If You Find It, Enjoy It

My post from yesterday that is. It was long and detailed and interesting (I thought)- all about birds. Specifically Herons and Parrots. Here in Florida I get a chance to watch both quite a bit by walking just a couple blocks down to Tampa Bay by a small bridge that crosses between historic Old NE St. Petersburg, where we live and Snell Island- which I will describe in a subsequent post. (Well, to be honest, we live in Michigan, of course, but we get to visit our tiny and not yet profitable investment here sometimes.) Yesterday I wrote about the flock of nearly a hundred wild green parrots and their antics at the park and numerous Herons, including a Great Blue, a small Blue, a Night, a Green and a very comical immature small Blue (who was white), who kept hopping from one white car to another, in search of what? The world’s biggest mechanical surrogate mother? But they kept taking off on him and then he’d search around the parking lot for another white car.

Anyway, I sat so long on the park bench in front of the house pirating wi-fi that just in that moment when I hit "save" my battery died. Who knows? Maybe that was Big Ernie’s way of telling me that post had a limited audience in any case. Too bad. I’m not re-writing it. So, if you find it in hyperspace and you’re partial to Herons, enjoy. Otherwise, moving right along, I’m giving you one token Florida bird and then I’m going to spend the few moments I’m on line today catching up on visiting you, my neighbors. I haven’t done well this holiday week in the comment department although I have been lurking around. Why, I knew Hoss was back before he did. I’m sure you do, too; if not run right over.

Today we have a guest flying in from Michigan so we’ll take her to the Sunken Gardens. I’ve been assuming it’s a run down Florida sink hole turned tourist attraction so, although it’s 3 blocks from the house, we haven’t gone. My neighbors tell me it’s very cool plus they have watercolor classes and what not. Hoss googled it yesterday and sent a note saying it sounded like a good outing so I’ll report back on that tomorrow. Also, Florida sink holes reminds me of the sweetest, funniest young patient I ever had. I almost never (as in once and then hugely disquised) write about my work but since it’s been 25 years and I know how it all turned out I’m going to write a post about that. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it’s cheaper than a movie.

And on that note:

"A wonderful bird is a Pelican, Whose beak can hold more than his belly can. Be it crabs, clams, or fish, It will hold all you wish. But damned if I see how the hell he can!" Pelican_1


21 responses to “If You Find It, Enjoy It

  1. Hello, Darling Vicki! Glad you are enjoying Florida, you traitor! ๐Ÿ™‚ Actually, our weather here has been quite mild, and I suppose I need to get back to running today. Took yesterday off, but seeing as I had birthday cake for breakfast (thanks to the youngest turning 8 yesterday), I suppose that exercise is a good idea.

    I have been freaking out greatly about work lately– in the best kind of way, because there is just so damn much of it!!! So, today I made a spreadsheet and then a calendar of all of my projects, their deadlines, their levels of priority, and now I am feeling calmer.

    Kisses to you and yours!


  2. With apologies to Dixon Lanier Merritt, my humble limerick/ode to pelicans –

    The cormorantish peli is quite old
    Lived with the dinos (or so Darwin told)
    Though they have weird webbed feet
    Flocks fly gracefully – NEAT!
    Truly – no more thrilling sight to behold!

    Sorry you lost your post. I lost my blog once. On the sixth day of christmas my true love gave to me: six pelicans a-laying…five colored herons…and a parrot in a palm tree?

  3. Hi Vicki, sounds like you are having fun down there in Florida. Iยดm really pissed about the missing post because it sounds delightful. Josh always chides me for composing on-line for that very reason. Have fun at the Sunken Gardens.

  4. I was going to say that you had gone all “Ogden Nash” on us, but Bonnie is right, this funny ditty is misattributed to Nash. Is Bonnie back? I clicked on her name and came up with a picture of a ballerina in the “Dying Swan” but nothing else.

    Glad you are enjoying the birds and probably the bees as well. The parents are enrolled in the new Medicare Drug plans, now to get the nuts and bolts going on them. Gives me a headache to try and figure all of it out…. Advil has been a mainstay.

    PS: I wore the most beautiful cat pin to “The Lion King” the other night. I fit right in with the performers in the aisle, at least the feline ones. Thank you.

  5. I went to Sunken Gardens as a kid (pre-Disney) and remember it as a pretty neat place. I’m glad to hear it still exists…Disney killed a lot of the old Florida “mom and pop” attractions.
    Great pelican closeup.

  6. Geez, you are all over the place. I got here via the Florida Cracker. But I’ll be back on my own nickel.

  7. I remember going to the Sunken Gardens years and years ago. Hope you have a good time. Sorry you lost your post on herons. I would have liked it, I am sure! Have a very happy New Year!

  8. Hot damn! I knew you would crack. A patient story!!! I have been waiting for this forever.

  9. It’s that Murphy’s Law thing going with the wifi. You can get it, but only if your battery is charged–hee hee. We have spent many hours bird-watching with a younger daughter whose favorite animal was the bird.

  10. Aren’t pelicans great? I love watching them as I drive over the Skyway from time to time.

  11. I can attest living in Northern Florida, that it is a great deal easier to live in the wintertime. What winter, it’s nearly 75 today. I have seen so much change in Florida in my lifetime, I recall Orlando being a sleepy “little” town 35 years ago! You have a wonderful blog and I will enjoy visiting!

  12. sorry you lost the post. i had a roll of film break in the camera and lost those photos, i imagine it’s a similar feeling. you’ve given us a lot to look forward to! (btw, i really liked the buck fuller story!) blessings

  13. Hi Vicki – I lose posts trying to edit once in a while.

    Happy New Year.

  14. I think pelicans are terribly cool birds…Happy Happy New Year Vicki!! Sorry I’ve haven’t been around much…hopefully that will change in the New Year and with more time!!

  15. I think pelicans are terribly cool birds…Happy Happy New Year Vicki!! Sorry I’ve haven’t been around much…hopefully that will change in the New Year and with more time!!

  16. Some day we shall meet again Vicki ๐Ÿ™‚ until that time I will wish you a happy new year.

    I love the pelican pic, I love how they are everywhere in that area of Florida.

  17. *drooling over florida* Happy New Year Vicki!

  18. Dropping by to say happiest of new years to you and yours…!

  19. I’ve been to Sunken Gardens several times, very beautiful for a small place, it has a lot of history there. hope you liked it!

  20. Stopping by to wish you a wonderful New Year ๐Ÿ™‚ xo

  21. Should I put this link on my blog?
    Pet chickens, some wearing diapers!

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