More meme and a hawk update

So, more four of this and that, as tagged by FC. (Who else do you know who takes two days to answer a simple meme? I’d finish Thursday Thirteen the following Monday.)


2-Royal Oak
3- Ferndale
4-Ann Arbor
    all in Michigan. But that’s going to change…


I don’t really like to watch movies over and over but I can always go back to these:

1-Five Days One Summer, a sleeper that never made it big here, starring Sean Connery. A beautifully written screenplay, filmed in the Swiss Alps. Great movie.
2-Raising Arizona
3-To Kill a Mockingbird
4- Rich says, “Put down Field of Dreams.” That’s his favorite. My fourth, really, would have been Stake Out Two where Rosey O’Donnell (before she went all weird) serves up appetizer "penguins" made out of hard boiled eggs with little olive wings walking on a bed of Crisco snow.


1-Joshua Bell, Poeme
2.-Laurie Anderson, Strange Angels
3. Tom Waits, Closing Time
4. John Coltrane, Giant Steps


Babysloth1.Cayo District, Belize. Right there with the jaguars and coatimundi. And a giant wolf spider that bit me on the leg while I was going to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
2. Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. Right there in the rain forest with a wet baby tree sloth and toucans and exotic tree frogs and a giant 6 foot tree python that was wrapped around the base of the cool toilet in the middle of the night.
3. On the shore of the Inside Passage near Gustavus, Alaska with a whole pod of humpback whales, a raft of nearly a hundred otters and a big black bear that came out of the woods to surprise me when I left the tent to pee in the middle of the night.
4. On the tiny island of Isla Mujeres, Mexico with dolphins and sea turtles and sharks and an island cat who caused me to wet myself when he jumped in the open hotel bathroom window onto my lap in the middle of the night.


1. Monk
2. Boston Legal
3. The Sopranos
4.  The Weather Channel (24/7, but esp. BIG weather stories.


Right now I’m happy as a clam at high tide here in St. Petersburg but last week? Next week?

1- Orcas Island
2- Island of Kauai
3- Santiago Island, Galapagos
4- Ile de Cap Ferret, France


I always read more than four or none at all (on molasses cookie days. And I always read more than I comment. So you could pick any 30-40 on my blogroll and five that aren’t and I’ve probably read them but maybe not. How’s that for diplomacy?
(It is harder for me to be online down here in Florida so I read more and comment less here.)


This is touchy because I don’t want to burden anyone plus half of
everybody has already done this meme and if I tag them they’ll think,
WHAT? She didn’t read that post? and I have to be careful not to tag
anyone who previously tagged me for a meme that I didn’t do (Meeta, Mamacita, etc.,
etc.). Does anyone else get into these meme dilemmas or is it just me? Tag- you’re it! ____________________________________________
It was almost precisely a year ago that Rich and I first saw this little 75 year old bungalow we now enjoy. It’s classic Arts and Crafts with nice plaster and arch ways and moldings and the street is paved with bricks and we walk to the bay to watch the sea creatures. Still. I was initially not in favor of Florida. I said, Rich! Florida is the armpit of the nation! And he said that wasn’t really so because if you looked at a map and operated from the premise that New Jersey is one armpit and Oklahoma is the other then Florida must be the, uh, crotch of the nation. (This from people who live in the single most depressed and depressing State in the nation where everyone has goiters.)

Anyway, Rich was thinking about retirement and investment and baby boomers and appreciation but I was thinking about this:
"Oh, look! There’s a Cooper’s Hawk nesting in the Live Oak in the front yard! We should buy it!" And so we did. (actually, we let the bank buy it. )

After a pretty rough hurricane season a few of the older Live Oaks took a bit of a hit and although the nest is still there, much of the cover for the nest is gone. I was wondering what that would mean for this year.

This morning I heard the shrill piping of a hawk and looked up to see my friend. He is beautiful! I wasn’t able to get a clear photo yet but I’ll have one by tomorrow and also a report on The Beak of the Finch. (Amazing book for any naturalist or if you’re curious at all about evolutionary theory.) It appears he is robbing Peter to pay Paul; he is taking bits and pieces from his old nest across the street to Jordan’s Live Oak. If he is starting anew this is a major project and I’m anxious to see how quickly he proceeds. I haven’t seen the missus yet. The good news for me is he’s back, he’s in my line of sight and Jordan’s sidewalk will be carcass city this year instead of mine. Ain’t life grand?

8 responses to “More meme and a hawk update

  1. Care to expand on “that’s going to change…” about living in Michigan? Tell Abbikins and Rich that I said hello

  2. For all your many kindnesses to animals, why do they treat you ill on your vacations? Gack. First thing you know, somebody’s pet mosquito will make dinner of you.

  3. Quite a list of toilet wildlife encounters! You might want to skip the big glass of ice tea before bed on your next adventure…or at least take your camera with you to the bathroom. You’re missing some great animal shots.

    Thanks for being a good sport about the meme. Hope the weather is nice “down south”. We are cloudy with a threat of big storms tonight.

    “Armpit of the nation”…ouch.

  4. “That’s going to change” ??? You didn’t think we would just gloss over that little phrase, did you?

    Fess up – where are you going? CAn I dare to hope it is closer to NC?

  5. Girl…Florida would be my dream place to have a getaway home. I’d live somewhere with mountains the rest of the time.

  6. I am so confused. You live in FL and visit MI? You live in MI and visit FL?
    You live both places?

    Seriously, maybe I’m just getting old but I still don’t have it straight. I had you enjoying the snow in Ann Arbor and now here you are in St. Petersburg again.

  7. I am so confused. You live in FL and visit MI? You live in MI and visit FL?
    You live both places?

    Seriously, maybe I’m just getting old but I still don’t have it straight. I had you enjoying the snow in Ann Arbor and now here you are in St. Petersburg again.

  8. 1. What is this “that’s about to change” business? Details, details.

    2. I see a theme on your list of vacations. “Night time potty trips”. Perhaps you are in reality an owl. Such adventures at night.

    3. Now Rich has gone and hurt my feelings. I loved living in Oklahoma. Oklahoma City, laid out so orderly, straight streets, friendly people, it just appealed to my sense of the “civilized west”. I would have picked Nevada for the other armpit.

    4. I’m not fond of the heat and worse, the humidity. My favorite place to retire would be in Colorado or even Wyoming, although there are wonderful places here in Virginia. My brother has similar thoughts about Florida even though my grandfather lived there the last 25 years of his life (he died at 97). When Phantom played in Ft. Lauderdale, Stephen said you could regularly hear snoring from the audience along with audible talking. Example: “Mable, I can’t hear what they’re saying. Hey! Bud, can’t you sing louder?” He said it was quite annoying to performers on stage.

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