White Out

Home again, home again, jiggity,jig! But not before I missed my connection in Minneapolis because the little SAAB had to be de-iced a couple times before we left the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

I get a certain amount of cabin fever up there and I’m sure some of it is tied to the stress of seeing my parents age with every visit- that’s tough, I tell you.

Over the years I have had a number of clients with AIDS- a decade ago they mostly died. Back then, in the end, their partners would often abandon them. One of these clients said to me, "You can’t blame him- he’s not only losing the person he loves; he’s watching his own demise." Another related bit is something our pastor said when he married Rich and me. He said one way to think of the nature of the commitment is that you are essentially agreeing that one of you will close the coffin lid on the the other. Sigh.

Some of that cabin fever is due to being enclosed in a tiny cottage with snow banks over my head. Last year the snow was late in accumulating but this year they have already had over 74 inches of snow up there. Here are two pictures that will give you some sense of the "white out" conditions there. The first one I took Saturday and you can see all the way across the lake and the second was taken Sunday. A number of years ago I was up visiting my parents around Christmas and a friend and I went out for a walk in the snow at night. I swear we were no more than 25 feet from the cottage when we became hopelessly and, fairly quickly, frighteningly, lost in a white out. Fortunately, back then, my parents were raising Keeshonds and after we had been gone a little too long they sent the dogs out after us.SatSun
You know that meme where you go back and find your first commenter to your weblog? Mine was Jen. She supported and encouraged my blogging in those early days when no one else had yet found me. Fortunately, I had found her smart, wry and interesting blog. That always has enviable templates and headers. We have a little below the radar love for each other, and like a lot of friendships ours has transformed over time. The curious thing is this: since we met in person, we feel connected and have even set a time to meet again- same time, same place, next year. But now we don’t hang on every blog post the other writes. We’ve become the sort of friends who can touch bases once in a while and fall right in step. Go figure.

Arethusa is SO smart, SO savvy and SO young. She is far too young to be the good and clever blog neighbor that she is. I love her Saturday radio broadcasts and if I am a good do-bee she will throw out a song to me now and then. You like art and music and literature? And a youthful spin on life? Her’s is the blog for you. (Also, I like Arethusa because she had much in common with the Snarl at the same age and I’m keeping my fingers crossed the Snarl progresses both as independently and as nicely as A.)

Mamacita is sort of like Hoss. Enough said. Except that I need to add that I love this woman because she is the highs and lows of life. She is the everyday ordinary bi-polar mood of us all. She whines, rants, chastises. When she is done doing that she is loving and kind and charitable beyond belief. She is hysterically funny. She is as clever with words as anyone and that’s because she is both intelligent and insightful. She is a fine educator with a head for language. I spend half my post writing time afraid she’s going to come over here and start with her red ink. And if you want a good chuckle go through her Flickr photos. They are not very professional, some bordering on inept, and they are so much the stuff of family and life you will find yourself there, for sure. Note the picture of her baby daughter in the high chair feasting on a whole cereal bowl of M & Ms.

7 responses to “White Out

  1. That is exactly how I would describe our friendship! Exactly! 🙂 *smoosh!*

  2. What fun! Keep going–when I have some time during winter break, I will explore these excellent sites. Right now, I am supposed to be correcting quizzes…oops.

  3. Gee whillikers, Vicki. I can’t keep adding people to my Favorites list. But, of course, I did, because you’re such a good finder. Now, instead of posting at 4:30 a.m., I will post, then start my b**g run. This way, I might get done by bedtime.

  4. I already know Mamacita and Arethusa, and like Hoss, I can ill afford to add anyone else to my favorites list, which is way beyond 100 now. However, on your recommendation, I will check out Jen. If you like her, I am sure to also!

    Those photos are scary. I don’t ever want to be anywhere near that much snow.

  5. I know snow can get out of hand but this is scary. I bet you felt like the house was an igloo. It is however so beautiful after a snow, quiet, peaceful and still with everything so fresh. How could your folks not love it there?

    Are we counting the days until Abby is home? Two more for the Nys. Then one day at home before she hits her job at Forbes Candy factory. Yes, she managed to be scheduled to work 53 hours between the 16th and 22nd.

    Thanks for introducing everyone to new friends on the net. I must go see these tomorrow. I’m half way through my 30 hours of CME so the aim is to get another five out of the way in the morning.

    I never saw the Grinch movie, just the old cartoon version. It was never my favorite, that going to Charlie Brown Christmas, It’s a Wonderful Life and The Christmas Story (you’ll shoot your eye out).

    I have something for you to look up. When Mom went for her first outpatient therapy session she was assigned a nice but short male therapist. He gave her homework. She was to look up Hebrews 12:12 in her Bible, preferrably the Living Bible version. She didn’t understand, neither did I. We looked it up. Who knew that verse was in there? So appropriate and quite comical.

  6. Hi Vicki!! I couldn’t blog much over the weekend with the painters here so I’m catching up and am loving the reports and the photos.

  7. You are just the sweetest person! And of course, you’ve been on my blogroll for a million years, give or take a few during the era when computers hadn’t been invented yet except for those huge three-wall things in Sci Fi movies, that always have a guy feeding perforated cardboard into a little slot on one side, and a huddle of white-coated guys saying lines like, “Ask it if it’s possible that the creature could be a human” or “Could the brain components actually increase if the radiation is lowered.” Because, you know, they don’t speak the computer’s language and keyboards hadn’t been invented yet either, except for those ‘typewriter’ things our students read about in history books, along with remoteless tv, record albums, and 8-track tapes. Of course, some of them know about 8-track tapes, because Grandma has some in her monster truck, if you don’t mind “Willie and Skeeter at the Opry.”

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