Happy Birthday, baby girl!

I’ve written enough about my daughter for you all to know I have a major THING for her so I’m not going to go on and on and on- well, maybe I will. No, I won’t. But today is her birthday and here is the short list of what makes her so very special. (You all know the disclaimer. She was switched in the nursery, or more likely, she is an alien so I can say all that I do without the usual bias. I’m not convinced I have contributed to her essence in any fashion; she is who she is not by the influence of her parents. More likely the tides.)

Abby1_21. She is radiant- she has a light that comes from deep within.
2. She is smarter than you, than me, than anyone we know. And she is logical.
3. This makes parenting a challenge.
4. She is amphibious. She would like to live under water.Abby4
5. She loves the creatures of the earth and the sea and the sky and respects them with all her head and heart.
6. She has, in the last week, lost her student ID which was the last remaining piece of paper that tied her to organized society. The passport, driver’s license and birth certificate- all history.
7. She is not bothered by losing things or any of the day-to-day details of life that concern the rest of us.

8. She lacks all caution. She once kayaked into a cluster of 1500# sea lions for a closer look.
9. She has excellent intuition and a built in gieger counter type device that alerts her to various signals the rest of us can’t discern. Very close to telepathy.
10. She is a scientist who believes in God.
11. She treats her body like the temporary temple that it is. She has great physical endurance.
12. She is very very funny.
13. She is a delight to be around 94 % of the time. We ALL take cover the other 6% of the time.
14. She was born, by emergency C-section, at 10:42 AM EST, without benefit of anesthesia. As a result, I had an out of body experience and watched her delivery from the top of a clock in the operating room. That may not have been my body. She was blue and floppy and her first Apgar score was 2. Her second score was 10. By then I was back in my body.
15. This ability to make a quick recovery persists to this day and has served her in good stead many times.
16. Abigail is not a name we considered prior to her emergency delivery but I love this name. She has my favorite grandmother’s name, Elizabeth, for the middle.
17. She appears to lack certain components of social conscience and conformity but she has a fierce and powerful standard of personal integrity.
18. She is very charismatic and she doesn’t care.
19. She has good friends and she is a good friend to them.
20. In an alien sort of way, she is, inside and out, very very beautiful.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SNARL, with all my love.Abby_3

20 responses to “Happy Birthday, baby girl!

  1. Happy Birthday Abby!!! I hope this day brings you much happiness and joy 🙂

    and wow, first to comment…that hasn’t happened in ages!

    Oh and I tagged you for a meme Vicki. Because I’m evil. It’s up to you whether you would like to do it or not.

  2. A very happy birthday to your daughter. What a lovely tribute.

  3. Happy Birthday Snarl!!! May it be a great one. I do love reading about you on Vicki’s blog. 🙂

    I am also proud to say that one thing I have never lost (I think) is my student ID. Of course this being my last semester at school I’ll lose it before the year is out. sigh.

  4. I already knew she is wonderful. Now I know she is even more wonderfuller.

    It’s a shame that brilliant, caring, funny people like Abby can’t be passed around from family to family so more of us could enjoy the light she shines.

    Happy Birthday, Ms. Snarl.

  5. What a sweet tribute to the birthday girl. She’s beautiful.

  6. Another January baby, we are so wonderful.
    Happy Birthday Abby! Your mom sure loves you (even if she calls you “Snarl” and I’m sure your tendency to lose things is not THAT bad. From experience, I know it “just happens”. Enjoy your day and good fortune in the next semester.

  7. Happy Birthday, Abby! I love it when your mom writes about your doings, and I bet you would get along just fine with my Sophie and Emma. If you ever find yourself in the Washington DC area, you have a bedroom here in my little yellow house.


  8. First: Happy Birthday, Abby. You are one lucky girl to have Vicki as your Mama. I know she is lucky to have you too.

    Ihad an OOBE once during a tonsillectomy. I was encased in a net at the ceiling of the operating room. So there’s one more thing we have in common!Except I did have anesthesia (ether….UGH!).

    I love the photo of Abby in the Ann arbor shirt.

  9. I recognize that smile! She is brilliant and beautiful, Vicki! Happy birthday dear Abby!

    “Too bad” about the W. Ypsilanti shirt…

  10. I recognize that smile! She is brilliant and beautiful, Vicki! Happy birthday dear Abby!

    “Too bad” about the W. Ypsilanti shirt…

  11. What a wonderful description of your Abby! I really feel like I know her better after this post. (and she would get along great with my Ashley)

  12. Happiest of birthdays, Abby!

  13. I am totally overwhelmed by your love for your daughter. It is so touching and refreshing to see families who love each other and actually express that love as much as you and your daughter do. Wish her the best bithday! And of course a belated happy new year to you both.

  14. posts like this one renew my faith in humanity. in a perfect world, you and i would be able to sit down together and talk, and watch my megan and abby talk as well. what an experince *that* would be! thanks for sharing the joy.

  15. Happy Birthday, Abby!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Yes, she is beautiful, and she looks an awful lot like you.

    And seems to have your heart.

  17. I want to hear more about the no anesthesia part. Does that make me a bad person?

  18. Happy belated Birthday, Abby.

    What a wonderful young woman. 🙂

  19. Happy belated Birthday, Abby.

    What a wonderful young woman. 🙂

  20. Happy Birthday Abby!! (I love that name too) What a wonderful tribute to such an amazing young woman. I hope my girls grow up to be just like her:)

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