Img_9623It’s a windy, COLD morning here in St. Petersburg. So says the weatherman. Of course that all depends on your point of view. To me, it’s a lovely breezy and sunny day , much like a cool late summer day on the shores of Lake Michigan. Sweatshirt weather. I’ll take it. Apparently, this little Blue Gray Gnatcatcher sides with the weatherman. He was in the courtyard Pepperberry tree, hanging on for dear life as though he was in an artic wind tunnel. (You can tell from the leaves that it was a bit gusty). Hope the sun is shining where you are.


8 responses to “Saturday

  1. Beautiful photo, as always. It’s 49 degrees and breezy with a sullen gray sky here in Mary-land. Not bad weather, per se, but not inspiring. A good excuse to curl up in the big chair with a book.

  2. Lovely post and photo.

    Sorry these comments ares so brief. For some reason, I’m not very prolific this morning. Too early methinks.

  3. It’s cold and windy…but at least the sun is out!!!!

  4. Mmmm…sounds balmy! What is this “sun” of which you speak? I do love the way the raindrops are hanging from our huge cedars this morning. They are full to bursting on the tip of each branch, but refuse to drop. Maddie is singing “You are my sunshine!”

  5. My computer says it is 49 but I think it is really around 47. The high was at 3 AM (yes I was up watching ice skating, weather, what not to wear re-runs and severe weather reports) and was 65 at that time. Since then the temp has been dropping…..almost ten degrees in the last hour. We are supposed to have snow early tomorrow but I doubt it. I think the scenario will more likely be “go outside with flashlight at 1AM and try to see snowflakes”. This might last 15 minutes.

    But, wait. If I did that, then a giant insect might attack me… no not for watching snowflakes, only if it were a 1AM potty run. Waaahahahaha!

    PS: I have a secret and it looks like I am going to make it through the time frame without anyone finding out what it is!

  6. You do great camera work, Vicki. Stay dry.

  7. You do great camera work, Vicki. Stay dry.

  8. Nice shot. We froze at a soccer tournament in Ocala today. Beautiful clear blue skies after 9:00 am, but a cold open field with a biting wind was no fun. Get to do it all over again tomorrow. The joys of parenting!

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