We’re Going to the Chapel and…

I’ve decided that it’s time some folks around here got married. Figuratively, that is. I know many of you have perfectly good spouses, partners, cats, whatever but as I was playing catch-up around the neighborhood last night and this morning, it occurs to me that some of you are matches made in Heaven (or Hell, as the case may be.) And if some of you paired up on your blogging efforts I could kill two birds with one stone. Figuratively speaking.

So, like that silly game of "what if so and so married so and so- they would be so and so and so and so" I’m going to start marrying you guys off. And not for any particular rhyme or reason. You’ll just have to figure it out. And, who knows? Next week you might find yourself married to someone else.

This week I’m marrying Hoss to Esther Wilburforce-Packard at Topic Drift. Just for the sheer lunacy of it. They can be Old Horsetail-Drift.

And don’t you think Jane and John MamaDude would work well together? She’s already writing him splendid poetry.

Tell me- who you think we should have tie the knot?

6 responses to “We’re Going to the Chapel and…

  1. Hook me up baby. My old man is snoring on the couch, Friday night at 6 pm. Ya feed ’em a good meal and then they are out like babies. 😛
    BTW, is your Frappr name: Vicki and your location: Kissimmee (FL)? It’s the only Vicki I see on there. Let me know and I’ll add you and you’ll get a message asking you to accept me as a friend.
    Have a great weekend!
    Lois Lane

  2. Well, it’s very depressing, but there aren’t a lot of men to go around in our little community.

    I think Hoss could take all the ladies and do quite well.

    Match Rachel up with one of Bonnie’s sons, will you?

  3. Very clever idea. I wish I’d thought of it!

  4. Hahahaha, beautiful. I so approve. Please excuse me for a minute while I type in “a good way to eliminate spouses from this equation” on Google. . . . .

  5. Like it is in real life, I don’t think there are enough male bloggers on here for the ladies. Many of the guys are the hard core news types who have no time for recipes, or kids or cats. But if you really want to, find someone for Janie at Poop Happens.

  6. Yeah, you might as well unload Esther on me. She has driven everybody else crazy, so I guess it’s my turn.

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