The Perfect Christmas Gift

Usually the perfect gift is hard to find. This one just fell out of the monthly NorthWest Airlines frequent flyer envelope and began screaming at me: KRISTEN! QUINTIN! FRANK! Now that you all have had your salaries cut, your pensions frozen and your employer is in bankruptcy court, I found just the thing. Comes in two racial types: "Blonde" or "African American." Ah, Quintin? Frank? Sorry, only one gender available…Also, she has no nuts, no pretzels and only the Red Snack Box.

(Margaret comments that her hair is so stereotypically blond that they must be running out of idea for dolls. It’s pretty clear that NWA has run out of ideas, period. The amazing thing is that she it still smiling since her job has been out- sourced to Chinese Nationals for little more than minimum wage. NWA is another in a stream of examples of bad management and corporate greed run amok. Now they’re left with employees who are reeling from massive cuts in personnel, salary and benefits and angry passengers who have been rewarded for years with inappropriate rewards and upgrades and now can’t get pretzels. The only ones left close to intact are the very top management positions; weren’t they clever to file for bankruptcy just before the laws changed in October?  I guess the good news is that, at the link, they have red NWA gift wrap paper, marked down from 1.99 to .50 a roll.)  50016_lg

6 responses to “The Perfect Christmas Gift

  1. I don’t know…the drinks don’t look very appetizing and that’s a very poor wig our air stewardess has on there.

  2. This isn’t a picture of you dressed like an Inuit. Where is the picture of you all bundled up like the northwoodsman? Why this gal would freeze in ten seconds up where you are now? And if she bends over much more she’ll give Old Hoss a really good show! 🙂

  3. Well, if there’s no nuts or pretzels – what’s the use?

  4. I see she is only 11 1/2 inches tall. Now 5 feet 5 would be better. I could take her to the drive-in movies. Show her some nuts.

  5. She has very fake blond hair–they must really be running out of ideas for dolls.

  6. More and more it seems like our economy is geared towards rewarding the short-term interests of shareholders, to the detriment of the local communities, the employees, and the customers.
    (insert witty transition here)
    In a post 9/11 world, is it really appropriate to dress stewardesses like “I Dream of Jeannie” goes to work? Which do you think is better: Surgical scrubs, white doctor’s coats, Karate gis, or Steve Irwin chic, or fillintheblank? Explain.

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