Winter at Lost Loon Lodge

Here’s the plan for the day:

-Put up outdoor Christmas lights that only Bud, Jan, Santa Claus, the bear, the eagle and the Good Lord will see.
-Cook a turkey dinner.
-Wait for a call from Bud’s new friend.
-Tuck in early and tie up the phone line all night long, coming to see you.
(Rich never made it; he got into Minneapolis so late the last plane to here was gone. He went back to Ann Arbor. Too bad.)Lake_1

6 responses to “Winter at Lost Loon Lodge

  1. So, I guess it’s not 75 degrees where you are….

    Cute little birdies.

  2. So, I guess it’s not 75 degrees where you are….

    Cute little birdies.

  3. It’s so beautiful, Vicki. Give Bud and Jan a hug from me – I know I’m a stranger to them, but to me they are people I know 🙂 I hope Bud’s new friend makes it. He’ll liven things up, I bet.

  4. It is beautiful and flat. With that land like area across yondeer. Is that a lake under that snow? Frozen? You are going to hang the lights? Last time I got up on the roof to do that a little boy came by riding his bike. He called up, “Hey lady!” I yelled downm “Yes”. He asked,”ARE YOU A MOMMIE???” I guess at his house, Mommy didn’t hang Christmas lights on the roof.

    You do have a way out of there don’t you? This much snow would shut down the entire state of Mississippi for at least a week.

    Finals Report: All four papers turned in. (check) British Lit final done (girl feels good about it). Yule Log tonight. Two more exams, next Tuesday and Wednesday. (Geology & History). Then home either Wednesday or Thursday. Then the cookie making will begin….she loves gingerbread men.

    As for me, tomorrow will be church and then a marathon Potica Bread baking. I am making three as gifts for Monday night function.

    Have a wonderful time with your folks.

  5. Now THAT’s winter… and beautiful…

  6. My kids would empty their piggy banks to get their sleds into snow like that!

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