Who posts the most beautiful photos, on a daily basis (except today, for some odd reason?). Who has the skills of Kay Scarpetta, a daughter as lovely as a Renoir painting and loves her mama and papa? Who dares to bathe her cat with one hand and photograph it with the other? Who makes the best (only) Potica bread around?

And who is a wonderful neighbor to us all, stopping with kind and thoughtful comments? Why, it’s SRP! And it’s her special day. You best run over there and wish her the very best and many more to come. Happy happy day, Roxanne. I hope you’re enjoying every minute of it- and that Max is walking straight!

5 responses to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROXANNE!

  1. Thanks for telling me, Vicki, I will go back and tell her right now!

  2. I don’t remember telling anyone it was my birthday, except that I was a January baby. Actually I usually say that my birthday is a national holiday as I share it with Martin Luther King. I also share it with Dr. Doris Vendrell who was one of my attendings in pathology residency. We would always go out to eat together on our birthday. I miss that. So all day tomorrow, it will be the 13th anniversary of my 40th birthday. There better not be any signs showing up in my yard saying “UR no spring chicken”!!!!

    Didn’t post today because I was on hold with the prescription people for an hour and forty minutes before finally getting a real person.

    I will post something about it tomorrow. I was going to do it on Monday, after it was over.

  3. A ha! The day is exposed! I’ve got a drawer full of candles, any color or sparkle-type you want.

  4. Roxanne deserves a national holiday on her birthday, to be sure! I find her devotion to her parents most heartening!!

    May I borrow a few of those candles? We never seem to have the right number and often resort to “configurations”.

    Perhaps you could nudge Hoss to revisit my site, Vicki? He obeys you, but ignores moi.

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