Just squint

What? You think that tree trunk behind Sophie looks more like a broom handle? Well, you have a point.  But she’s trying to make the best of a bad situation. I’m not any happier with a faux tree than she is but it’s up, it’s decorated and I wait to admire it until the lights are off at night. I have many lovely Christmas ornaments from 30 some years of collecting. I try to find one or two a year and in recent years they are mostly birds or insects or animals or shells or fish. There’s also the Cowardly Lion and the Tin Man, Pinocchio, both naughty and nice, and handmade ornaments from the children’s grade school days. There are some beautiful hand blown glass ornaments and the glass beads and garland are from the 1920s.

I’m still working on the scent factor. Someone suggested evergreen aerosol spray but, if you look closely, you can see that the aviary is near the tree and we don’t spray things around the birds. One of my adolescent clients suggested "those air freshener things for pimp mobiles." Now there’s a thought. The birds would be gone in less than a minute.

I’m trying to find time and energy to read around the neighborhood but for some reason I’m having a "quiet week" when it comes to socializing. In between making cookies for the Snarl to eat while studying for finals and gathering holiday treats to carry to the U.P. this weekend I’m just knitting and mulling things over. Nothing in particular.Sophtree_2Tree1

14 responses to “Just squint

  1. The tree looks great! Whatchu talking about?

  2. It really does look fine. Beautiful, in fact. I’m in a slightly different place from you – I am making my way around the neighborhood but can’t think of anything to write over at my place. I may have to break down and tell about some of Josh’s brushes with the law in his younger and wilder days.

    Why does Sophie always look slightly annoyed in all her photos? Is it because she is, in fact, slightly annoyed?

  3. it looks FINE! we went faux years ago because of my allergies, but once it’s covered with 30 years of our Christmas history, you really don’t think about that fact anymore. a quiet week is your body saying “get ready- Christmas is coming.”

  4. Vicki, if you’re not allergic to pine needles, you could always get an evergreen wreath or garland and trim at a tree stand. I heaped pine boughs on my mantle and put a real evergreen wreath over it and my whole house smells like evergreen. We have a real Christmas tree, too, but it’s behind closed french doors this year because of the baby.

    Just a thought! 🙂

  5. That tree looks amazing! and if you’re ever feeling short of needing someone to visit or someone to visit you, I’m always around esp. now that my finals are done and all I have left are papers. 🙂
    Have you tried candles? Or is that a no-no as well?

  6. Hi Vicki Just delurking to say hi and that your tree looks beautiful. I went artificial a few years ago and love it. So darn easy. I use one of those new glade scented oil candles, evergreen scent in the same room as the tree, It smells pretty good. Anyway, just wanted to say hi from a fellow Michigander and a fellow employee of the U.

  7. Beautiful (regal?) cat. But the tree??? Where is the popcorn? Don’t people string popcorn for their trees anymore? Maybe you should do that, and then when people come over they can say, “Well, that’s such a lovely NEW idea…”

  8. The tree is lovely. Of course. Ours is up, lights work. There is one lone candy cane right now. I suggested that we just get a bunch of those little candy canes and put them all over the tree, but it didn’t go over well. Dad and I have to go to storage and see if we can get the ornaments out. I have some gorgeous ornaments from Austria…. hand painted real eggs (shells) They are most carefully stored… I hope not broken. I have never had the artistic ability to thread the ribbon around the tree but it is gorgeous.

    Sophie looks sultry, not mad. Rhett took one look at the computer screen and is off taking a cold shower. Maybe she’s a bit upset by all the propositions from other females he got last week. She may rest assured that he “only has eyes for her”.

    I have a couple of potica breads to make this weekend. Still plugging on this CME. And have stuff to do for Mom and Dad and this prescription plan set up.

    When does Abby come up there? I guess she will return to Florida when you do? Will post pictures when the tree is finally done. Doorbell. Well, the Precious Moments ornaments arrived. Yeah.

  9. Your tree looks beautiful, Vicki. Maybe I’ll get mine out of the attic after all. It will have to be next week; I have picked up a cold from the grandchildren, and I don’t feel well enough to sit here and blog, let alone get the tree and orns. out of the attic.

  10. Oooh, GORGEOUS! I’ll post a picture of mine if I can get the clutter around it cleaned up. I don’t want anybody to see THAT.

  11. Feel free to come decorate my tree.

    Oh…and stop and pick one up for me on the way. LOL

  12. Vicki, thanks for the visit. May I say for 55, you look much younger, and you are entitled to act that way at night! You are so funny….lol

  13. We are in Washington State and my husband insists on a real tree, so the scent factor is already taken care of! It is a beautiful tree; we still have to get one. (that’s the stressful part)

  14. Friday Ark #64

    We’ll post links to sites that have Friday (plus or minus a few days) photos of their chosen animals (photoshops at our discretion and humans only in supporting roles). Watch the Exception category for rocks, beer, coffee cups, and….? We will add you…

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