my 5.2 miles barefoot- in between the belt and the base and that tore all the skin off the top of my instep. Right off. So now it’s one of those bloody, seepy, weepy wounds coming right through the giant bandaid and I want to scream every time the air hits it.

No, I’m not posting a picture but feel free to comment.

Update: Momma K just kindly posted a first comment and suggested that if I put up a picture of my foot injury I would get even more comments. I can’t do this. For then all the world could discover that I have feet that are shaped like minature ancient indian burial mounds. After today, I am never discussing the size and shape of any of my body parts again. I already have regrets. Gene suggests that this is why we have delete keys…

Oh, okay! For the sturdy among you, here is a picture of my mangled foot…

in my lovely new hand knit socks. (update: Momma K is  running a disgusting foot injury contest over at her place. If you vote for me, I’ll post a follow-up picture, minus the sock. Because today, it continues to seep and weep that clear yellow stuff plus it’s all black and blue. Plus Rich found a piece of my skin stuck in the treadmill. Plus, I have a tiny piece of rubber imbedded in my instep that I can’t bring myself to pull out. See, the good thing about my injury and also Momma’s, I guess, is that they are CURRENT ongoing gross foot injuries.


3 responses to “Bodily harm

  1. I had a pedicure back in the fall. The technician totally screwed up the nail on my big toe. It is still growing out and looks disgusting. It was sore for a long time. I have not had a pedicure since. I don’t want anyone to see my foot. I hide my feet in socks and have packed new special socks just for delivery and the hospital stay.

  2. I don’t want to look at a mangled *anything*… I’m the weenie who fainted at a first aid lecture! (I have a very vivid imagination.)

    Maybe you could sell the picture to the treadmill company. They could use it in the instruction book, right under where it says, “Always wear shoes when on the treadmill…”!

    (OK I admit to having walked barefoot on a treadmill too. But I probably won’t any more!)

  3. Yikes! You POOR, poor woman! OMG. 😦

    This is my first time here, so I’m not sure about your political stance, but I wonder if I agree with you?

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