For Florida Cracker and Laura:  not a nurse, but a shark…male or female?Shark

7 responses to “Duhn,duhn,duhn,duhn

  1. Oh my! That’s a great pict Vicky! I’ve swam (swum? “have swum”? dammit! lol)…. ON TOP those while skindiving in the keys and got a major thrill when it happened. I always find myself turning around to see if their cousins are behind them! LOL

    The cold front that has arrived here can be blamed on Canada, according to our weather announcers. 30’s tonight, yech!

    Hoss and Esther do seem to be two of a kind. or maybe they’re related somehow…. he he he

  2. I just reread the first line of my previous comment in horror. I’ve got to start using that preview button to read and edit my comments!!!!

  3. Speech! Speech! We need the story that goes with that neat picture. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Yes, story please? That’s not your girl, is it?

  5. Yes, story please? That’s not your girl, is it?

  6. Isn’t “swimming with the sharks” a Godfather type thing? No I guess they “play with sharks” and “sleep with the fishes.” The shark would have to have a mouth size smaller than any part of my body for me to do that. Of course someone else was down there with her and that close to take the picture. So there are two very brave people here.

  7. Geez, Abby. Cut this out. You’re making me nervous.

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