This is ridiculous

Hello. I’m coming to you from my Powerbook G4 Devining Rod. It’s the latest in high tech dowsing electronics. It doubles as an upper body fitness machine and aides in the development of one-handed keyboarding skills.

I’ve spent the entire last week wandering around the front yard of the Florida bungalow trying to find enough signal strength to communicate with the rest of the world. At one point, I was sitting in the road in the middle of 16th Ave. NE. trying to IM with Hoss. Since it’s constructed of brick pavers it wasn’t real comfy. And I lost my connection every other line. And I almost got run over thrice.

The thing is this: I can get some signal some times by sitting on the park bench in front of our St. Pete bungalow. But just when I go to type a comment or switch to a different blog, the signal disappears. I don’t think Big Ernie wants me to pirate wi-fi. But don’t you think signals in space should be free? I mean, if people can pick up FM radio in their fillings, shouldn’t I be able to just use whatever wi-fi signal is out there?

I had one pre-dated post wishing Abby a happy birthday that went up yesterday but I haven’t really gotten much beyond that. I stopped by a couple places in the neighborhood and I tried to pick up my e-mail.

Right now, I’m at the Tampa airport headed home and it’s the same deal. At the moment I have no signal but if I hold my laptop straight out in front of me and wander first towards the women’s room and then towards the bar and finally wave it up and down in front of the window facing the runway I’ll get enough signal to post this. Maybe.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all very soon. I’ve missed you.

8 responses to “This is ridiculous

  1. It worked! You’re headed home and a package is currently winging its way to you. I’m sure you will get there before it will. Those waves should be free. Three or four people around us don’t have their networks secure. We do but sometimes it looks like we don’t. Stephen plugs in when he comes, but this time had to ask for the password…. blimy if I haven’t forgotten it. We went through all sorts of guesses. Finally hit it and I vowed to write it in my “book of passwords” but didn’t and now I’ve forgotten again. Have to ask Nyssa, she seems to be the only one who can remember these things. Safe trip.

  2. Are you back in the land of ice and snow? Or did the Tampa airport people put you in the nutzo ward? (They shoulda got you in St. Pete’s for sitting on a barstool in the middle of the street.)

    Please let me know when you’re on-lineable. I have set before you several tasks and needful of feedback. Thx.,


  3. We’ve missed you, too! Welcome home.

  4. Hope the trip was safe and uneventful. We all have missed you and look forward to daily posts!

  5. Crazy is right. I kept getting wireless signal in my house when we were unhooked because of the pipe problem. Then when I’d go to hook up, it didn’t work. Very tantalizing and frustrating.

  6. There are no lengths you would not go in order to stay in touch with Hoss!

  7. Happy Belated Bday to Abby! what a beautiful girl she is. Hope you got home safe and sound!

  8. Happy Belated Bday to Abby! what a beautiful girl she is. Hope you got home safe and sound!

  9. I can’t remember how to say “Happy New Year” in French. What’s up with that? Brain Damage? Appyhay Ewnay Earyay! Luckily I type slow at home, otherwise you’d get ubbywubby…

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